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  • 3:15 [Crossover Brainstorming]

    All credit goes to the awesome work of Acrozatarim which shows up in this thread. The short summary of the event is as the following-

    At 3:15pm on the 3rd of February, 2017, one hundred and ninety five people Changed simultaneously along the 90th west meridian, a line of longitude running down through Canada, the western United States, and a portion of Central America. Not all of the Changes occurred exactly on the line of longitude; the furthest affected were around 200 kilometres away. None of the newly-Changed had shown any signs of being Wolf-Blooded or nusuzul previously. The only warning was a spate of dreams experienced by Cahalith up and down the affected areas the day before.


    Uratha of all factions scrambled to deal with the unleashed mayhem, worsened by the fact that these Changes were occuring during the day. Unprepared packs pulled in all the favours they could to both pick up the shellshocked Changed and also cover up the consequences in a day that, on public record, saw a sudden spike in murders, accidents and criminal activity. Thankfully the 195 were scattered sufficiently diffusely across the several countries involved that no single human authority was able to pick up on the pattern; several protectorates along the 90th ended up temporarily co-operating and sharing assets to make sure this remained the case.

    The situation was aggravated by the fact that it wasn't just werewolves who were affected. Leylines touching the 90th meridian flared up with occult power; occultists and sorcerers found their rituals coming apart catastrophically, consuming them or letting loose carefully-caged entities. Once the metaphorical smoke cleared, it was evident that the death-toll was higher than the werewolves had been initially aware; the supernatural disturbance had crashed through the occult underworld with devastating results.


    The mystics of the Forsaken are frankly confused by the 3:15s. No-one is entirely sure what they portend. No-one can agree as to whether the simultaneous creation of a small legion of Elodoth along the 90th meridian is a purposeful act - the touch of Luna scouring across the Earth, or could it even be the mythical Gaia rising from slumber to exert its will? - or if it is simply a side-effect. The pulse of power down the meridian affected more than just werewolves; innumerable sorcerers and occult dabblers perished, there are reports that several dead bodies spontaneously animated and slunk off into the shadows and, even months later, other occult supernatural phenomena are unstable and unpredictable. In the Shadow, a piercing line of light blazed through the spiritscape in a perfect, unwavering path running north to south, energy pouring out of it; spirits were flung aside like leaves, or incinerated. So why did these Changes happen?


    Every time a 3:15 dies, the remainder of the cohort grow ever closer, their bond strengthening through shared pain and comforted by each others' mental presence. Every time, a clock-maker in Switzerland stares with horror as another of his glorious, delicate works splinters, breaks and forces its machinery to mark 3:15, uncomprehending as to why he is hounded by such a blighted curse. Every time, a new fracture cracks through one of the warped, gnarled teeth in Destroyer Wolf's maw, sending another little fragment to fall to the Shadow and tear through its fabric. The old Firstborn is growing surly from toothache, and the Blood Talons grow restless. Some look at the signs and portents sent by their totem and wonder if they will soon be given orders to purge the 3:15s, Pure and Forsaken alike. Others, believing the 3:15s a holy legion granted by Luna in a time of need, believe that soon their purpose will be made clear, and then the Suthar Anzuth‚Äč will be called to stand in their defense against whatever enemy deserved the creation of such a cohort.
    Now, while the event is meant to be a Forsaken story hook and material, it does mention more than once that the effect also influenced the rest of the supernatural world. As such, it made me wonder what kind of influence that weird, unexpected event may have had over the rest of the occult communities and monstrosities which hide in the darkness of the world. Here is what I've had in mind-

    I wonder how the other splats would have reacted to the 3:15, or what other strange occurrences may have happened- mass risings of revenants come from their grave, as rumors circle about flocks of Owls circling the region right before the event. Paradoxes resulting from spells going out of control, while mages Awake in unknown proportions- but all of them are Banishers. Extempore are brought into life without a maker to guide them in their path, heralded by the burning qashmalim. Many people vanish without trace, eaten by the hedge- or perhaps Fetches rise spontaneously while the person they are meant to replace is still there. The Lucifuge feel the blood in their veins boil as a 7 new Seventh Generation awake to their birthright- but none of the line of Lucifer has died in their place: 3 are taken by the Lady, 3 side with the Chaeldan- but the last is yet to choose a side, and all of Hell waits for their decision. Avernian Gates open through the median, and strange beings unseen since the the recess in the Ocean of Fragments offer Bargains to give a second chance to the dead. Visions of Sutekh climbing a stairway to A'aru flash through the Sybaris visions, and the dead speak of prophesies long forgotten under the sands, and Eset and Azar have another chance at being reborn. The heavens seems to tremble as Infrastructures all around the world collapse and angels Fall, without understanding why did God abandoned them. Something seems to move through the Primordial Dream, alerting Beasts and send nightmares about a being older than time itself which awakened from its sleep- and the Begotten awake covered in cold sweat as they feel that primordial hunger. Of course, with all of those occult energies going out of control, a spike in the Deviant population is bound to happen- leaving them to wonder if the event was truly a flux, or perhaps a part of a much grander conspiracy. And that without mentioning other, weirder things- like the strange drawing the Baal Haddad seem to feel toward the ruins of Carthage, like the echoes of Father Wolf's death howls which seem to grow stronger and stronger, like the alarming rise in activity of the Maeljin and their agents around Gei Ben Hinnom, like the sudden gatherings of whatever remained from the prehuman civilizations in a scale which was never seen before, like the strange new changes added to Cheiron Group's logo, and rumors about the Board of Directors moving to "stage 37"...

    If Luna rose a legion, it is because there is a war in the horizon. Her Silver Crusade is armed and ready- unless her children would tear them apart beforehand.
    So- what do you think that the effect of such "4th tier event" would have on the CofD as whole, and how the different monsters of the world have been affected by/ reacted to it? (I'll add some more in-depth ideas later, but I would also like to hear what other people have to say about it).

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    Something's coming from the Void, and the Moon contacted the planetary guardian-angel that best represents the Machine's cloud-consciousness best to enlist its aid. The angel obliged.

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      The 90W meridian, +- 200km/125mi, includes the traditional WOD crossover territory of Chicago/Milwaukee, for reference. Also St. Louis, Memphis, New Orleans, each of which has over a million residents in the greater metro area. In Central America, it includes Guatamala City (pop 2 million) and pretty much all of El Salvador.

      I think one big side effect of this kind of event is straight up confusion. At least in the immediate aftermath, different splats will be running into each other (and probably getting in each others' ways) to respond to the same events. Like, that body that got up and walked out of a morgue -- was that a revenant, an Extempore or a newly Bound? Does this new portal lead to the Hedge, the Underworld, or the Primordial Dream? Was that explosion a Mage losing control of a spell or a piece of Infrastructure malfunctioning? This could result in some strange bedfellows, or unexpected spats about (for lack of a better term) jurisdiction.


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        Some expanded thoughts about how Requiem would play in the 3:15-

        All along the meridian, corpses of the recently dead returned from their graves as hungry revenants, even those who were never touched by Vitae or the Kiss in their whole life. Those vampires which has tried to Uplift those half damned have discovered that their acts are futile, as if another Curse has taken root in their dead heart. The said revenants have gathered together into forming a small Dynasty, and few of them have started to develop powers never seen before, making the All Night Society to wonder if they in fact witness the birth of a new Clan. However, they are not the only revenants which act weird- the leader of the Ceceya dynasty claims to have independently evolved into a full Kindred and a member of the Clan, and that they plan to Uplift the rest of the dynasty when the "time would be right". The thin blood of the Mikhaili, the long dead Kings of the Winter, is said to rumored to grow potent once more. And weirdest of all, all through Israel's six Domains, coteries claiming to represent the lost clan of the Akhud have presented themselves before the Elysium, demanding equal status in the All Night Society.

        Before the event, dhampirs all around the world have experienced strange prophesies about light emanating from the heart of Earth, bringing salvation, doom or both. They can't seem to decide whether it is a warning or a sign for an
        inevitable doom. Reports across the Cacophony have said that the Owls seem to have gathered along the meridian few hours before the event took place, and Princes who rule along the line say they have noticed a rise in the activity of VII in their Domains. Belial's Brood also seems to be on a rise, and coteries of the devil worshipers spread as they call that Hell is ready for war, and the Adversary would soon once more walk the earth.

        The fear from tide of the Brood has sent many others to the arms of the Church of the Damned, which has started to arm its faithful with Theban Sorcery rituals kept hidden for such a time of need. Things become even more shaky as the already unstable Prince Vidal of New Orleans has came out few moments after the event, claiming that Vahishitael has revealed itself before him, giving him a prophesy that the Spear would strike the Chapel, and the one Damned by the blood of the Son would be sacrificed to the wolves of the night. The prophesy has since spread through the Cacophony, but any attempts to validate or invalid it have failed. The Circle of the Crone, have fell into chaos- some of the most ancient members of the covenant rose from their sleep, claiming that they have been gifted with the knowledge of how to awaken the Crone- the location of her dismembered body parts has been revealed, they say, and the resurrection is soon to happen. The Mother of Bones, who have already started to gather her armies, seems to be in advantage- and she doesn't plan to miss that opportunity. She has started to purge any member of the Circle who is not directly loyal to her, to make sure that when Echidna would wake, it would be her face that she'll first see.

        The Invictus is found at loss during the situation, spending many of its resources and pulling a lot of favors in order to cover after the event, absorb the revenants, and keep all the mess under control. The Carthians, of course, don't miss the opportunity- they strike wherever they can, and have already claimed more than one Invictus Domain through assassination and rebellion. Of all the covenants, it is only the Ordo Dracul which care about the 3:15 as an event- experiments all along the line have been ruined, and more than one Dragon has ended up scarred, dead- or worse. Some of the horrors formed from the incident have been contained in the Order's laboratories and are being currently researched and studied, but others have escaped- and strangely, many of those mutated vampires seem to grow.. draconic features. Rumors about the Dragon himself becoming active once more start to circle among the Ordo, but no such instance has been confirmed. Worse, the Dragolescu bloodline seem to have went underground, taking their ghosts with them- and those few restless souls which were left behind seem to mumble something about that the "time of the prophesy is soon to come" and that "the Blue Hand would finally grasp what is his".

        Meanwhile, strange events has started to follow through the whole world- in Berlin, Abaddon has became more active than before, and the Watchful eyes note that it has finally started to form a pattern, and the spots were Kindred are killed form some sort of "flower" around the Tiergarten. In Port Talbot, Metronome seems to have changed its ever efficient pattern, and no one knows why- while more and more Dead Jacks seem to stumble upon mysterious Catacombs, where something seems to lurk. In Tokyo, the Zaibatsu are aware that the Hototogisu seem to have entered the last phase of the "five years plan", but the Ume House says that they have something in their sleeve which may turn the tables- but no one knows how and to which side. In the Mission, Tiberia has managed to resurrect a long dead form of blood sorcery from roman times, and- according to her cult- she plans to use that sorcery to resurrect the clan which discovered it. Detached from the rest of the world, the vampires of Montreal have noticed that one night in a month, at 3:15 sharp, strange light engulf the Cross. As investigating the event means violating the Rules of the Nameless, non is yet to investigate the phenomena and be seen again. The Tshistekeri, on their own side, seem to have become more nervous than ever. Finally, all along the world, strange vampires holding command over stranger magics has entered into the Cacophony after years of living in the shadows of the All Night Society. They carry a message- the ancient god king has been reborn in Dubai, and they are the only ones having the tools to stop him using their poisoned sorceries. However, they do not come alone- the black wind blows once more, and vampires consumed by them from the inside become more populous than before. The Seven Spirits have been called to deal with the king, after all- and with the rise of a new En the Edimmu are more than eager to fulfill their part of the deal.
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          Having given this some though....

          It's not unusual for a Beast to undergo a spontaneous Devouring, the first victim of their Horror. What is unusual is for dozens of Beasts to be Devoured in the same moment--or to experience the Devouring while still awake. But at 3:15 on February 3, 169 people stopped in their tracks while their souls were ripped from them. For a moment, 169 people saw a glimpse of their Dark Mother.

          The Primordial Dream roiled for days afterwards from the sudden surfacing of so many Horrors. The Begotten along the 90W meridian gradually sought out their new younger siblings in order to teach them the family traditions. But the 3:15s found each other first--their newly-formed Lairs were already interlinked, with Burrows that spanned from Alert to San Salvador. And in the Heart of every Lair, a line of blinding light blazes and pulses like heartbeat--through cracked walls and fissured floors, from twisted machinery, across a starless sky...

          More interestingly, at least to Begotten of a mystical bent, is that the 3:15s seem to already have a form of Family Ties with other supernaturals born of the 3:15 event. They know one on sight, even if they've never encountered another being of the same type before. They can offer the benefits of family even to a complete stranger. Is this definitive proof that all monsters are, deep down, one extended Family? Or that the 3:15s, of every type, are something altogether different from what they seem to be?

          It's not just Children who were born on February 3, however. New Insatiables appeared in the same moment, with the same disturbing ability to track other 3:15s of every type. New Heroes awoke due to the churning Dream, but they seem curiously reluctant to target the 3:15 Beasts directly. But perhaps the most unsettling is the thirteen powerful Beasts who vanished from the material world exactly as thirteen-times-thirteen new Children were Devoured. They were all known to be pursuing their Inheritance--did they receive it early, in a heretofore unrecognized form?

          The Dark Mother is not distant Luna or the hidden Crone; she does not hide her face from her Children. But if She's told anyone what's coming, it's only the 3:15s--and they're not sharing that wisdom with the rest of the family. Yet.


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            looks nice, Mad_Maudlin! However, one of the things which I believe could be cool to explore is how the 3:15 may have influenced/advanced plot hooks from the example setting.

            For example, in Beast, the evil under the lake in Salton Sea may start stirring, and the dreams of another, twisted universe and its human like, black eyes denizens haunt both Beast and man. On the other side of the world, a swarm of Bunyip strike Australia, targeting any supernatural being they can- in search for those belonging to the 3:15. In Philadelphia, the Sewer Monster rise its activity as well, putting hunters of their edge, while the Colony starts to gather its members en masses. The Disciples of Vancouver start to become wary, as the voice of the Serpent echoes through their dreams, screaming that the war between Sea and Sky is about to reach its peak, while the flood rage against the mountain which rose from the depths of the Dream. In Nepal, priests and pilgrims to the Shrine say that the ever silent Mother has spoke to them, even though she pronounce only a single sentence, and it's always the same- watch for 3:15, and the fear she radiates is stronger than ever. In Orkney, rumors about a strange being cloaked with stolen skins has started to openly attack Beasts in their own Lairs- the Flayer has finally revealed itself, and the Tremere of the city are ready to make their move to steal both its soul and power. Finally, dragon shrines all around Tokyo ring with the sound of chimes, and their power become greater than before. The Tengu covered Tokyo's sky during the 3:15, creating a storm part real part shadow, and the Hero Guilds have all felt something vibrating through their soul- like someone not just walking on their gave, but pissing on it. Owatatsumi Kami returns, the dragons sing. He is to marry the Dark Mother herself, becoming her spouse and right hand. He returns to being her a gift worthy to the Mother's hand in marriage. While some of the Begotten are excited, most are wary of the news. After all, even they don't want to know the consequences of a gift which would make the Mother to accept such marriage.

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              Over in Hunter...

              The now 673 members of the Seventh Generation are wondering if this a permanent change, though there is no immediate way to test it. They're also wondering if this portends some action on the part of Lucifer. For now, all those of the Inferno's blood are going on as they did - though the Reconciliation faction of the Lucifuge has picked up in membership, as some think the boost in their membership can only mean the Devil approves of them - which could only be the case if he truly sees them as his means for redemption.

              The Long Night, predictably, consider this a sign from God. However, this simple conclusion has engendered a difference of opinion among the faithful regarding the many new monsters to appear. Some believe they were servants of Hell already, and the event has exposed their corruption - this faction wants to take the fight mercilessly to the new arrivals. Others believe that God has transformed these monsters for a holy purpose - perhaps they are to redeem their new kin, or fight them - but either way, they must be left alone to find or lose their destiny.

              The Union in the affected areas have reacted...badly. They are not a compact that deals well with sudden disruption, and its members have gone after the monsters too quickly, with little forethought, and even less success.

              Both Network Zero and Null Mysteriis's reactions can be summed up with the word Christmas. It all happened too fast for either one to document much as it happened - though they're looking for after-effects and physical traces - but there are many many witnesses. In particular, Null Mysteriis is trying to get hold of many of the monsters before they get pulled in by their own kind, and try to persuade them to submit willingly to analysis.

              The Cheiron Group's operatives in the affected areas all had their thaumotech implants act up during the event, though they've settled down to normal functions since. A lot of them were in the affected areas, leading to rumours that the Board knew this was coming. Coupled with the change in logo, a greater than usual number of hunters are wondering if they're working for the right side in all this. (Of those groups who postulate an inhuman leadership for the Group, many are investigating the possibility that they've just suffered a hostile takeover).

              A great many objects have picked up enchantment during the event - most seem to be of only minor power, but it has still left Aegis kai Doru scrambling to get a hold of them. Since many of the new echantments happened around people's deaths, Sin-Eaters are also after them, and clashes between the two are one of the ongoing problems for all factions trying to calm things down. (Just wait till the mummies get wind of it too).


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                And in Promethean...

                As you say, a number of Extemporae have risen. Exactly how many is hard to discern, but most Prometheans aware if it suspect they're connected to one another in some fashion - but just as vampires are speculating about the birth of a new clan, so Created are speculating about the birth of a new Lineage.
                (My thinking: in time, a comparison of the new Extemporae - their apparent elements and Humours, their Disquiet and Wasteland - will disprove this, as they all appear to be quite different).

                Qashmal and Firestorm sightings of course abound, including a few false positives. The Firestorms appeared to be "normal," as such things go, distinguished only by all happening at once. This leads Promethean observers to conclude that the event caused already potential Firestorms to go off rather than creating them from scratch.
                The Qashmalim were revealed, but didn't seem to be aware of what was happening - some witnesses reported them seemingly being in pain.

                Alchemists both good and evil have moved in in force, the latter hoping to capture Prometheans arriving to investigate.

                So far, the affected areas seem to be oddly, if welcomely, devoid of Pandorans.


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                  Time is...weird, in the Hedge. So is space. There was no mass escape from Arcadia, no miraculous liberation. They escaped the way the Lost always escaped: frantic, and bloody, and alone.

                  Except for one group of Changelings, there was a light in the sky. Not a star, not a comet, but a blazing arrow that lead them out of the Thorns. Some of them followed that arrow for a long time, but then again, time is weird there. Some of them walked a long way, but then again, so is space.

                  All them stumbled out of the Hedge, as bloody and shaking as any of the Lost. All of them stumbled out at 3:15 on February 3, clutching a Token they don't remember acquiring.

                  The Tokens are as different as their bearers: a violet gemstone, a square of coarsely woven cloth, a tattered deck of playing cards, a thick twig with notches cut irregularly into the length. If separated from the Changeling who carried it out for more than an hour, it will vanish and reappear on her person. Even when working around this constraint, some of the greatest scholars of the Autumn Court have tried and failed to discern the nature of these Tokens. Those who pry too closely often receive a vision: of a burning trail through the sky, of a Huntsman's horn, of Thorns raking their flesh. The 3:15s are able to explore these Tokens safely, and some have already found their Tokens will interact with one another to create strange and powerful effects.

                  More noteworthy is that all the 3:15 Changelings emerged from the Hedge within 200 kilometers of the 90W meridian, whether or not they had any ties to that location. Changelings from six continents wound up converging on a swath of North America, some displaced by decades, and barriers of language and culture posed special challenges for the region's Freeholds. It also makes readjustment to the real world vastly more difficult for these doubly displaced.

                  Whatever guided the 3:15s through the Hedge, whatever gifted them with their strange Tokens, it has also caused a disturbance reaching all the way to Arcadia. More Huntsman than ever are on the move, and the Gentry themselves have been sighted farther from Arcadia's borders than ever. And something else -- Huntsmen who aren't Huntsmen yet, the verders of Old Arcadia who are acting outside the will of the Fair Folk for the first time in living memory. Rumors abound at every Goblin Market about what these verders are planning -- and what oaths the 3:15 Changelings swore, and who (or what) they swore them to.


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                    some expansion for SunlessNick's thoughts about Hunter-

                    - Among the Ascending Ones, the Southern Temple has found some great interest in the 3:15. The sudden rise in the number of monsters hint about some occult working they can't ignore, and the powers they wonder if they could work the same powers which have created monsters in the first place in order to create the opposite reaction, and make them human once more.

                    - The Cainte Heresy is a mess. During the 3:15, hunters through the meridian have got all different, contradicting information from the sources, sending them against the wrong targets or trying to activate magics which didn't work- or didn't brought the desired action. Since the 3:15, the problems didn't stop- but spread through the world. Some think that something has hijacked the sources network, and now try to use it for its own needs. Others think that the sources have came into a conflict, and use the conspiracy as a tool to solve their internal strife. Whatever the case may be, soon some harsh decision would be needed to be made- for without the sources, the conspiracy may be no more.

                    - Through the meridian, every high priest in the Temple of Shulpae have experienced a prophetic attack, which have ended up with the death of most of the priests (most of them return, of course, but it was still a terrible experience). All of the prophesies talked about the same thing- "the married twins are about to return, come and prepare from the marriage banquet". Oh, the faithful will be ready. They will be ready..

                    - In Japan, the Hototogisu may act normally on the surface- but on the inside, many start to worry. Since the even, Akio has started to leave his office less and less, going to less and less meetings, and becoming less and less involved. No one knows what happened, but rumors speak that the office is constantly locked, and that they hear him speaking with himself in there, only to hear the sound of a bird (a cuckoo?) in reply. When he opens them the door, he is alone, his eyes are haunted. Through Tokyo, rumors spread about a new kind of monster- people who have the ability to steal other people's life, memories and existence, as if they were "human cuckoos". Any connection between the two events is completely coincidental.

                    - That's, of course, not the only weird thing which happened in the islands. Through all of Japan, reports has been gathered about women experiencing strange visions of dark beings stabbing, smashing and brutalizing their bodies. They have been found unharmed, of course- but nine months later, all of them have given birth to living children. Those children look normal on the surface, but the Otodo know better. The Oni has returned- for better or worse.

                    - The Knights of St Adrian are bust as hell, so to speak. 253 new contracts have been requested by God, and those demons seem to be far more cunning than the rest of their kind. An interesting thing is the current contracts ask for them to be "alive only". Don't worry- the bounty has increased appropriately.

                    - In England, the Knights of St George are in panic. The inner circle of the knights has experienced strange visions about eyes without a face and faces without eyes. The Faceless Angel start to stir in their sleep since the 3:15, and soon they'll be awake- unless the Knights would destroy each and single monster which was born during the event.

                    - The chaos in the spirit world has also influenced the Les Mysteres. Ancient beings which were left asleep since the rise of the Gauntlet have awakened, and the spirits escape to the flesh in search for help. The shamans blame the Forsaken, of course, but some wonder if that's truly the case- and if against the terror of those sleeping horrors, it should be better for them to work together instead of dying alone.

                    - through the meridian, priests claim to have Saint Blaise revealing before them. He carried a message from God, they say. A time of crises is coming, and Hell is going for war. Heaven must be ready, for one out of seven would choose the key. Most dismiss it as a form of mass hysteria. The Malleus knows otherwise. After all, Saint Blaise gave them more than a prophesy. He also gave them a new Benediction.

                    - something hunts for the children of the Merrick Institute. Now, that's nothing new- they are being hunted since the day they were kidnapped by the nameless organization- but whatever hunts after them is not human, nor a beast. It is something else, something dreader. Worse, after the 3:15, two more dangers have risen- first, 124 children were awakened to their psychic abilities all at once, making them a target to the organization and sending the Merrick into a race against time to save them. Second, the organization seems to have changed its strategy. It no longer kidnap children and use them as weapons. It hollows their minds and soul, leaving their empty husks behind. What they do with the stolen minds they don't know- but one thing is sure. I has to be stopped.

                    - Task Force VALKYRIE doesn't talk about the 3:15. It never happened, they say. There was nothing strange about the event. Anyone who says otherwise, will quickly be silenced. No, the government doesn't try to collect all of those different monsters which were formed during the event. Shut up.

                    - VASCU is silent. Extremely silent. The Director of Operations has left the office, leaving being his lieutenant. He said that he has some secret work to do, and that he'll return soon. That was, of course, some bad timing. Slasher attacks has showed up all through the meridian, all of them having the same opus mundi. Even weirder, even if less dramatic, are the reports that those who visit the Hall of Mirrors say that there seem to be cracks in the reflective surfaces. They are small now, but to seem to grow- rapidly so. Who knows what would happen when they'll shatter.

                    - the members of the Ashwood Abbey don't know why, but since the 3:15 the licence fees have been jumped with hundreds of percentages. Many of the smaller clubs either were forced to disband or go rouge. It looks like the head of the pyramid has a plan in his mind- but the hunters of the Abbey don't care. With so many new monsters, the fun just begins- a new competition has been announced, and the one to collect the highest number of 3:15 heads will be the victorious. What's the prize? Well, that's a surprise- and don't you like surprises?

                    - during the 3:15, Mother Earth has screamed with pain- and the Keepers of the Source heard her cry. The 3:15s have stolen her life and blood, they say, leaving her wounded and alone. It's time to return the Mother what is hers.

                    - a sudden rise with the number of cults dedicated to the 3:15 has drawn the attention of the Habibti Ma. There is something straneg and mystical about the event, for sure, but those hunters don't care. All that they know, is that they have souls to save.

                    - the Loyalists of Thule have been disturbed by the event- disturbed enough that they went to ask for advice from the ancient Romahalans (or how ever you write their name). The ancients has gave them a warning, and a riddle:

                    The Life of one is death of another;
                    spell the word, break the ladder;
                    five times six heavens fall;
                    two times ten divided to all;
                    3:15 shows the clock;
                    The wolf howls, the winds crawls, the emperor falls;
                    The black king holds the rose;
                    Find the edge upon the rock.

                    Now one knows the answer, of course.

                    - Finally, among all of the hunters, it looks like the Promethean Brotherhood has got the most from the 3:15. One of their members have tried to activate the Rite of Hecate along the meridian just as the event happened- the witch was consumed by the disaster, of course, but in the flames he found the key, the missing key which the compact has searched for so long. The Rite of Hecate is complete, and the Brotherhood can finally move to the next level. Little do they know that something else is watching the group, and that it has plans of its own.

                    I may add my thoughts about fan made organizations later.
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                      And yet more Hunter:

                      The Barret Commission is one of the few hunter groups that's largely unaffected by the event. It's protectorate is the halls of power, and very few of the newly appeared monsters are in a position to threaten it. Meanwhile, supernatural factions that might post a threat have been distracted by the mystery, giving the Commission if anything a respite.

                      The Maiden's Blood Sisterhood has always used the odd pagan blessing in its work, but the effect has been little more than comfort and courage. But since the event, many of the members in the affected area have found their charms producing far more tangible effects - and have even enjoyed success in finding new functional magics since, and teaching them to others. While a few have their doubts about what's caused this and whether it should be pursued, others are developing it into a full Endowment, If the trend continues, it won't be long before the Sisterhood is a full conspiracy.

                      The Night Watch in the affected area is faced with the same problems as the Union - a sudden influx of confused and lost monsters in their territory making trouble. However, they're more used to circumstances outside their control than the Union, and their responses have been more careful.

                      The Talbot Group sees the event through their lens of afflicted people who need treatment. While they usually apply this to werewolves and claimed - and the event has left plenty of those behind it anyway - they also want to find and help beings of other kinds spawned in the affected area.

                      The Long Night also has another difference of opinion based on reading the event as a sign from God: a proportion of them believe it's telling them they should go public about everything, the End Times, the monsters, the Vigil. Most of the compact aren't ready for such a step, and those who advocate it have so far waited for more support.

                      Division Six is frustrated. They should have been warned that something like this was coming. Are they failing in their mission, or is it their sponsors that have failed? Either way, the event was a big crack in reality, and they are there to diligently clean up the effects.

                      The Bear Lodge, perhaps surprisingly, has ignored the event for the most part. A few have taken advantage of the suddenly target-rich environment, but most members have disdained the idea of going after a bunch of newly made and confused monsters not yet ready to fight back.


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                        Meanwhile, in Mummy:

                        Only two Arisen are known to have been active within the affected area during the event. Both report a flare of sekhem, taking them to nearly the level of an awakening. This sekhem is fading normally, but curiously,no adherence (or lack of it) to the tenets of the Judges is affecting the rate - this has led some to wonder if it came from another source, and whether it is possible to find and use that other source again. One of the mummies also reports a brief flash of memory from throughout her long life - the other denies that this occured to him - many think one or the other is lying, but aren't sure which.

                        Those in the area who were in henet at the time of the event still are. Nothing appears to have affected them, though that can't be known for sure until one of their cults wakes them up. This has happened in one case, but the mummy has remained in conference with the cult's leaders since, and has not responded to overtures.

                        A number of new vessels have also appeared, charged up with the same burst of sekhem. The Arisen have treated those like any other vessels, travelling up and down the meridian looking for treasures.

                        Shuankhsen have followed, pursuing their vendetta. Some of them seem strangely empowered, as if they've gained access to all their pillars (though still at a paltry level compared to the Deathless themselves) - the prevailing theory is that the Shuanksen so empowered were those already present during the event. [This theory is correct, though the Shuankhsen are as confused as to its signficance as the Arisen - what could impel the Devourer to restore more portions of their souls?]

                        Last Dynasty has shown up too, having tracked the flare of sekhem up and down the meridian. They're mostly investigating the after effects, and trying to determine the cause. And of course, they are trying to capture as many mummies and Shuankhsen as they can.


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                          And in Geist:

                          Every Avernian Gate along the meridian was wrenched open and remained that way for a few hours, spilling ghosts, geists, and other things into the living world. Sin-Eaters have their work cut out for them to deal with this - and with the rush of new Bound as the arriving geists make their Bargains. More disconcertingly, it appears that geists are not the only beings proving able to bond with the dying in this way - a few strange chthonians have emerged from the Gates, and are making bargains of their own, producing strange amalgams with unusual powers.

                          It's not clear whether any new Gates have appeared - there are certainly some that were previously unknown, but none that can be proved not have existed before the event.

                          There are a lot of Abmortals showing up in the affected area. However, few of them seem to be new to their abilities, and they vary widely in their mechanism of immortality. This has led the Sin-Eaters to conclude that they weren't made that way by the event, but have simply been exposed - the event making them easier to spot somehow, or simply by the increased number and vigilance of the Bound in the face of the chaos.

                          The Underworld itself seems to have been unaffected, although the number of ghosts, geists, and chthonians that emerged makes many of the Bound wonder if some premonition of the event ran through it. None of the emerged beings have admitted such a thing, however.

                          In the wake of the event, deaths - all deaths, not just those attributable to it - have a much greater chance of leaving charms (or even memorabilia) behind. This seems to be a persistent change, but one so far confined to the meridian. Regardless, Sin-Eaters have also come looking for new bling. They're not the only ones - other supernatural groups are interested in supernatural leftovers, so the Bound are finding themselves with competition.

                          Given the thrill-seeking nature of most Sin-Eaters, a lot of them are actually loving this - the party scene is going strong.


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                            Few things I would like to add for Mummy-

                            - a number of individuals with higher Sekhem sensitivity (such as cultists, sorcerers, a relic maker or two and even just a few people who were simply born this way), have all suffered from Sybrais visions of different kinds. In general, the visions could be divided into 4 types- the first is visions about Sutekh climbing to A'aru upon a stairway made from his own spine. The second are retelling of ancient prophesies called the the "Prophesies of Isis", where the prophet tells about the future rebirth and marriage of Azar and Esit. The third and the fourth types seems to be more mysterious, either mentions of "the Pharaoh prepares to his return, all his bodies as one", or prophesies about "the legions of Duat prepare for the war. No more their blades would rust, no more their sleep would last. The promise would be fulfilled". No one knows what that suppose to mean.

                            - The Deceived are terrified of the event- at least, their Temakh are. They, who know the stars and ways of Fate, know one thing for certain- the 3:15 should not have happened. It was not foretold in the stars. It was not decided by Fate or Law. Something went wrong- or, perhaps, went right. At least one Seba has manifested during the event, however, and it has tremendous power, one to rival the Heart of Ra. Its nature and location are not clear, but one thing is certain- it is found somewhere along the meridian.

                            - stranger things have also started to show interest in the meridian. Since the 3:15, the Visitors has started to gather along the line, as if they are searching for something.. or waiting, perhaps. The Cabiri mostly ignore the event, as the wars of heaven and earth mean little to them- but a few of them have witness visions of the vines of Dionysus growing from the line and spreading around the world, bearing grapes which are ready to become wine. Those who did have started to travel to the region, searching to make sense of the strange vision and perhaps find a reason for their existence. Finally, at least one Vaettr have went through the Initiation during the event along the line, as well as one Cartaphilus. The two are bonded,even though neither of them knows it yet.

                            I'll add my Changeling/Promethean/etc expansions later

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                              Some Changeling expansion-

                              During the 3:15, the Hedge didn't only opened its gates to those who escaped its thorns- it also stole others in. Not people, at least, not the whole people. Shadows, dozens of shadows were swollen, being ripped apart quickly and swiftly from those who owned them. Most people didn't noticed, of course, feeling nothing more than a slight chill and a weird lightness to their steps. Beside, a few moments later, the shadows return to their place, even though is someone were to give them a in depth look, they may find that their a bit less black as they should be, as if those who cast them are not as real as before. The mystery has been solved a few days later, as reports about doppelgangers have spread through the Courts- Fetches were born in the 3:15, while whom they mimic is still around. For now, the Courts has decided to contain them, even though they have no idea what actually they should do with those poor souls, made out of wisps of shadows and scarps which were found in the Hedge.

                              Like for the other monsters, the effects of the 3:15 has spread beyond the boundaries of the Americas. In Tokyo, the Princess is found in a mess, as she tries to manage the rising conflicts and terror of the different supernatural denizens of the islands. Things became much worse when a few months later, she got a wedding invitation from one of the Fae nobles. She gave him a standard mission- to pick her a star from heavens. As weird as it seems, it looks like he's about to succeed- and if he'll do, that may be the end of Honshu's Freehold. In Paris, the Rosiere is in panic, as all of the (hedge) ghosts who died in the Maison du Regret have returned from their grave to haunt those who brought their fall. New Hedge Gates has started to spontaneously open through Iceland, and the Council of Elves is at lose as their hear the whispers of the Elf Kings from the other sides, telling them that the time of the winter is soon to come. Back in North America, Toronto was close enough to the meridian to gather many of the returning Lost to its gates- for they know how to deal with strangers and similar lost souls. However, the Freehold has worries of its own, as the Ruby Court has started to rise out of no where, and no one knows what they may be planning. The fish like Fae Blooded of Ipswich has started feel a strange drawing to the water- some of them dive and never rise again, when stories about mermaid like beings start to spread. Finally, the Goblin Market of Tumbledown has started to grow out of control, spreading through New Orleans as more and more fae creatures joins its ranks to buy and sell- especially to sell. After all, it was close enough to the meridian to suffer the most of the arcane energies, and as such it is a little wonder that it draws hobgoblins and their like. However, those who pay attention to the Goblins and their broods notice that there is something strange about them. They look tired, haunted, fearful. They look like refugees, and those who press the subject only get an answer that "this is the last safe place" and that "soon they'll leave it too. You'll be start to join". Leave to where, they don't say- but one thing is certain. There is an exodus of fae refugees. They escape something. And as more refugees join the Market, it grows further and further. Soon, it may cover all of New Orleans- unless what they run away from would catch up with them first.

                              Check my STV content, Or My Homebrew

                              "And all our knowledge is, Ourselves to know"- An Essay on Man

                              I now blog in here