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Actual Play: Gotham (A shared setting for 4 games)

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  • Actual Play: Gotham (A shared setting for 4 games)

    Chronicles of Darkness: Gotham
    Wednesday's at 6PM EST Sunday's at 6PM EST Sunday's at 2PM EST Sunday's at 10AM EST
    Currently on it's third session Currently on it's third session First session starts 5/20/2018 Currently on its 16th session

    Gotham is a shared setting, where the events of each game inform and act in the background of each other. Timelines are meant to stay current with one another to allow this. The setting has multiple GM's that plan with one another in order to flesh out the city in order to keep a coherent story. These games are all played live on twitch at the above times, the logo images will give you a link to a sample of each game. Further after each game, the episodes are then uploaded to youtube in digestible portions.

    Changeling: The Lost - The Submerged Tower. This place is an outpost for Changelings. Changelings are those, who one way or another, have escaped their captors... The Gentry. The Gentry are the residents of Arcadia, the land of the fae. For the Changelings, this place was hell. This is the story of four such creatures.

    Mage: The Awakening - An insane web of lies and magic catch a couple flies, will they survive will evil and paradox win the day? Find out only on Mage Gotham edition!

    Werewolf: The Forsaken -
    Description incoming, character creation and such still in progress.

    Vampire: The Requiem - A group of young kindred are brought together in a botched, magically aided assassination attempt and head out into the night to figure out who wants them dead, and why.
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    love that you're doing this. keep it up! it's a great idea!

    VtR 2v5 Homebrew: VtR 2e base with my favorite V5 mechanics