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The Merits of Speed: A handful of new advanced Merits

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  • The Merits of Speed: A handful of new advanced Merits

    Hey folks. Someone was looking for some rogue-y and physical kinda advanced merits, so I hammered together this set that might be of interest to other people too.

    Confounding Sleight (••)

    Prerequisites: Sleight of Hand ••, Larceny ••••

    Effect: Anyone searching your character suffers her Larceny dots as a penalty on their roll to find anything of Size 1 or less she is concealing about her person.

    Duck And Dive (• to •••)

    Prerequisites: Fast Reflexes •••, Fleet of Foot •••

    Effect: Each dot of this merit removes a single bonus die from autofire attacks directed at your character, and reduces the damage from blasts, explosions, and other area effect attacks that catch your character by 1.

    Insuppressible Parkour (•••)

    Prerequisites: Parkour •••••

    Effect: When your character encounters an obstacle that would usually require an Instant action to bypass while running, climbing, or jumping—such as opening a door or window, hauling something out of the way, etc—she instead treats it as a Reflexive action. If a car barred her way, for example, she could run at it, open one door, dive through the interior, open the other, and keep on moving without any delay.

    Iron Resilience (••)

    Prerequisites: Iron Stamina •••

    Effect: Your character’s dots in Iron Stamina are also imposed as a penalty to dice pools to stun, concuss, knock down, or disorientate her through attacks or environmental effects.

    Lightning Draw (••••)

    Prerequisites: Quick Draw •

    Effect: Your character can use this merit in the first round of combat, after Initiative has been rolled. For the first round only, your character can calculate her Initiative as if she had rolled a 10 on the die for her result, but she must draw and use the weapon that her Quick Draw merit is assigned to. If she wishes to do something else, and for subsequent rounds, she uses her actual Initiative roll to calculate her Initiative score as normal.

    Lightning Reflexes (••••)

    Prerequisites: Fast Reflexes •••, Wits •••• or Dexterity ••••

    Effect: Your character adds the Fast Reflexes bonus to her dice pools to detect and react to surprise attacks and ambushes. If she achieves an exceptional success on such a roll, you can choose one opponent, who is treated as if your character had achieved surprise against them instead.

    Light-Footed (••)

    Prerequisites: Fleet of Foot • to •••, Stealth •••

    Effect: Your character can ignore up to her dot rating in Fleet of Foot of penalties to her Stealth dice pools.

    Rapid Disarm (••)

    Prerequisites: Sleight of Hand ••, Brawl •••

    Effect: Your character does not need to succeed in a Control Weapon move before she can use the Disarm move.

    Scurry (••)

    Prerequisites: Fast Reflexes •••, Stealth •••

    Effect: When your character is attempting to conceal herself or move silently, and she unexpectedly encounters another character who might spot her, she can reflexively move her Speed in yards as a reaction. This may well move her such that the other character no longer has a chance of spotting her. Your character can only use Scurry once per scene.

    Swift Footwork (••)

    Prerequisites: Fleet of Foot •••, Athletics •••

    Effect: When your character attacks a foe in melee, their Defence is reduced by 2 after her attack, rather than the usual 1.

    Without Trace (•)

    Prerequisites: Sleight of Hand, Investigation ••

    Effect: Characters attempting to investigate your character’s Larceny actions—such as examining the scene where she stole an object for clues, or scrutinising how she bypassing security—do not benefit from the 10-again quality on their Investigation dice pools.

    Wrecker (••)

    Prerequisites: Demolisher •••

    Effect: Your character has a talent for breaking things in the most inconvenient way possible. After she successfully deals any damage an object, the next character to use that object suffers a -3 penalty to the dice pool on using it, with failure being treated as a dramatic failure.

    - Chris Allen, Aberrant Line Developer, Freelance Writer

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    These are great! I've really been wanting to get more Advanced/Epic Merits into books.

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