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[Thought Experiment] Influence Instances - Individual Influence uses like Spells

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  • [Thought Experiment] Influence Instances - Individual Influence uses like Spells

    Influences - Ephemerals and Horrors alike possess them. They are extremely flexible manipulations of the world, ordered roughly by degree of effect (with extending the duration as an option at the price of additional Essence). My (and it seems like a few others) problem is that they are too flexible, bordering on vague. Just what can you achieve with Influence 2? 3? They are about as adaptable as Mage Arcana (albeit more limited in their individual scope compared to the almost-everything-fits-under-these-10 Arcana), but unlike the Arcana, don't have example "spells" (and less guidance on the other mechanics like scale of targets, measured degree of power, range, etc.).

    So this is more of an open call for listing discrete "spells" of Influence use, such as:

    Creeping Flames (Fire 2)
    Cost: 2 Essence
    Duration: 1 minute/Success
    Effect: Move an existing fire Rank yards a turn is the desired direction.


    Glorious Visage (Beauty 2)
    Cost: 1 Essence
    Duration: 10 minutes/Success
    Prerequisite: Target must possess Striking Looks related to some form of attractive appearance.
    Effect: Improve the rating for the target's Striking Looks by Rank. If this would put their rating over 2 dots, give them dots in the Advance Striking Looks merit with the remainder.

    Or in any better format.

    Additionally, if anyone had any other ideas regarding manipulating the system, like the effects of range, affecting multiple targets, imposing downsides for some other benefit, etc., feel free to list them.

    This is intend to help out people than need a quick grasp on what can be done with a given Instance, and point out less considered options.
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