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  • Originally posted by monteparnas View Post
    So, going with that (I'm assuming this is Word of God or something similar), a Demon will be directly affected regardless of the Cover and will still have to deal with any rule or Condition that dictates decision making instead of physical reaction, am I right?
    Not Word of God (I am not Rose Bailey or Matthew McFarland), so much as applying the relevant text of Demon and Promethean to the sidebar as is logically consistent, but otherwise, yes. Demons are still emotional beings, just not ones who experience them as autonomic responses (to the point the core book calls out the struggle demons can have feeling like imposters to themselves over not having their body automatically respond to stimuli).

    Hell, even the sidebar in question doesn't so much say "not affected" so much as "decides how to respond to Disquiet"

    Originally posted by Promethean: the Created, pg. 173
    demons are affected by it, but as they maintain ironclad control over their responses, they can choose whether or not to act on it and in what capacity.
    As for the more specific mechanical examples, sounds about right.

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    • Extremely late in putting this idea into the world, but:

      The fact that calling in a soul pact does actually give a demon a human soul seems like a fun means of squaring the circle between the soul vanishing at the moment of death and the Raise Dead Exploit not properly working on a dead target if you don't have a soul available.

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