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    In second edition, the willpower maximum is still 10? Or up to Resolve + Composure even if it is higher than 10?


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    For major splats the maximum is 10, the only example of willpower above 10 are the horrors in the chronicle of darkness book if i remember correctly


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      Originally posted by lbeaumanior View Post
      In second edition, the willpower maximum is still 10?
      Doesn't seem to be. I did a search of the mage 2e core and it never mentions a cap. Though there is a cap for ephemeral beings.


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        I wrote in the Shunned by the Moon thread, but I'll retype the bullet points:

        Ephemeral entities up to Rank 5 are explicitly limited to ten dots.

        There is no written rule in any second edition book that I'm aware of that says that anyone else is limited to ten dots. (As far as I'm aware of. I haven't searched through the entirety of six years worth of books, but I'm pretty sure that I've searched through all the core books when this question arose some time ago.)

        There are two references to there being a ten dot rule:
        The first one is in the book Chronicles of Darkness, in the lexicon. It mentions Willpower as an example for a trait that is limited to ten dots.
        The second one is in the advanced PDF of Shunned by the Moon, wherein a power grants werewolves extra dots that can exceed ten dots total.

        (Horrors add their Potency to Resolve+Composure to determine Willpower. No mention of it being capped or being possible to exceed a cap.)

        So two pieces of text has been written under the assumption of there being a ten dot cap, but such a cap has not been described. They could be considered stealth errata, or they could be mistakes by the writers. I honestly don't know. Since OPP doesn't have an internal mechanics bible and this issue spans the entire line, it's completely possible that it can differ between games should we get dev clarifications.

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