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What would you want from a 'by night' style mortals city book?

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  • What would you want from a 'by night' style mortals city book?

    I've been working on my setting binder over the quarantine and I was thinking of digitizing some of it and maybe putting something up on the storyteller's vault. If you saw something like that, what things would you expect the book to contain?

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    I'd want to get a high-level "feel" for the city: what kinds of moods and themes go well with that particular metropolis, a general overview of the city's history, some geography and major neighborhoods (maps are nice), maybe a few mortal NPCs and a diagram of how they relate to each other. Oh, and plenty of story-hooks!

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      Mystery and shadows! But tied into each other. So that a overview of the shadows of the city could be shown and a sandbox/ playground offered for the would be troupe.