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How would you do the Empyrean?

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  • Satchel
    I wouldn't, because the idea behind the Empyrean obviates the purpose of rendering it as a discrete world. The concept shows up by name in two sidebars in Inferno and Imperial Mysteries, and the former doesn't even postulate a world and the latter applies the term to a realm of raw, undifferentiated meaning behind the symbolic filter of the Supernal, which only the Ascended can truly know.

    In familiar Western theological terms, going to the Empyrean is being one with God, who sends angels to carry out his will in the world. You can't meaningfully go a further layer of abstraction above "this is a form the underlying mechanics of reality have been rendered into so that you can parse it without your soul exploding," because anything deeper that can be described is just another layer of symbolic conveyance.

    The Tao that can be named is not the Tao.

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  • Nicolas Milioni
    started a topic How would you do the Empyrean?

    How would you do the Empyrean?

    So,we know a little bit about the Empyrean,we know it's a counterpart of the Inferno and it's less focused on human Vice than the Inferno. And i'd like to know, if you were to develop the idea further,what would your Empyrean be like? Would you base it's inhabitants in abrahamic angels or would you situate pagan gods there too? what woud the inhabitants be like in general?