Alright, basically Cash is Resources: The Equipment. But what if we look at it the other way? What if we say Resources is Cash: The Merit?

Then I look at the other Social equipment, and go hmm...

Contraband is just Resources whatever + a variant of the Fixer merit. Like so:

Black Market Connections (••)
You know a guy, who knows a guy...
Prerequisites: Contacts ••, Resources , Wits ••
Effect: Upon taking this Merit, pick a specific social group; when purchasing an item within that particular group, reduce the Availability of the item by 1.

Fashion can also be turned into a general Resources-esque Merit, like so:

Wardrobe (• - •••••)
Effect: You possess a rather large closet filled with clothing both chic and classic. Once per story, you may produce a piece of Fashion with an Availability equal to or lower than your Wardrobe dots without trouble. If the Fashion's availability is at least 2 dots lower than your Wardrobe dots, you may produce it without limit (within reason). Upon gaining this Merit, pick a social group to specialize your Wardrobe towards; when determining whether you can produce an item of Fashion appropriate for that group, reduce the item's Availability by 1.
Any Fashion produced by this Merit must be sized appropriately for you; a tall businessman is unlikely to find clothing appropriate for a 10-year-old girl in amongst their Armani suits, to put it mildly.

Sidebar: Wardrobe and Shapeshifters
Sometimes, facestealing dopplegangers want to dress up too. A character with some ability to change size or otherwise adopt a different build/gender/body plan can always produce appropriate Fashion for any of their forms from their Wardrobe. They may also choose to have one particular "form" act as the "social group" they specialize in.

Oh, and we can go ahead and base some off of Physical and Mental merits. For example...

MacGyver (••)
Prerequisites: Craft •••, Intelligence ••
Effect: You have a certain knack for working with your hands and your wits. You gain a +1 bonus to any Craft roll for which you don't have proper equipment, and may add 1 Durability to an object with a couple minutes of work. As long as you have at least improvised tools, you may make Craft rolls that would normally require more specialized equipment; however, any Failure you roll in a project you could not attempt without this merit is downgraded to a Dramatic Failure.

Is a riff on Duct Tape and Multitools, while

Rugged Survivalist (•••)
Prerequisites: Survival •••, Wits
You know how to survive in the most rugged of environments; as long as you have a speciality appropriate for that environment, you may scrounge and scavenge for Advanced Survival Gear (GMC p. 237). In addition, you may apply the bonus from a piece of Survival Gear to rolls made to remain unnoticed in that environment.

Is (obviously) a riff on Survival Gear and (less obviously) Camouflage Clothing.

And so on and so forth.