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    OK, you're going to need the Overly Specific Condition Cards pdf for this.

    Angry Jerk (• - •••••)
    Prerequisites: Brawl •, Stamina ••, Strength ••
    Effect: You have an anger management problem. Sure, you might be a nice guy when you're calm, but you're never calm. Seriously, go get therapy or something.
    They Deserved It (•): You may treat "Angry" as a Virtue when making Breaking Points. In addition, you may reflexively spend one Willpower to forcibly recall stuff that pisses you off once per scene; doing so gives you the Really Angry But Not At Anything Specifically condition.
    Catharsis (••): You are considered to have "Punching People in the Face" as a second Vice as long as you are Really Angry But Not At Anything Specifically. Additionally, any Brawl attack that directly works towards fulfilling one of your Vices deals Lethal damage instead of Bashing damage.
    Adrenaline Is Helluva Painkiller (•••): Whenever you become Really Angry But Not At Anything Specifically, you gain a floating attribute dot which you may assign to either Strength or Stamina. This additional attribute dot is removed when you resolve the Condition, and adjusts derived traits accordingly. Additionally, as long as you are Really Angry But Not At Anything Specifically, you do not suffer Wound Penalties due to Bashing damage and do not risk falling unconscious if all of your Health Levels are filled with Bashing.
    Vicious Fucker (••••): You achieve an Exceptional Success with three successes on any action you need to spend Willpower to perform (such as attacking someone while Beaten Down or killing someone who has surrendered). In addition, you cannot be prevented from spending Willpower while you are Really Angry But Not At Anything Specifically.
    Violent Rampage (•••••): You treat being Really Angry But Not At Anything Specifically as a Persistent condition; in addition, whenever you would resolve the condition, you may choose to take one Willpower instead of a Beat; doing so counts as fulfilling your Vice and prevents the Condition from resolving. By extension, treat any act of violence that would directly lead to a Breaking Point while Really Angry But Not At Anything Specifically as if it were directly working towards a Vice.

    In Heels (• - •••••) [Style]*
    Prerequisites: Socialize ••, Composure •••, Intimidation •
    Effect: Your character not only can fight in heels, but she looks good while doing so. The techniques granted by this Merit can only be used while the character is wearing high heels. Despite using the female pronoun, this Style is valid for either gender (sometimes you just want to feel pretty, god dammit).
    Looking Good (•): This basic technique serves as the foundation for all later effects. She is immune to the Heels Tilt, and additionally may apply any bonuses from Striking Looks to her Defence against anyone sexually attracted to her gender.
    How Does She Do That? (••): At this level of mastery, the character's grace in high-heels truly becomes astounding. The character may use her Socialize in place of her Athletics for the purposes of calculating her defence, if she so chooses.
    Cherchez La Femme (•••): The combatant's ability to navigate the field in heels is both impressive and distracting. Any time she gets an Exceptional Success on a Brawl or Weaponry roll, the targeted opponent gains the Stunned Tilt.
    Femme Fatale (••••): Hell hath no wrath like a woman scorned. Any time the character makes an All-Out Attack, she gains dice equal to her Socialize rating instead of the normal +2.
    Made for Walkin' (•••••): At this point, the character can use her stilleto heels like the weapons they're named after. She may use her heels as +1L Brawl weapons.

    *Apologies to MachineIV. It was too funny not to update (and rebalance).

    In Heels [Tilt]
    Effect: Your character is wearing a pair of high-heels, and therefore does not have the best balance. You must move at half Speed or take 1 level of Bashing damage from tripping or banging into tables and the like.
    Causing the Tilt: Wearing high-heels without a relevant speciality.
    Ending the Tilt: Removing the high-heels.

    New Called Shot: Heels
    Any character can aim at another character's high heels by taking a -2 penalty; if they deal damage, that character suffers the Knocked Down Tilt.

    Sexy Bastard (• - •••••) [Style]
    Prerequisites: Striking Looks (Sexy) •, Presence •••
    Effect: Your character is a beast, with a body that looks like it was sculpted by Michelangelo. Their gift, their curse.
    The Tiger Can't Be Contained (•): Once per scene, you may reflexively spend one Willpower to give yourself the Too Sexy For My Shirt condition. In addition, reduce any penalties you would take to social rolls due to your state of undress by one.
    My Beauty Can't Be Hidden (••): You may treat stripping as a Vice; whenever you regain Willpower from stripping, you may magnanimously (and reflexively) choose to donate that Willpower to another character who found the act aesthetically appealing. That character may choose to decline that Willpower if they so wish.
    Dripping Sex Appeal (•••): Anyone who accepts Willpower donated through My Beauty Can't Be Hidden also takes the Swooning condition towards you. If they would not normally be attracted to you (either due to their orientation or due to lacking sexuality altogether), they also take a Beat.
    Did I Turn You On? (••••): Whenever someone gains the Swooning condition towards you, you may reflexively spend one Willpower to give them the Accidentally Turned On condition (except it wasn't very accidental, was it?). In addition, the bonus granted by Accidentally Turned On increases to 2.
    Memetic Sex God (•••••): Anyone who gains the Swooning condition towards you treats it as a Persistent condition, and may choose to take one Willpower whenever they would resolve that Condition instead of a Beat; doing so counts as fulfilling their Vice (and is subject to any effect that would modify how much Willpower they recover) and prevents the Condition from resolving.

    I have decided, after some thought, that I don't really feel happy on these forums. I might decide to come back to post. Who knows - but right now, I'm gone.

    So good bye, good luck, and have a nice day.

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