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  • "I Know That Thing!"

    so during my Organic Chemistry class today in the university, we learned about what are the rules for giving names to molecules- when the professor said "and to this subject we call as Nomenclature". While the rest of my class was trying to understand the subject, the only thing I was thinking about was "I'm going to learn Nomenclature? Oh by the Judges, I am going to be a Shaniatu!"

    That made me think how many of you had a similar experience- that is, learning something from WoD before you knew what it was in real life, so if you have some interesting story to share- this is the time and the place!

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    When I was a student, one of the set texts had an article in it on medieval Hermeticism, but I didn't actually read that particular article until last year. It included the word 'supernal' and the whole outline was strangely familiar.


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      Aww, I think you might have just stunted your chances at Awakening.

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        I was pretty surprised when I realized Vicissitude was a real English word.

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          I was pretty surprised to find out a lot of words from WoD were real words.

          I was raised on DnD, leave me alone.

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            My favourites are:

            The real definition of ventru

            The fact that "gangrel" is a real English word.

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              World of Darkness and Exalted kept me way ahead of the vocabulary curve for a long time.

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                Mythology in general I was surprised a lot by what I discovered was real, though not because of WoD (frex: barghests, the jabberwock, bandersnatches)

                For WoD specifically there's not a lot I didn't already know since I started on it so recently. Chiminage I didn't realize was an English word until that blog post about updating werewolf vocabulary in 2E.

                The Seelie/Unseelie Court dichotomy I didn't know until after I played Ars Magica, does that count?

                EDIT: Oh! Verney/Adam being an erudite monster in Frankentstein. I was only familiar with the movie version (and even then, it was more Young Frankenstein than Boris Karloff).

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                  Not an nWoD revelation, but I got into researching Modern Primitivism (and an accompanying interesting in body modification) thanks to Clanbook Tzimisce.

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                    Originally posted by ArcaneArts View Post
                    I was pretty surprised to find out a lot of words from WoD were real words.

                    I was raised on DnD, leave me alone.
                    No excuse! (Then again, I was raised on 1e D&D, and was reading stuff like The Worm Ouroboros by middle school, so...)

                    I have decided, after some thought, that I don't really feel happy on these forums. I might decide to come back to post. Who knows - but right now, I'm gone.

                    So good bye, good luck, and have a nice day.


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                      Seeing someone use the word "auspex" as part of the username for a Skyrim character (Imperial legionnaire) they were roleplaying on livejournal. I did a bit of a double-take before tossing my character into the thread, wondering if he'd turn out to be a vampire.

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