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Computer/Information Spirits and their tricks

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  • Computer/Information Spirits and their tricks

    I need to think of how computer or information spirits might go about meddling about with computers, or indeed using them as assistants to more powerfl creatures. Have their been any numina or such to deal with this intersection?

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    Left handed spanner, the communication one(it mentions through the phone), fetter would be three I'd suggest


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      First you have Influence: Computers. At lower levels it can be used to boost the defenses of an allies computer. Strengthen the firewall and all that. At medium levels controlling a target system can make for a powerful hacking tool.

      If you want something a little stranger I did think of a custom Numina.

      Digital Footprint
      Cost: 5 Essence
      Use of this Numina of a target reveals all information the subject has made publicly available on any digital network (facebook, twitter, university class mailing list). In addition the spirit can roll Power + Finesse - targets highest Status Merit. Successes can be spent to get access to private data posted by the target at a rate of 1 for low security networks (facebook) 2 for medium security (banking site) or 3 for highly secure networks (NSA). One information “purchase” gives as much information as one could absorb with several hours of reading/study.