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  • amechra
    Reserved for the Chemical Collection of the Ascended Ones.

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  • amechra
    Child of the Seventh Generation [Supernatural, Style: • to •••••]
    You've got the blood of Hell's nobility oozing through your veins. You can reach out and claim that heritage with an open hand; just be sure that it doesn't come back as claws.
    Prerequisites: Must be human.
    Grandfather's Authority (•): You can exercise the authority of Hell; add your dots in Child of the Seventh Generation to any Abjuration, Binding, Summoning, or Warding attempt that targets demons or demonic entities. Additionally, you begin to age more slowly; you only age one year for every [dots in Child of the Seventh Generation + 1] years you live.
    Whiffs of Brimstone (••): You always stink slightly of sulphur, dried blood, or other unsavory substances. This "scent", in addition to being noticeable, acts as permanently burning Incense - applicable Supernatural merits are those that cause emotional distress, reveal secrets, or summon forth fire and vileness.
    Marks of the Ancestor (•••): At this point, you start showing clear signs of your fiendish nature; perhaps you have goat eyes, your shadow has become detached, or your presence just brings out the worst in people. Either way, you act as a Fetter for a Rank 1 Fiend with the Fetter, Unfetter, and Reaching Manifestations, as well as 6 Attribute dots and one Numina of your choice; this Fiend isn't truly an entirely separate being, just an extension of your terrifying will. As such, you may define the Fiend's Malapraxis, and they may apply the bonuses from your "Incense" to applicable Numina and Influence rolls as if they were Supernatural merits.
    Drawback: The demonic part of your soul is sentient and, while friendly, would rather like it if you behaved in a way befitting your heritage. If the "Fiend" is Banished from your body, you immediately suffer the Soulless condition until it is reinstated. Plus, you take a penalty to all Social rolls involving first impressions equal to [dots in Child of the Seventh Generation - 2], as the mutations of your body are a bit... off-putting.
    The Road to Hell (••••): The Fiend bound to your soul gains the Whisper manifestation effect, as well as an additional Attribute dot and an additional Numina. In addition, you may spend one Willpower to "borrow" an Influence or Numina from your Fiend for a Scene; the Essence used to activate the Numina is drawn from the Fiend's Essence pool.
    Long Live the King or Queen (•••••): You might as well be a minor Duke or Duchess of Hell at this point; once you've reached a young middle age, your aging stops altogether. In addition, your Fiend gains an additional Attribute dot, Numina, and Manifestation effect of your choice; more notably, you fuse with it upon your death. At the moment of death, your Fiend's Rank increases to 3, traits being adjusted as necessary; the personality of the strengthened Demon is a fusion of yours and your fiend's, and has both of your memories.

    Sacred Alchemy [Supernatural ••]
    Prerequisites: Stamina •••, Occult ••
    Effects: You have learned a set of sacred exercises that allow you to metabolize the most potent poisons and drugs into water, or which allows you to bring out greater virtues from alchemical mixtures you've poured down your throat. You downgrade all damage dealt to you by a drug- or poison-related Tilt by one step; in addition, you reduce any penalties inflicted by such Tilts by one. If you spend an Instant action and spend one Willpower, you may convert a drug or poison in your body into water; doing so immediately removes that Tilt.

    Biologic Library [Supernatural •+]
    Prerequisites: Sacred Alchemy
    Effects: You've taken doses of a specific drug enough times that your body welcomes it like an old friend. Select a single drug-based Tilt; any numerical bonuses from that Tilt are increased by one. In addition, certain Tilts specify that they give certain additional benefits to anyone that possesses the appropriate Biologic Library merit.
    Special: This merit may be taken any number of times, choosing a different Tilt each time.

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  • amechra
    So... yeah. Some of the "Secret Societies" teach Supernatural merits, some might have some "proprietary" merits (they recruit anyone that has them, or kill them if they can't get their hands on them.)

    Tune in later when I write up the Children of the 7th Generation as a Merit!

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  • amechra
    started a topic Ultra-Light Hunters

    Ultra-Light Hunters

    So I've got a little time before I have to go get a PPD, so I thought I'd write up a super-light "rewrite" of the Hunter template. You know, just for fun.
    The ones who won't take it any longer

    The status quo in the World of Darkness is keeping your head down - don't look too hard at the shadows, because the shadows might look back... and probably have teeth. But sometimes, people can't keep their heads down. Their friends and loved ones get involved with the occult, or are taken away by monsters.

    Lynch mobs have been formed for less.

    So they do what every underdog in history has done; they get organized.

    They get armed.

    And they won't sit down and take it anymore.

    Merits: Hunters begin with 10 dots of Merits, representing their experiences with the occult underbelly of society.
    Nerves of Steel: Hunters have one additional Willpower dot on top of those given by their Resolve + Composure, to a maximum of 11 dots. Once per Scene, they may spend two Willpower in one turn; they may spend both points on a single roll.

    Obsession: All Hunters start play with the Obsession [Persistent] condition, related in some way to their hunt for the Occult.

    Creating A New Hunter
    When creating a Hunter, replace the five questions related to Breaking Points with the following:
    What's the worst thing your character has ever done?
    What's the worst thing your character can imagine themselves doing?
    What's the worst thing your character can image somebody else doing?
    What's the most traumatic thing that ever happened to your character?
    What made your character stop hiding?
    Secret Societies
    There are certain secret societies hidden out in the World of Darkness who are dedicated to "the good fight"; each society has its own strange bylaws, ceremonies, and entry requirements. Regardless, they all supply training, back-up, materiel, and moral support to Hunters; some even offer a pension (or a paid position) to any Hunter who is too far gone to function in polite society.