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    This thread's mostly just a fun thing. The idea here is to post your Antagonists. Silly, scary, or just plain weird, this thread's just here for people to share their creativity, and maybe give people a few ideas.

    The Worm That Walks
    What happens when a Vampire meets a stake through the heart? He's worm food. What happens to the worms? This freak. All the powers and wicked intelligence of a vampire, in a mass of writhing worms. "Her" body doesn't even need to remain coherent. The worms all work together, and their intelligence is distributed across the whole swarm. The Worm seems to have an agenda, but who knows what it is?
    Clan: None
    Covenant: None
    Strength: 4 + 3 Vigor, Dexterity: 3, Stamina: 5 + 3 Resilience
    Intelligence: 4, Wits: 5, Composure: 3 (The Worm's intelligent, but has an alien mind.)
    Presence: 1/3, Manipulation: 0/4, Resolve: 1/3 (Due to the worm's alien mind, it can't behave socially. Use the first values for when the Worm attempts to engage in socialization other than Intimidation and deception, and use the latter values for Intimidate, Subterfuge and activating Disciplines and Devotions)
    Physical Skills: Athletics 4, Stealth 3, Survival (Tracking) 5
    Mental Skills: ??? (The Worm doesn't think in the ways humans do, and so has no set mental skills. For Disciplines that require Mental skills, use a random value from 2-4 instead.
    Social Skills: 0/5 for worms only, Empathy 1, Intimidation 3 (Primal screams), Streetwise 3 (Urban Hunting), Subterfuge 4
    Merits: Acute Senses, Atrocious, Bloodhound, Danger Sense, Unseen Sense (Kindred)
    Blood Potency: 4
    Humanity: N/A
    Disciplines: Animalism 1, Celerity 3, Dominate 4, Nightmare 2, Obfuscate 1, *Protean 2, *Resilience 3, *Vigor 3
    Devotions: Conditioning, Worm Food
    Size: 6
    Speed: 16
    Defense: 9
    Initiative: 4
    Health: 14

    *"In-Clan" Disciplines

    Worm Food (Animalism , Resilience •••)
    A unique power of the Worm that Walks, this "Devotion" allows it to reform its body, or even expand it, by attracting worms. By expending 1 Vitae, the Worm can attract a swarm of worms. Roll Resilience + Animalism. The Worm can heal lethal damage equal to that amount.
    By spending more (as determined by the Storyteller), the Worm can increase its Size rating, as well as the attendant statistics, namely Health and Speed.
    This can only be done in a place with an abundance of worms and maggots.
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    Genius: the Transgression 2E is a thing that's being worked on.

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    You switched Composure and Resolve, looks like.

    I like it, though! Weird!


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      I kinda want to stat out Lucario. But I don't think I can do the glory that is LUCARIO justice.

      I have decided, after some thought, that I don't really feel happy on these forums. I might decide to come back to post. Who knows - but right now, I'm gone.

      So good bye, good luck, and have a nice day.


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        This thread inspired me to go dig up these monsters I once wrote up for the World Of Darkness based on a nightmare I had at the time. Unfortunately, I never quite finished, so their mechanics are incomplete.

        The Dread Birds

        "It came unto me out of nowhere, in the likeness of an eagle, but too devilish to be a bird, larger than one. Taut claws held me down as its dark shape loomed over me. Its sharp, curved beak snapped close to my face and I could feel its stare, eyes too wide for its head that bulged out like a nightmarish clown's boring through me. I shook my head and struggled against the grip, but couldn't release myself nor look away completely. From the corner of my vision, I saw its mouth curl up in a twisted smile, flashing white teeth - teeth? - at me. I felt strength sapping from my limbs. Wings like lean, oversized hands grabbed me and pulled me up, elastic like rubber gloves, but dripping with tar-like thickness. My face was right in front of it, my eyes facing those swirly - when did those irises start to spiral into mine? - and stretchy orbs, and I could not look away, glued to them. I heard a sound, a guttural, musical screech that elongated like an accordion. My head bobbed from side to side in harmony with the thing, the tone escalating until I lost perception of time. That is the last I remember before waking up in an ditch, surprisingly whole."

        The beings called the Dread Birds by those who have survived encounters with them are a fearful mystery. Monstrous shades that stalk the night, charming and devouring humans, they are utterly amoral, ruthless, and cruel. They derive both pleasure and power from inflicting suffering on humans, and will do so at their leisure. It is unknown where exactly they came from, but they are thought to be of extra planar origins. Unlike what their appearance might suggest, they are beings of flesh and blood, but of a completely different kind than ours. In fact, they seem to disregard physics with bare concern without even trying.

        The Dread Birds tend to act silently when they first come into our world. They hunt isolated and unsuspecting prey from the shadows and tear into them, leaving not a shred of meat behind. They are also known to use their hypnotic abilities to manipulate their meals and lure them to quieter places, but it is not the way they most love to use them. When there are multiple Dread Birds in an area, they will use their twisted songs and mesmerizing gazes to slowly dominate the populace, working patiently under the shroud of night to lower their resistances, control their feelings, and alter their memories. Until they finally gather their victims up like cattle, charming the crowds into mindless orchestras to their tune, that they then make a spectacle of killing and eating.

        Sunlight is their natural enemy. They avoid sunlight whenever possible, for it burns them without mercy, and though they can still act during the times of dawn or dusk without great risk, they prefer to avoid it. Under the sun they are also not able to use their powers. It has been found that any reasonable amount of UV radiation will likewise affect them in the same manner as sunlight, and Hunters who pursue them will use this to their advantage.

        • Dread Birds have Size 6 and can fly.
        • Though they can walk upright and use tools, they normally do not make use of weapons and are clumsy at tasks requiring precise hand motor control.
        • They have a basic 9/5/5 attribute distribution with physical as primary, and their attributes may go over 5.
        • They cannot learn any Mental Skill over 1, and they cannot have more than 3 dots in Empathy. However, they have a default specialty in Empathy (Suffering).
        • Their forms, particularly their gaze, are disconcerting and cause terror in most living beings. They gain a +3 to all Intimidation rolls.
        • Their talons are 1L weapons, while their beak and maw are 2L weapons.
        • Dread Birds's talons and oversized hand-like wings give them a +2 to initiate and control grapples.
        • Their Defense is calculated with the highest of Wits and Dexterity.
        • Filling their tracks with Bashing damage will not serve to knock them unconscious.
        • Their odd forms defy physics in unexpected ways. Considering their density and build, they are much lighter than they would appear, and move unnaturally. They are able to stick to the sides of most structures, as well as walls and ceilings, with a successful Dexterity + Athletics roll. Additionally, they use the lowest of Wits and Dexterity as an effective Defense pool against Firearms attacks.
        • Anytime they are in the presence of human suffering, they are able to recover one point of Willpower. This only works once per scene.
        • Sunlight and powerful enough UV radiation deal 3 lethal damage to them every turn, and prevent them from using their powers.
        • Dread Birds heal one bashing damage per turn and one lethal per night. By spending a Willpower point, they may instead heal two lethal that night, or by spending three they may heal one aggravated.
        • When hiding in the shadows, they meld together with them to the point of essentially vanishing. Any rolls to detect them while they are in darkness receive a -3 penalty.
        • They have a Supernatural Tolerance Factor of 1 that may not be increased.


        Hypnotism (1-4)

        Lullaby (1-3)

        Stunning Screech (1-2)
        The Dread Bird screeches loudly, stunning those in effective range and putting a dent on any of their actions for the brief duration of the power. Costs 2 Willpower points. The Dread Bird rolls Presence + Intimidation Vs Composure (+ Supernatural Tolerance). Enemies caught in the area of effect receive a negative modifier to all actions equal to the number of successes scored for the rest of the scene. Multiple uses of this power by the same Dread Bird do not stack. The effective range of this ability is 15 meters x Rating.


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          Originally posted by YeOfLittleFaith View Post
          This thread inspired me to go dig up these monsters I once wrote up for the World Of Darkness based on a nightmare I had at the time. Unfortunately, I never quite finished, so their mechanics are incomplete.

          The Dread Birds
          These would make excellent Cryptids as foils for Strix...

          ... hrrrmmmmmm.