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Recruiting for an nwod medieval game (crossover)

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  • Recruiting for an nwod medieval game (crossover)

    Hi I'm recruiting for an ongoing nwod medieval game that is based on an old owod campaign I had.
    The game would be held every second sunday at around 1 pm NYT.
    It will be played either via skype or IRC (in both cases as text chat though).

    (currently I have 3 players with whom I already started a few sessions, but the game is currently paused until we get additional players).

    Splatwise as good as all is possible (we have demons and mages as example).

    If you are interested or have questions feel free to ask here or via pm.


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    You do know that Skype lets people have your IP address right? Why not use Roll20 or another system instead since its chat based?


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      I already said also IRC chat is possible (roll20 I have bad experience with as the last time a group of mine tried to tested it a few months ago......the javascript inside crashed time and again).

      Skype: How do ppl get my IP there? (in the profiles my IP doesn't at max. someone who can hack can get it and if someone does do that much to get it.....they will get it even with roll20 involved.........or if you mean skype will see my ip..........roll20 /..... will see my IP also anyway)


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        I've run countless games with roll20, what browser were you using? IRC is tedious.

        Skype connections allow for a really simple command prompt lookup of IP's. And there are a number of scripts available as well. Using less known systems for use for things like that benefits from "Security through obscurity" which is one of the reasons Linux and Mac/Apple were so virus free for so long (few used the platforms so few made exploits for them).

        Skype is also the primary DDoS attack method for arena players on WoW, ironically what led me to look more into it as I had previously been using Skype to speak with my Cousins overseas.

        I'm a professional software developer, security is a major part of my job in designing applications, so I have major objections to some softwares that are so free with personal information.
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          Not 100% sure about the others but I used firefox (I think 1 used chrome the 3 others used firefox also


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            I believe Roll20 is optimized for Chrome, and well Firefox in comparison is bad unless you want to do SQL injections, its useful for that.


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              so still looking for an additional player.


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                I know this thread is a little dated now, but I am looking to get into WoD and would be up for trying it out if that's possible. I currently have the core book only but am interested enough in the source material to pick up more.