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  • List of Templates?

    I found a list online of the major and minor templates from the existing games. Unfortunately, it was dated from 2010 so it is not exactly up-to-date. Is there a more current list somewhere?

    Yes, yes, yes... I know it is a horror game.

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    There's a run down of every game line in the front of Chronicles of Darkness. That aside, we can probably make a comprehensive list here if need be.


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      Including or not including Fangames might I ask?

      Currently Doing: Siren the Drowning (Fansplat Ressurection)


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        Also are we counting all the supernatural merits separately or just lumping them together?


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          Originally posted by SaulottheGentle View Post
          Including or not including Fangames might I ask?
          Official only, please...

          Originally posted by Elfive View Post
          Also are we counting all the supernatural merits separately or just lumping them together?
          I haven't seen these supernatural merits yet, so hard to say.... Is the Hurt Locker out yet? I can't seem to find it... I'm assuming that they are, individually, less powerful than a minor template so perhaps a separate list for them?

          Yes, yes, yes... I know it is a horror game.


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            I'll stick to character types intended to be feasible as player characters (this is a huge YMMV), and omit some spoiled types from second edition material I don't know enough about, as well as some character types that don't differ much from a human character given access to specific supernatural Merits, or that are really subsets or variants of another character type. Some of these might be edge cases. Each character type is followed in parentheses by their Supernatural Tolerance trait, or (none) if they have no such trait. "Faint" Supernatural Tolerance means the character is treated as if they have the trait and its benefits, but frozen static and in a limited form of some kind.

            Chronicles of Darkness
            Thaumaturge (none): Ordinary humans who have learned an efficacious sorcerous tradition.
            Skinthief (Faint Primal Urge): Humans who have reshaped themselves body and soul to draw upon the power of spirits and beasts.
            Siten uzu (Synthesis): A shapechanging variant fusion of spirit and human, similar to the Claimed.
            Feral (Feral Heart): Changing Breeds isn't a very good book.
            Possessed (Vice/Virtue): Humans inhabited by malicious demons from the Inferno, or mysterious empyrean messengers.
            Body thief (none): Those who cheat death by stealing entire lives.
            Purified (Chi): The result of a complicated ritual that permits the Purified to rise in the Shadow Realm and return to their material body.
            Extraordinary Mortal (none): Not a supernatural being so much as a cinematic interpretation of especially skilled daredevils.
            Fantasy Peoples (none): Atlanteans, dhampir and wargaz from the fantasy setting in Mirrors, humanlike but set apart.
            Dark Hero (Arete): Extraordinary mortals exaggerated to larger-than-life glory, capable of superhuman feats through sheer mastery.
            Alien Peoples (none): A system for creating members of different kinds of non-human intelligent species in the Infinite Macabre.

            Vampire: the Requiem
            Kindred (Blood Potency): The titular vampires.
            Revenant (Faint Blood Potency): A thinner-blooded subcategory of Kindred, which can thicken into the full Kindred condition.
            Ghoul (Faint Blood Potency): Living humans contaminated with Kindred Vitae, who require regular infusions to maintain their condition.
            Cihuateteo (Faint Blood Potency): Breath-stealing immortals lured into the service of fierce gods.

            Werewolf: the Forsaken
            Uratha (Primal Urge): The titular werewolves.
            Wolf-Blooded (none): Those touched by the moon's mad blessing, who show Tells that reflect shards of the Uratha nature. Prone to experience the First Change and become full-natured Uratha.
            Shapechanger (Primal Urge): The various foreign shapechanging masses encountered in the War Against the Pure.
            Cursed (none): Werewolves without a spiritual connection, cursed to lose their human selves and hunger for flesh.
            Wild Child (Primal Urge): Bestial maniacs driven by an uncontrollable spirit of vice.

            Mage: the Awakening
            Awakened (Gnosis): The titular mages.
            Proximus (none): Sleepwalkers whose often hereditary natures graze the edge of supernal truth, granting them a limited spellcasting ability.
            Sleepwalker (none): The half-awake, humans whose souls resist the Sleeping Curse, able to safely witness and somewhat support the casting of supernal sorcery.

            Promethean: the Created
            Promethean (Azoth): The titular creations.
            Scion (none): Humans gifted from miraculous births with the ability to withstand and see through the Disquiet exuded by Prometheans. Often the children of current or former Prometheans.

            Changeling: the Lost
            Changeling (Wyrd): The titular changelings.
            Fae-Touched (Faint Wyrd): Those who follow the ties that bond them to a changeling into the Hedge and experience a change, becoming something between the fully human and the formerly human.

            Hunter: the Vigil
            Hunter (none): Usually not a supernatural change, being a hunter simply reflects an extra push of Willpower to combat the darkness.
            Slasher (none): Sometimes a supernatural change, being a slasher reflects the obsessive primacy of killing over your character's identity.

            Geist: the Sin-Eaters
            Bound (Psyche): The titular sin-eaters.

            Mummy: the Curse
            Deathless (Sekhem): The titular mummies.
            Sadikh (Faint Sekhem): Devoted servants and companions to the Arisen, given a fragment of their master's immortality and power.
            Ghost (none/Age): Numina are provided in the Mummy book intended to bootstrap ghosts into a form suitable for player characters.

            Demon: the Descent
            Unchained (Primum): The titular demons.
            Stigmatic (none): Cursed visionaries able to see the workings of the God-Machine laid bare.
            Demon-blooded (none): Children of mixed heritage between humans and the Unchained, gifted with varying facility with demonic reality alteration.

            Beast: the Primordial
            Begotten (Lair): The titular primordial beasts.
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              Wohoo! You, sir, are a scholar and a gentleman, regardless of your gender!

              I should be able to track down which book which entry is located in from here. Thank you bunches!

              Yes, yes, yes... I know it is a horror game.


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                The less obvious ones are Skinchangers for the siten uzu, Wicked Dead for the Cihuateteo (and a bunch of other character types I just barely cut for being a little too PC-unfriendly, but they have full mechanics to use regardless), and the Forsaken Chronicler's Guide for the Cursed and the Wild Children.

                I have no doubt I missed some looking those up on top of that. There are lots of little minor character types hidden away, and I might have missed something glaringly obvious for all I know.


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                  Hurt Locker is not out yet, but if you do a search for Topic Titles including "hurt locker" it should bring up all the previews, which include a number of templates. They're not finalized, but there's enough to be playable if you're okay playtesting preview stuff.


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                    One previewed "micro splat" is Psychic Vampires. If you've read The Dresden Files they're pretty much a White Court to standard Kindred's Red.


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                      In addition to the above-mentioned and fantastically complete list Stupid Loserman supplied, there are just a small number more:

                      Chronicles of Darkness:
                      Blood Bather (None):
                      People who ritually bathe in blood to maintain their immortality.

                      Aswang (Faint Blood Potency): Filipino vampire-beast that can't subsist on animal blood.
                      Dampyr (None): Part-vampire humans who are irresistible to vampires, but have toxic blood.
                      Formosa (Blood Potency): Vampire-like creatures that literally grow fat off of people's body image problems
                      Ghûl (Faint Blood Potency): Middle-eastern demi-Vampires with alchemical powers
                      Penanggal (Blood Potency): Freaky South Asian demi-vamp whose head can separate from its body and walk around.

                      Ensorcelled (None):
                      People enchanted by the Fae, but not directly under its purview. Can see through Fae Masks like a fairy.

                      Abmortal (None):
                      Supernatural serial killers that prevent their own death by killing others in their stead.

                      Gutter Mage (Limited Gnosis):
                      Mage-alikes with more limited magic.

                      Glory-seeking Beast-hunters, fallen from true heroics.

                      Genius: the Transgression 2E is a thing that's being worked on.


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                        I didn't think Abmortals, Gutter Mages or Heroes were playable.

                        Genius templates: Super Science Mini-Template for Demon: the Descent

                        Oracle the Endbringers: Time-Manipulator Fan-Splat


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                          Minor nitpick. I would change the Mummy listing to either Deathless(term for both Arisen and the Deceived) or just list both.

                          Not returning to the forums, just stopping in for a moment. CofD not getting books so we can get fed WoD5e is an insult.


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                            Originally posted by TyrannicalRabbit View Post
                            Minor nitpick. I would change the Mummy listing to either Deathless(term for both Arisen and the Deceived) or just list both.
                            Huh. Hadn't noticed before that Arisen specifically refers to those of the five core guilds; I'd assumed the Deceived were just a significantly varying subset that mostly hated the rest. Semantics, anyway; I'd intended both as permutations of one character type, similarly to how I didn't split Banishers or archmasters off from the Awakened.


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                              Originally posted by milo v3 View Post
                              I didn't think Abmortals, Gutter Mages or Heroes were playable.
                              Arguably so, yes, but the OP wasn't just asking for playable templates.

                              Genius: the Transgression 2E is a thing that's being worked on.