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    Originally posted by amechra View Post

    You know, are you sure you can't apply Investigation to people? Just frame the mystery as, say, "What does John really think about all this?", and you've essentially gotten the entirety of the above merit (other than the increased Impression, but "intimate knowledge of someone" makes it easy to justify an improved Impression).
    Maybe? I'd see Investigation regarding a person normally limited to details about that person, but I could see the rules as is justifying this kind of Investigation. In that case, the merit mainly serves as spelled out alternative uses for those Clues/Elements.

    Originally posted by amechra View Post
    Since I've just been Lord Bitchy McWhinytrunks, Duke of Complainsford, I might as well offer up a merit or two:

    Iron Stamina, Advanced (• - •••••) by Amechra
    Prerequisites: Iron Stamina •••, Stamina •••, Resolve •••
    Effects: Add your dots in Iron Stamina, Advanced to your Stamina for the purposes of Tilts (such as Arm Wrack) and Extreme Environments.

    Strength Performance, Advanced (• - •••••) by Amechra
    Prerequisites: Strength Performance •••
    Effects: You may lift 20 x (2 + Strength Performance, Advanced) pounds per dot of Strength without penalty, and penalties accrue for every 20 x (2 + Strength Performance, Advanced) pounds you carry past your limit. In addition, add your dots in Strength Performance, Advanced as a bonus to any Strength + Stamina roll you make that has the Rote quality.

    Parkour, Advanced (• - •••••) by Amechra
    Prerequisites: Parkour •••, Athletics •••
    Effects: Add your dots in Parkour, Advanced to your dots in Parkour and dots of Athletics when determining the benefits of Parkour's techniques. This does not give you access to new techniques, and does not add a bonus to any Athletics rolls you make as a result of Parkour. In addition, Parkour can now mitigate the damage from a terminal velocity fall, and using Expert Traceur does not prevent you from applying your Defense against attacks.

    Basically, Parkour, Advanced gets added to:
    • Your Parkour Rating when ignoring environmental penalties.
    • The threshold of damage that can be reduced with a Dexterity + Athletics roll made when falling.
    • Your Athletics for the purposes of how far you can climb as an Instant action.
    We are always honored by your august presence.

    What about Epic versions of Iron Stamina and Parkour?

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