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  • Originally posted by Voytek View Post
    Is that right? I thought for most Numen and Manifestations it was Power + Finesse. You could top 10 dice from Rank 3 and Rank 4 up could be throwing out 20+ dicepools, far as I understand it.
    That's the activation dice pool. The Clash of Wills dice pool is Rank dots (+Influence dots if an Influence is used) as described in Werewolf.
    Mage has several exceptions to this, but they are, as mentioned, exceptions.

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    • Originally posted by Tessie View Post

      That's the activation dice pool. The Clash of Wills dice pool is Rank dots (+Influence dots if an Influence is used) as described in Werewolf.
      Mage has several exceptions to this, but they are, as mentioned, exceptions.

      I always thought that just meant that Rank worked as a Supernatural Tolerance, not that it was the sole dicepool, huh. That seems to make Spirits really weak in terms of Clashes if they can't add another attribute to their pool.


      • Originally posted by Voytek View Post
        I always thought that just meant that Rank worked as a Supernatural Tolerance, not that it was the sole dicepool, huh. That seems to make Spirits really weak in terms of Clashes if they can't add another attribute to their pool.
        Clashes only come up when multiple supernatural powers would produce contradictory results, and the class of entity is not called "ephemeral being" for the enduring solidity of their influence.

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          In charnel Duat, a realm of the Lower Depths, the Judges dwell in terrible alien splendor, chthonic god-symbols of the universe gone mad. All Deathless mummies save for the Deceived worship and serve Duat’s 42 Judges, and this is a cycle of servitude that cannot end.

          Trapped in a windy apocalyptic ruined city beneath even the Underworld, the baboon-faced Slaughterers are demons that serve the Judges out of no will of their own, but because they have no other choice. They wear heavy black iron collars, with chains leading off infinitely, serving as leashes. Wielding weaponry forged from their own black breath, Slaughterers torment all who come to Duat—-even their fellow servants, the Arisen. Hate guides the Slaughterers, and pain is their religion.

          As creatures of the Lower Depths, Slaughterers are spirits, but they lack Manifestations entirely. As a consequence, they gain an additional dot of Influence, which must be put into Torment. The Torment Influence can be raised further, but it still must not breach the upper limit of the Slaughterers’ Rank.

          Slaughterers come in many classes, each designed to torture interlopers to Duat in their own unique ways. Slaughterers are always somewhere between Rank 2 to Rank 5; no stronger Slaughterers exist, and weaker Slaughterers are torn apart by their brethren. Irregardless, they all resemble atomic irradiation baboons of enormous size, fat, sizzling tumors hanging off their otherwise skeletal bodies like macabre ornaments. They speak only Iremite, and have no grasp of the First Tongue.

          Here is a standard, ‘average’ Slaughterer:
          RANK: 2.
          ATTRIBUTES: Power 7, Finesse 2, Resistance 6.
          INFLUENCES: Cannibalism 1, Corpses 1, Torment 1.
          MANIFESTATIONS: None.
          NUMINA: Dement, Drain, Entropic Decay, Stalwart.
          CORPUS: 12.
          DEFENSE: 6.
          INITIATIVE: 8.
          SPEED: 12 [Power 7 + Finesse 2 +3 species factor].
          SIZE: 7.
          ESSENCE: 12.
          WILLPOWER: 8.
          BAN: Must engage in cruelty at all opportunities.
          BANE: Gold.
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          • Re: Spirits and Clash of Wills

            Very Good points raised. I have been running Influence as an automatic add-in for Spirits that I forgot it is house rule! Its always worked in my games, so it might work in your as well.

            Re: The Entities of Duat

            Mummy did indeed add a new category of ephemeral being. I haven't had a chance to experiment with them yet, but I am pleased someone took a crack at it!

            and since its been way to long, here is a spirit!

            “Expire” is a Spirit of Endings, granting it enormous power over Death and Time. It dwells within the deeper reaches of the Shadow, and only appears when summoned. When it manifests, it leaves desolation in its wake, not merely ending lives but sterilizing entire areas of all life down to the micro-organic level. Mechanical devices and chemical processes also come to a halt in the presence of Expire. Expire appears as a roiling cloud of ash, bone fragments, rust and tatters of desiccated hide.
            Rank 5[Spirit]
            Power 15, Finesse 12, Resistance 15, Willpower 10 Essence 50
            Corpus 30, Size 15, Initiative 27, Defense 12, Speed 37
            Influence: Death 5, Time 3
            Ban: Cannot Manifest during Spring or Summer Bane: a mixture of infant saliva and fresh tree resin
            Manifestation: Discorporate, Gauntlet Breach, Materialize, Reaching, Shadow Gateway, Twilight Form
            Numina: Awe, Blight*, Entropic Decay, Drain, Essence Thief, Left-Handed Spanner

            Numina – Blight: The entity can destroy a crop of food within a radius equal to 100 yards per point of Power. The Numen costs seven Essence to activate. On a success, the crop fails, afflicted with a sudden, crippling blight that kills the plants overnight, leaving not a single grain or piece of fruit edible.

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            • Reighnhell Hey, please give me your opinion on this. I'm posting it in this thread rather than the Relics thread because the entity is the main attraction in this case.

              Mage Plot Hook:
              There is a mirror which is possessed by an Infernal of Pride. This Relic is mostly kept in containment by the Mysterium and cannot do anything on its own, but when the Hierarch needs someone trustworthy to officially take their position, the candidate is placed in front of the mirror for a prolonged and intimate conversation with the Infernal. If the candidate is not corrupted by the end of it, that is a sign of Humility and Wisdom, and thus they can become the next Hierarch. They are free to abandon the test at any time, and most do so within five minutes. And that's the best case scenario.

              Agranimuth uses Mortal Mask to take the form of the person he is talking to, albeit with certain details meant to subconsciously goad them into assuming a defensive and self-justifying attitude. If the person is proud of their golden hair, Agranimuth's hair is even more golden. In the case of the person being proud of something intangible like an ideology, there is no physical distinction whatsoever. Agranimuth simply redoubles his efforts to make your entire ideology seem like an unfunny joke.

              Rank: 5 (Immundus)
              Vices: Pride
              Keys: Rationalization, Stagnation, Alienation
              Malapraxis: Adviser Of Filth And Rot
              Attributes: Power 15, Finesse 15, Resistance 13
              Willpower: 10
              Essence: 50
              Initiative: 15
              Defense: 15
              Speed: 35
              Size: 5
              Corpus: 18
              Influences: Madness 5, Pride 5
              Ban: It cannot and will not give any mercy to rationalizations and delusions. It must only use language that is incisive, confrontational and exposing.
              Bane: Soil taken from the birthplace of a saint embodying both reason and humility.
              Demonic Powers: Corruption, Dragon’s Tongue, Lord Of Lies, Keeper Of Secrets, Soul Of Sin
              Manifestations: Twilight Form, Discorporate, Image, Materialize, Whisperer
              Numina: Aggressive Meme, Drain, Hallucination, Occult Sight, Mortal Mask, Perfect Lie, Telepathy
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              • Abandoned Amusement Park

                Needing help with some spirits of an abandoned Amusement Park. It's a small park, it's positioned on a boardwalk in the harbor of a major city like a Coney Island knockoff. I based it's design roughly around the Santa Cruz boardwalk but with some of the attractions actually build over the water on the pier. It was also lightly Egyptian themed with a roller coaster called "King Cobra" and a "Journey of Osiris" dark ride. Well without going into too much detail, an accident in the 80's caused part of pier to collapse and the entire Ferris Wheel went into the ocean and took it's passengers with it. The park never recovered and is now abandoned, more and more of the park becoming consumed by the ocean.

                On the Hisil side, the park is a battlefield, the spirits of the park at war with the spirits of the ocean. Since the accident and the closure of the park was fairly recent, the park spirits are still coasting on some residual essence of joy and entertainment plus local legends about the park being haunted generate some fear essence for the thrill rides to feed on but "it just doesn't taste the same." But hey are fighting for the lives against the relentless ocean that is seeking to expand/reclaim it's territory, sending waves of troops into the territory that the park fends off in whatever way it can but they are losing ground. To make matters worse the spirit of the Ferris Wheel succumbed to hunger/temptation and began to feed on water spirits fed to it by the Ocean. It is a Magath weapon wielded by a powerful Ocean spirit albeit the ocean spirit despises it just as much as the other spirits and would see it destroyed after victory is achieved.

                That's where the Uratha come in, they just heard about the possibility of a Magath in the area and are going to check it out. They don't know anything about this war being brand new baby Werewolves in the city and are trying to prove themselves by taking down a Magath. They'll walk into this whole complicated mess and I can't wait. However I needed help with naming and designing the Ferris Wheel/Water(ocean?) Spirit. I want it to be a tough adversary, the Ferris Wheel was a trademark of the park and in the material world it was a symbol of love since people would kiss their sweethearts there or propose at the top. Now it's been corrupted, the wheel has been denied love essence and is choking on sea water. It's ambition is to drag the other amusement park rides down with it and take the whole park into the ocean and drown their spirits in it's essence as well. Also down to hear any suggestions for additional amusement park spirits, I'm drafting up a roller coaster and Merry-go-round spirit as I post this.


                • Re: Amusement Park Spirits

                  I find the idea of a decrepit amusement park for inspiring.Here are some spirits.

                  The Cheat’Ems are the spirits of carnival games, particularly those rigged against the players. This essence of cheating and dishonesty manifests into spiritual form. Where a Cheat’Em dwells, no matter the players luck or skill,they will always lose. Cheat’Ems appear as tall, lean men, dressed in dark trousers, a white shirt, and a ratty vest. Their eyes gleam silver, their grins are over-wide, and they always wear a hat pull low enough to cast shadows over their face.
                  Rank 2[Spirit]
                  Power 4, Finesse 7, Resistance 3, Willpower 10, Essence 15
                  Corpus 8, Size 5, Initiative 10, Defense 4, Speed 16
                  Influence: Cheating 2
                  Ban: Must cheat if possible in any game or contest with set rules; Bane: Silver
                  Manifestations: Discorporate, Reaching, Twilight Form
                  Numina: Drain, Hallucination, Left-Handed Spanner, Telekinesis

                  Desire Prize
                  A Desire Prize is a minor spirit, spawned from a brief but intense desire for a material item, be it a child’s desire to win a stuffed bear at a carnival, or the impulse to purchase a flashy trinket while shopping. They flock to places where surrendering to such impulses is encouraged. Desire Prizes take the form of distorted versions most coveted items in their environment, such as an assembly of tchotchkes, or several stuffed animal stitched into a single creature.
                  Rank 1[Spirit]
                  Power 4, Finesse 2, Resistance 2, Willpower 4, Essence 10
                  Corpus 5, Size 3, Initiative 4, Defense 2, Speed 12
                  Influence: Desire 1
                  Ban: Cannot use Influence or Numina on the strong willed (Willpower 5+); Bane: Iron
                  Manifestations: Reaching, Twilight Form
                  Numina: Emotional Aura (Desire), Innocuous

                  Frightlings are odd fear spirits that desire the essence of fear created when mortals are entertained by fear. They linger in haunted house attractions, movie theaters, and other places where fear is considered fun. Such spirits can escalate an individual’s fear to a degree where the line between controlled fear and uncontrolled panic begin to blur. Frightlings appear as shadowy figures with blurred faces that occasionally solidify into deathly, sinister or monstrous visages.
                  Rank 2[Spirit]
                  Power 5, Finesse 5, Resistance 4, Willpower 9, Essence 15
                  Corpus 9, Size 5, Initiative 9, Defense 5, Speed 15
                  Influence: Fear 2
                  Ban: Cannot cause direct physical harm to mortals; Bane: Daylight
                  Manifestations: Image, Reaching, Twilight Form
                  Numina: Awe, Drain, Emotional Aura, Sign

                  Mirrormazes are spirits that dwell within mirrors and other highly reflective surfaces. These are usually minor spirits, but they can grow surprisingly strong in places where mirrors reflect against other mirrors, such as a carnival’s house of mirrors. These spirits become aggressive, and even predatory, and places they occupy generate dark tales of people who enter the house of mirrors, but never return. Mirrormazes are of roughly human size and shape, with skin of smooth,mirrored glass, but they are also natural doppelgangers and often take the form of the last person they have observed.
                  Rank 3[Spirit]
                  Power 7, Finesse 7, Resistance 6, Willpower 10, Essence 20
                  Corpus 11, Size 5, Initiative 13, Defense 7, Speed 19
                  Influence: Mirrors 3
                  Ban: Can only manifest in view of a large reflective surface; Bane: Gemstones
                  Manifestations: Image, Materialize, Shadow Gate, Twilight Form
                  Numina: Dement, Hallucination, Innocuous, Phantom Arsenal (Glass Shards)*, Sign, Stolen Masks*

                  Phantom Arsenal: The entity spends 1 Essence point to manifest blades, claws, fangs, hooks or other appropriate weaponry. The modification acts as a +1L weapon. By spending an additional point of essence, this weapon gains the “9-Again” quality. Entities with the Telekinesis Numen can apply their Phantom Arsenal benefits when directly assaulting with psychic force.

                  Stolen Masks: The entity steals the target's appearance. The Numen costs 1 Essence to activate, contested by the victim's Presence + Supernatural Tolerance. If successful, the entity becomes an exact replica of its victim until the next sunrise or sunset.
                  [Changeling the Lost 2E pg. 251]

                  Sticky Sweet
                  Sticky Sweets are gluttony spirits that manifest from the consumption of sugary treats available at amusement parks,carnivals, and on certain holidays (such as Easter or Halloween). They feed off the essence of such indulgences, especially when an individual rarely partakes of such treats. They compel mortals under their influence are overcome by an insatiable sweet tooth, and will consume until their stomachs churn and their teeth ache. Sticky Sweets appear as lurching masses of sweets; lollipops, cotton candy, licorice, gum and other confections are mashed together into the spirit’s amorphous form.
                  Rank 2[Spirit]
                  Power 5, Finesse 4, Resistance 3, Willpower 7, Essence 15
                  Corpus 8, Size 5, Initiative 7, Defense 4, Speed 15
                  Influence: Craving (Sweets) 2
                  Ban: Must accept an offering of candy or other sweets; Bane: Vinegar
                  Manifestations: Fetter, Reaching, Twilight Form
                  Numina: Implant Mission, Snare (Sticky Webs; as the Dread Power), Transmute (edible sweets)*

                  Transmute: Some spirits possess the ability to transform one type of matter into another. More precious materials and those with mystical significance require greater effort to transmute. The Numen requires a Finesse + Resistance roll to activate. Transmuting common materials such as grave dirt or dead wood into other common materials costs 1 Essence. Creating valuable materials like gold or gemstones requires 3 Essence, and the roll suffers a –2 penalty. Transmuting objects into matter with mystical significance like silver or alchemical substances requires 5 Essence and suffers a –4 penalty. This Numen may not be used on living things.
                  [Demon the Descent pg. 223]

                  Thrilljoys are spirits that thrive on speed, excitement and danger. They are the manifestation of the adrenaline rush, and they are drawn to roller-coasters, carnival rides, race tracks. They drive mortals to seek out ever faster, ever more reckless, ever more dangerous forms of amusement, moving on from almost inevitable tragedies to seek their next thrill. They frequently fetter themselves mortals, urging them to seek more danger and more excitement. They appear as erratic pulses of light, never holding still for more than a few moments at a time. Their voices are high pitched shrieks, cackling with maddened joy.
                  Rank 2[Spirit]
                  Power 5, Finesse 6, Resistance 3, Willpower 9, Essence 15
                  Corpus 7, Size 4, Initiative 9, Defense 5, Speed 21
                  Influence: Excitement 2
                  Ban: Cannot enter locations associated with boredom, silence or stillness; Bane: Lead
                  Manifestations: Fetter, Unfetter, Twilight Form
                  Numina: Dement, Emotional Aura, Implant Mission, Speed

                  Tiltohurls are minor spirits, related to motion-induced nausea. The are simple, animalistic spirits, and gather in places where motion sickness is likely, such as carnival rides, ship decks, and theaters showing found-footage horror films. He linger around those prone to motion sickness, heightening their symptoms to an almost unbearable degree. They appear as swarms of acrid-smelling dark green bubbles.
                  Rank 1[Spirit]
                  Power 3, Finesse 3, Resistance 2, Willpower 5, Essence 10
                  Corpus 5, Size 2, Initiative 5, Defense 3, Speed 16
                  Influence: Nausea 1
                  Ban: Cannot use Influence or Numina on anyone chewing fresh ginger; Bane: Ginger
                  Manifestations: Reaching, Twilight Form
                  Numina: Innocuous, Nauseate (Motion Sickness)*

                  Nauseate (R): The entity curses a target with vertigo and an unsettled stomach. The numen costs 3 Essence, and the activation roll is contested by the victim’s Stamina or Resolve + Supernatural Tolerance. If the entity succeeds, in may impose the Sick (Moderate) tilt until the end of the Scene. The target may end the tilt earlier by surrendering to the nausea and taking the Stunned tilt for a round while they become violently ill. Creatures that do not have a functioning digestive system are immune to this numen.

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                  • Spirit of the Devil’s Grass

                    Just like the Grass, this thing is just a Massive Bitch, hard to remove and tend to be one of the more Problematic Plants Spirits, with the rest of the local Spirit courts tending to wage war against this Devil's Grass, however the Devil's Grass is hardy and Clever. They tend to use people to spread the grass, urging them to use the grass when possible, cutting off essence for other Grasses.

                    Power4, Finesse3, Resistance7, Willpower 10, Essence15
                    Corpus 11, Size4, Initiative10, Defense3, Speed7
                    Influence:Devils Grass 2, Growth 1
                    Ban:If Garland a of 21 shoots of this grass is offered to it, it must do a task for the person who gave it the Garland; Bane: Newspapers
                    Manifestations:Twilight Form,Fetter,Possess
                    Numina:Drain, Armored*,Regenerate,Stalwart
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