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  • Beast the Webcomic side character help

    Hey guys, so I am making a making a Beast the primordial web-comic and I had a thought; Why not let people make background and side characters for the story. It is a multiplayer game after all.
    So you guys can toss me any character ideas you got. It can be a Beast, Human, Hero, Heroes followers, and Insatiable. Anything like that, but do be aware that I am not including other races from the Chronicles of Darkness.
    The Comic takes place in a Fictional South Carolina town of Caershire. It is a small town on a slightly modified version of Otter Island south of Edisto beach. It's one of the oldest towns in the whole of the US and was once used as a base during the Revolutionary war and the Civil war. It's known to gather a some tourists either for the Otter reserve they have, the Beaches, or the history of the island. Thanks to this small size there aren't that many beasts around but enough to make an impact on the town and gather Heroes, The apex is a snake like Ugallu with the Thunderous Trait for the Hive.

    This is the comics main Brood- ​
    I hope this gave you a good idea for potential characters.
    I'll Keep you posted on the comic if you guys want me to. ^^
    Thank you so much for the help.
    Edit- 22/1/2020

    For making the character I forgot to add what I want out the characters. My bad guys; what I want is an appearance, Personality, maybe a few tidbits and merits about them, and if applicable supernatural abilities and their the appearance of their lair.
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    As you can see by the number of likes, people approve of your idea - so yes, please keep us posted on the comic. However, they can't help if they don't know what kind of story you want to tell. If you figure out the theme of the story, we can figure out what sort of characters fit. Looking at Wily and Hero, the story can be about discovering and avenging a forgotten crime. At the same time, Jill tries to gain fame in the process while Hero would like to keep low profile.

    A few notes:

    • I like that you remembered to include human characters as well.
    • You can look into the RPG books as modify characters from there.
    • Try to make it a short, contained story. You can always make a sequel, and the internet is full of webcomics interrupted when the author got exhausted.
    • Garou are from the classic World of Darkness. Chronicles of Darkness have Uratha. This is absolutely fine, as long as you know you're doing it.
    • There is a really cool blog about writing that can give you inspiration: Link



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      I like the sound of your project so far, Beast doesn't get as much attention as the rest of the CofD, and having an example of the kind of stories it can support could do a lot.

      Also, how detailed do you want these hypothetical side characters to be, if you intend to go through with submissions? Just an appearance, a snippet of personality to go with them? Nothing but a bare-bones concept? Guidelines can help.

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        Yeah I am so happy you guys like my idea, don't worry I'll keep ya'll posted. ^^

        Ooh I see what you're saying. Yeah, I was thinking for the plot to be sort of episodic kind of like arcs in game campaigns. But I also plan on having the Horror aspect be about 50/50 with some more lighthearted parts

        Response to notes-
        • Thank you, I feel like the story couldn't not have humans.
        • Oooh that's a great idea, I'll do that for a few characters.
        • Gotcha, I'll keep that in mind.
        • Whoops, kind of forgot about that. Thank you for that.
        • That is perfect!
        Gryphon's Feather
        Yeah that's one of the reasons for making the comic, I don't really see it a lot. I hope that some folk outside of the game could also enjoy the stories from it.

        For characters I would like an appearance and personality if you don't mind, if you're to make a supernatural character I would also like abilities and Lair idea.
        I'm sorry for not giving enough details earlier, I'll go ahead and fix that.
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          Generally, you're bound to find something worthwhile in the Beast Character Idea thread.
          I've always considered a benevolent (for a given value of benevolence) Beast therapist to be quite an interesting concept. Giving a whole new meaning to 'shock therapy'. This might be food for thought (if you are interested, I can share details on a character that's currently in play)

          I once penned down an Ugallu Reporter that was at least partially based on Peter Parker, who'd stirr up trouble by giving intel on the local supernatural elements to a Hunter Conspiracy (the one focused on unveiling the mistery, null misteriis or something?) From the top of my head: Take a Swarm of Ravens (Hello Infestation and Wings of the Raptor), Nightmares that make people talkative or ignorant (The one that made you isolated and thankful for every little bit of attention and You are not alone, I think), some parkour, decent computers, stealth and larceny (to get to information you shouldn't), good politics, socialize and investigation and a bunchload of contacts and allies (pretty much all starting merit points dumped here other than 2 for parkour, any xp gained put in merits like barfly and table-turner or fast-talking) and you have a good idea. Looks: young dark haired reporter who wants to stir up trouble and rejoices in shattering (especially powerful) peoples assumptions ("I am untouchable", "I am rich, therefore I am right" etc.), even if they have to resort to slander. Never telling lies, though - everything is based in fact. Personality: open-minded and humorous, doesn't back down from a challenge, annoyed with content and boring/predictable people, thrives in chaos.. Pretty much a trickster-type.
          Lair: A moonlit forest, littered with small carcasses (Stench and Poor Light lair Traits).

          The setting doesn't sound too much like something to support an actively criminal underworld, but in case I am wrong, mobsters, thieves and the like make for a solid living option for many Beasts. Same thing as the therapist.


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            At the moment my inspiration pushes me towards Lair Chambers. Once you have a few Beast characters, you can mix and match them with the following terrains. Alternatively, you can figure out what sort of person would have a Lair of each type. You mentioned your Apex is a massive serpent. Native legends often feature horned serpent-monsters that inhabit lakes and rivers, and are in conflict with thunderbirds. You can introduce a thunderbird as the Apex's main competitor/enemy. Here we go:

            Wily's Legend is Watchful. If you want to challenge him, you can send him to a Chamber that challenges his perception. The Chamber can be completely dark, filled with noxious fumes that hurt the eyes (a counterpart for his Mists), or occupied by a constant sandstorm. The final option is particularly problematic for an aquatic Horror. You can go the other way and fill the Chamber with distracting sights and details to play off his curiousity. If you want to give Wily room to breathe, the visited chamber can be flooded, but where his Lair is full of seawater, the other one is a swamp or a submerged basement. If you want a variation of fog you can use an old boiler room (Nightmare on Elm street) or a sauna full of steam. Try to think where these Lair Tilts came from. Flooded and dark areas are easy to come by. Noxious fumes and a sandy desert raises question concerning where the owner had been.

            Hero is both Shy and Unexpected. His Lair Tilts enforce that by hiding him further. To make him uncomfortable send him to areas that are bright and exposed. A daylit meadow, open ocean, a sports stadium or theater scene lit by massive lamps. To play off his Maze trait you can send him to a labirynth with a different theme: a hall of mirrors (Enter the Dragon), an architectural disaster of a building (like a large school), boiler room again. His Disruption Tilt is interesting (how did he get it?). It could give him advantage in technologicaly advanced places, like a radio tower emitting an electromagnetic pulse, or possibly in a corridor full of surveillance cameras (he would have to force his Tilt against the local Tilt). This Tilt wouldn't protect him from natural or low tech hazards - pit traps, snares, bear traps, phantasmal Minions that watch his every move. To address Hero's nature an a Nemesis, the Chamber can be filled by trophies gathered by a cruel Beast - each being a proof of a commited crime.

            I don't know Jill's Lair Tilts. she shares her Legend with Hero, so you can use that. You can play off her being a Ravager by offering her Chambers with lots of beautiful things to break, or with stripped, desolate places that offer her nothing to work with, like an old asphalt road, unyielding brutalist architecture ,or again, sandy desert or open ocean.



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              Hello, Rockclanhawkstar! I've seen you visiting the Forums today. How is your project coming along?



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                Dude I am so sorry for not getting to you sooner, the project is coming along well, I had to get a new copy of the game first though since the place I first read it at no longer has it for free reading.
                I hope to the Dark Mother that the first pages will be coming out by the end of the month.
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