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    Ok, just making sure I've got this right since Friday marks the start of my new game...

    Xp wise for Changeling contracts

    Cloak of the Bears Massive Form is a level 4 contract so it costs 4xp right?

    Mask of Superiority gies from one to three... so to get all of it I need (1+2+3) 6xp.

    Am I getting that right?

    BTW thanks to everyone on behalf of myself and my group for making this a nice experience... I may have more questions as I go on... and Im thankful all of you have been so good about helping.
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    2E doesn't have any cumulative XP costs. Mask of Superiority costs 1 XP per dot. The first dot costs 1 XP. Buying the second dot costs 1 additional XP. Buying the third dot ditto. The total cost for all three dots is 3 XP.

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