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  • Super Vlad
    Here's the almost-final version of the Skull Regalia! Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, or feedback here or directly on the document!

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  • Super Vlad
    Finished the last three to make it a full-blown Regalia!

    Banshee Wail (Royal, Skull)
    The changeling unleashes a wail of dread and sorrow, raising the voices of the dead to be heard by all.

    Cost: 2 Glamour + 1 Willpower
    Dice Pool: Presence + (Expression or Intimidation) + Wyrd vs Composure + Wyrd
    Action: Contested

    Success: The changeling lets out a scream that causes terror to anyone who can hear her within (Wyrd x 10) meters, not differentiating from friend or foe. The listener suffers the Deafened Tilt (both ears) and Frightened Condition in regards to the changeling.

    Exceptional Success: The listener also suffers one lethal damage, as blood flows from their eardrums. The Deafened Tilt doesn’t end until the damage is healed.
    Failure: The Contract fails.
    Dramatic Failure: The changeling is overwhelmed by her own anguish, and suffers the Deafened Tilt (both ears) for the rest of the scene and the Shaken Condition.

    Darkling: The Darkling may unleash a subsonic wail or whisper instead, making it nearly impossible to identify the source.
    Fairest: The Fairest may protect any targets she can see from the Contract’s effects.
    Elemental: The Elemental may deal one lethal automatically to anyone who hears the wail.

    Loophole: The changeling strains her vocal chords, suffering the Mute Tilt for the rest of the scene.

    Cold as the Grave (Common, Skull)
    The changeling freezes the target’s inner ghost, until all they feel is the experience of being buried six feet under.

    Cost: 2 Glamour
    Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult + Wyrd - Stamina
    Action: Instant
    Duration: 1 hour per success

    Success: The target gains the Extreme Cold Tilt that lasts, in spite of other environmental conditions, for one hour per success rolled to invoke this Contract. The changeling may act as if the target has already been subjugated to this cold for a number of hours equal to half their Wyrd, rounded up.

    Exceptional Success: The target also feels an intense fear of death, and any situation in which they would be close to death triggers a fugue state as per the Fugue Condition.
    Failure: The Contract fails.
    Dramatic Failure: The changeling freezes herself, suffering the Extreme Cold Tilt that lasts, in spite of other environmental conditions, for (10-Wyrd) hours, or until she reveals to the target that she attempted to curse them.

    Darkling: The Darkling’s chill is so cold that the target is oblivious that anything is wrong.
    Elemental: The Elemental may make the Extreme Cold match their elemental affinity, meaning they can apply their element that is surrounding the target.

    Loophole: The changeling eats dirt from a grave.

    Waking the Dead (Royal, Skull)
    The dead tell no tales. Most of the time. The changeling performs a ceremony lasting at least 10 minutes over a dead body or grave that calls up a non-sentient echo of the dead. This ghostly shadow is not a true ghost of the deceased but an echo without self-awareness or intelligence.

    Cost: 2 Glamour
    Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult + Wyrd
    Action: Instant

    Success: The shade appears and will answer one question per success from the changeling precisely and honestly, using what knowledge it had in life. The shade will not provide any information beyond what is requested, and answers are often brief, cryptic, or repetitive.

    Exceptional Success: The shade will provide any important additional information that the changeling might not have known to ask for, or knew she needed.
    Failure: The Contract fails.
    Dramatic Failure: The information provided is incomplete or incorrect in some significant way that is not immediately obvious to the changeling.

    Darkling: The Darkling achieves an exceptional success on any number of successes if they are unobserved when invoking this Contract.
    Wizened: If the Wizened invokes this Contract on an Anchor of a ghost, the Wizened may instead summon the ghost and force them to answer the questions. The ghost may contest this with Resistance + Rank.

    Loophole: The changeling “feeds” the shade by wounding herself and offering her blood, taking one lethal damage.

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  • GibberingEloquence
    For Danse Macabre, how about these affinities:

    Fairest: The corpse regains an appearance of living and healthy person, and will register to mundane and supernatural examination as being alive. They also gain the ability to make Social rolls, using the Changeling's Skills but the corpse's own Attributes. However, without an Exceptional Success, such Social rolls cannot be more complex than a sentence or two, and concepts like metaphors and euphemisms are impossible for the corpse to use.

    Wizened: The corpse's form can be altered to give it tools, armor and weapons. Distribute the Successes among the following: +1L Damage Bonus, 1 General Armor, 1 Ballistic Armor, or +1 die of Equipment like hammers made of bones that are hard like steel or small "cameras" made of eyeballs that crawl and slither on their optic nerves. All such benefits have a maximum modifier of +5, or -5 if they impose penalties on the rolls of other characters.

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  • Super Vlad
    started a topic New Homebrew Regalia - Skull

    New Homebrew Regalia - Skull

    Hello! Posting the newest project that I've been working on over the past couple of weeks: an entirely new Regalia: Skull! The themes so far are Death, Wisdom, and Endings.
    More to come later on!

    Haunting Intercession (Common, Skull)
    There are those who desperately wish for one more night with the departed: enemies seeking final vengeance or forgiveness, lovers hoping for one more embrace, mothers who did not get a chance to say goodbye to their sons. The changeling invokes this Contract in hopes of giving a ghost one more chance to speak and be seen by the living.

    Cost: 1 Glamour
    Dice Pool: Presence + Occult + Wyrd
    Action: Extended (Five successes necessary; each roll represents one turn)

    Success: The target ghost gains the Materialized Condition, even if they do not possess the Materialize manifestation.

    Exceptional Success: The ghost remains solid until the sun next passes the horizon.
    Failure: The Contract fails.
    Dramatic Failure: The ghost is not made manifest to the living, and instead severe poltergeist activity is generated.

    Darkling: The Darkling gains a three-die bonus to invoke this Contract.
    Fairest: The Fairest may inflict the Leveraged Condition on the ghost in repayment for her service.
    Wizened: The Wizened grants the ghost the Mortal Mask Numen, which costs no Essence and does not require an activation roll. The specific appearance of this Mortal Mask is decided by the Changeling.

    Loophole: The changeling sets up a “dead supper:” A complete meal served on never-used plates and utensils, with an empty spot for the ghost.

    Ghostly Presence (Common, Skull)
    The dead are among us, unseen and unheard by the living. The changeling peers across the barrier, and into the world of the dead.

    Cost: 1 Glamour
    Dice Pool: None
    Action: Instant

    Effect: The changeling can see, hear, and speak to ghosts in Twilight. She can also identify Manifestation Conditions, Numina, and Anchors on sight.

    Darkling: The Darkling may gain the Informed Condition on one ghost or Anchor they can see once per scene.
    Fairest: The Fairest gains a +2 dice bonus to all Social rolls made against ghosts.
    Wizened: The Wizened can see any ghosts present, even those who are attempting to hide or are magically concealed.

    Loophole: The changeling smears ashes of the dead on his eyelids.

    Opening the Black Gate (Royal, Skull)
    There is a barrier between the living and the dead, which can only be crossed at great risk. The changeling asks for entry from a portal, but instead of opening a Hedge Gate, they create a doorway to the Underworld. This Contract cannot be invoked in the Hedge or in Arcadia, and attempting to do so will draw the attention of the True Fae.

    Cost: 2 Glamour + 1 Willpower
    Dice Pool: Wits + Occult + Wyrd
    Action: Instant
    Duration: 1 hour per success

    Success: The changeling rips open the material world to the Underworld (or vice-versa), creating a doorway between the material world and the upper layers of the Underworld. Opening the gate causes the Underworld Gateway Condition for a number of hours equal to the successes rolled to invoke this Contract. This Contract does not give the ritualist any control over where the other side of the Gate appears.

    Exceptional Success: The changeling can “lock” the door, and can create a key that allows the door to open.
    Failure: The Contract fails.
    Dramatic Failure: The passage is one-way. Those who take it will be trapped on the wrong side. The living can only pass to the Underworld - but not back - and the dead can only enter the mortal world, not return.

    Beast: The Beast can make the gateway open to anywhere she has been before in the Underworld, as long as it is in the Upper Layers.
    Darkling: The Darkling, until he leaves the Underworld, gains a +2 dice bonus to navigate or deal with its denizens.
    Fairest: Upon opening the gate, the Fairest can summon a ghost from the Underworld to the gate, as long as they are within the Upper Layers.

    Loophole: The changeling touches an Avernian Gate as she invokes this Contract.

    Danse Macabre (Royal, Skull)
    The changeling animates a corpse, creating a loyal zombie servant.

    Cost: 2 Glamour + 1 Willpower
    Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult + Wyrd
    Action: Instant

    Success: The changeling touches a corpse and raises it from the dead. Zombies have traits like spirits, starting at Power 1, Finesse 1, and Resistance 2; the changeling can split his successes rolled on invoking this Contract + his Wyrd rating amongst these Attributes. It is a mindless, soulless construct immune to fear, pain, exhaustion, intimidation, or coercion, but all Social and Mental actions are reduced to a chance die. It will obey simple commands, no longer than a few words with no regard to self.

    Exceptional Success: The corpse is animated for 24 hours and can follow more complex commands.
    Failure: The Contract fails.
    Dramatic Failure: The corpse is raised as a zombie, but becomes immediately hostile and will attempt to attack or escape the changeling.

    Beast: The Beast’s zombies gain +3 to Initiative and Speed, and may choose to deal lethal with unarmed attacks.
    Darkling: The Darkling’s zombies gain a +3 dice bonus to all Stealth and surprise attack rolls when in dim lighting.
    Elemental: The Elemental’s zombies start with one more dot in all three Attributes.

    Loophole: The changeling performs a necromantic ritual under moonlight, taking 30 minutes.

    Embrace the Reaper (Common, Skull)
    The changeling embraces the chill of the grave to still the beat of her heart. Her flesh grows cold. To all intents and purposes, she is dead.

    Cost: 1 Glamour
    Dice Pool: None
    Action: Instant

    Effect: The changeling becomes biologically dead, and her body displays all signs of being a fresh corpse. She no longer naturally heals, but no longer has or needs a pulse or respiration, making her immune to the effects of most mundane poisons and diseases. The changeling does not roll to stay conscious once her Health track is filled with damage, and no longer bleeds out.

    Darkling: The Darkling may alter her appearance to specify how she died, modifying wounds and apparent time and cause of death completely.
    Elemental: The Elemental will not be swayed, as she is brain dead. Add her Resolve as bonus dice to resist attempts to analyze or manipulate her mind or emotions by mundane means.
    Fairest: The Fairest’s body won’t be analyzed, violated, or disrespected by mortals as long as they believe he is dead.
    Ogre: The Ogre’s Stamina in lethal damage from attacks is downgraded to bashing.
    Wizened: The Wizened may invoke this Contract on another willing target.

    Loophole: The changeling is wounded in her last three health boxes.

    Decrepify (Royal, Skull)
    The changeling causes her target’s form to stop working, breaking down connections between muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

    Cost: 3 Glamour
    Dice Pool: Manipulation + Medicine + Wyrd vs Stamina + Wyrd
    Action: Instant

    Success: The target suffers a -3 to all Physical Attribute ratings to a minimum of 1, which also decreases derived traits (e.g. Health, Speed, Defense, etc.). All failed Physical actions the target makes become dramatic failures.
    Exceptional Success: On Physical actions where the number of successes matter (such as in combat or during an extended action), any normal success the target rolls generates only a single success, no matter how many were rolled. An exceptional success yields two.
    Failure: The Contract fails.
    Dramatic Failure: The changeling cripples herself, causing her to suffer a -3 to all Physical Attribute Ratings to a minimum of 1 for a scene.

    Beast: When in direct competition with the Beast, the Beast may reflexively cause the target to fail a single Physical action.
    Fairest: The Fairest may cause the target to suffer a -3 to all Social actions dependent on appearance.

    Loophole: The target eats parts of a dead body (ashes, flesh, bones) within the same scene that the changeling invokes the Contract. The changeling may spray ashes into someone’s mouth to achieve this, which requires a successful Dexterity + Athletics - Defense roll.

    ​Draining Touch (Common, Skull)
    What’s yours is mine, and the changeling reminds their victim that we are all close to the grave; some of us more than others.

    Cost: 2 Glamour
    Dice Pool: None
    Action: Reflexive

    Effect: Whenever the player wins a contested grapple roll, the changeling gains a new option for a move to enact: Life Drain. She deals lethal damage equal to successes rolled, and may downgrade one of her own wounds per damage dealt: from lethal to bashing, or bashing to fully healed. This cannot downgrade aggravated wounds.

    Darkling: The Darkling gains a new option for a move to enact: Glamour Drain. The target loses one point of Glamour per success rolled, and the Darkling gains Glamour equal to the Glamour points lost.
    Fairest: The Fairest gains a new option for a move to enact: Social Drain. The target loses access to Social Merit dots equal to success rolled, and the Fairest gains their Social Merit dots as though they were her own. These revert back after a chapter, and after the effect ends, characters act as if the target had used the Merits himself.
    Wizened: The Darkling gains a new option for a move to enact: Mind Drain. She inflicts one point of Willpower loss per successes rolled, and gains Willpower points equal to the Willpower points lost.

    Loophole: The target has taken something that belongs to the Changeling without permission in this Chapter.