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Hedgespinning options question

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  • Hedgespinning options question

    Why do those options for Hedgespinning exist?

    Learn which direction to travel in to reach one stated type of location that isn’t deliberately concealed (but not a specific location; “any Hollow” or “an entrance to the Gate of Horn,” not “Juliet’s Hollow” or “the entrance my Keeper used”)
    Learn which direction to travel in to reach a stated specific location that isn’t deliberately concealed
    Doesn't Navigation rolls in the Hedge do exactly that?

    “I want to take a shortcut to San Francisco” or “I want to find the nearest Goblin Market” — or a more general objective, like “I want to find an Icon” or “I want to get away from this loyalist.”

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    Successful navigation rolls get you to your goal. The Hedgespinning options provide narrative direction and familiarity with the territory to the characters — established routes are easier to navigate along and the Hedge shifts with some regularity in ways that produce Hedgespinning options of their own in response to activity, such that any number of successes over one on a roll of eight dice can show you which way e.g. the nearest Goblin Market is if that could be a reasonable response to your actions.

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      So, what is the utility of the Pathfinder contract to navigate?

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