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  • Demon the Decent story help

    Hello everyone I currently running demon the decent for 3 players.
    One Messenger, One Destroyer and One Guardian.

    Currently the game is taking place in New York city in 2016. New York City if you have not lived here is just girds upon grids be it the streets,subways, walking paths to even how boats move around the city. The city is like a giant insane circuit board. For my game the god machine uses New York City to test controls it uses this city to test control methods that it will employ in other places in the world. The UN is located here and the god machine and easily use all of these powerful locations to spread things all over the world.

    Some Infrastructures I have been thinking of is one concealment infrastructure that hides the large money transactions going on in the city that pays for many other infrastructures. The twin towers were that infrastructure but it found out demons were going to destroy it and built a secondary one. The train systems third rail systems are keeping the underworld gates under control in the city.

    The story is still in flux the players all want to "Find Hell". Right now I have apart of a story of whats going on currently the god machine is acclimating New York City to let drones be everywhere. In doing so the god machine could have even more eye's everywhere to find demons.

    I'm playing with idea of the world ended before and the God Machine is keeping all the different worlds in the world of darkness from crashing together and causing something called "The Broken Day" Protocol to activate once again. The old world of darkness did die but not before the god machine fractured it off started the NWOD.

    So I'm trying to think of a good story if some one can help me think of something good I would really appreciate that
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    Hmmm I was also thinking that some how the road ways in the US are part of an occult matrix it how they wrap around the whole country.

    I currently feel like I have all the parts for a great story but currently can't figure out how to put them all together.

    The demons currently saved a few other demons from a infrastructure that was containing horrible things. Ghosts, Spirits, Insane Mages and many other horrible things.


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      A good tabletop story arc doesn't occur in a vaccuum; unless you're running at a convention, you don't want players to just build characters on their own while you build the setup separately. What are your players' character concepts? What is the group concept that ties them together and gives the campaign structure? What does finding Hell mean for each of your players? Is it the same thing or different for each of them? What general kind of action do you and your players enjoy — are you looking for investigation, tension, double-dealing, two-fisted action, zoomed-in character development, conspiracies and high strangeness?

      Craft your setting with play in mind; a lot of ideas can be cool on their own but not well suited to particular play styles. If you're not angling for cosmic adventures and high strangeness, the Broken Day is a fairly irrelevant concept; if you're not going to deal with rifts opening up to contain and deal with, or the risk of the gates throwing open and the city going apocalyptic, you don't need to put effort into thinking about what seals the Underworld locally.


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        Well how I run the game I have them build characters then I build the world around them. Then I have a world story that is going on all around them. Affecting events going on in the world.

        I have a destroyer who fell because he killed some one other then his target. His cover is a librarian for the NYC Public Library

        A messenger who fell after changing seeing how the messages he sent change things and started changing the messages he got to see what would happen by doing so.

        Then we have a guardian who fell after failing to protect a target and realized that he can't protect everyone.

        The players are dealing with weirdness as I am slowing turning up the heat on the weirdness. I plan on having the players dealing with tears in the world causing weirder things as they try to fight the god machine.


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          {OFF Topic} Also I found a Fan Trailer for Shadowrun that I think would fit great for demon
          Based on the roleplaying game series which recently had a revival with Shadowrun Returns.For those unfamiliar, this franchise is a unique blending of a dark ...


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            I think I figured out the story. In my game the players like the high weird and like were I'm going with the parallel realities using the mirror books.