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  • The Puzzle of God

    There is this cheesy anime called Phibrain where the main character and other brilliant people compete to solve elaborate puzzles. One episode featured a life sized version of traffic jam, and the players lives were at risk. One recurring theme in the show is the mysterious organization trying to figure out the Puzzle of God. Something about it caught me, and I've been trying to think of how to incorporate it... and a culture around it into my game. Any thoughts will be appreciated.

    So what does the "Puzzle of God" make you think of?

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    In terms of Demon: The Descent? Probably what the main point of the God machine is...


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      Reminds me of the movie Pi, where a kabbalistic sect pursues the main character for his ability to extract the explicit name of God from algorithms applied to the Tanakh, dreaming of the world-changing purposes to which the name could be put. So, where is the God-Machine's name stored, how can it be decrypted, and what could you do with it?


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        I'd actually say that what they're figuring out is operational codes for god machine functions, stuff usually put into angels or other things, and that what you get out of it, if you apply it correctly, might be gadgets with flaws (or outright flaw-gadgets with no embed).
        Could also be a insanely complex sort of search-algorithm, almost a kind of "people exclusively" infrastructure TGM uses to find things that are located in realms where it usually can't find them.


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