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Deviant: Intelligent Manticores

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  • Deviant: Intelligent Manticores

    So, according to the core book, creating a manticore more intelligent than a great ape results in creaturws more closely resembling a Deviant, complete with vestigal human soul and free will. While many Progenitors wouldn't want an angry renegade monster, some might. How would this be designed?

    Lets say a fairly disturbed individual wanted to create a hyperintelligent gorilla. Would this be statted up as a regular gorilla, plus the Superhuman Intelligence Variation? Would the "vestigal soul" give it a Scar, Anchors, Touchstones, Origin, Clade? Would it be more accurate to base it on the human template, and just build up the stats so that it is more gorilla like? Is there even functionally a difference?

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    I'd stat it up as a regular Deviant. The fact that it's an “animal uplift” is no more unusual than how some Deviants are, in effect, robots.

    (Still waiting for the Clade Companion, with IIRC will have a lot more to work with when designing Deviants that aren't quite so human.)


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      Additionally, you could entangle Animal Transformation with a Persistent Scar and the Relentless Variation Deviation to model being permanently a gorilla.

      The longer I study science the more I am convinced that it is functionally indistinguishable from what our ancestors would refer to as sorcery. And I would know, being both scientist and sorcerer.