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  • Conspiracy rules for other gameline organizations // Share your Conspiracies

    I just got the Devoted Companion, and it's gotten me thinking about using the Conspiracy rules for a bit of worldbuilding in my mostly Changeling-focused city of Buena Vista. I've seen old posts where people were excited for the then-upcoming Deviant Conspiracy building rules, and I'm curious if and how people have used them in other gamelines. I'm still going over Devoted, so I'm also intrigued by the idea of having rules for having a Conspiracy the player characters work for.

    Some ideas I'm considering with this:
    • Mapping the large local freehold as a set of allied, interdependent conspiracies, each at Standing 1. If nothing else, writing down each Courts' Virtue, Vice, and Principles has helped me solidify some ideas about them.
    • BV's municipal government as a Conspiracy: There is a cult inside the city government dedicated toward maintaining the city's sacred geometry and social strata. For the most part, the projects won't be immediately relevant to the players unless they cause enough trouble to attract the authorities or if they take political action to challenge the city's Principles. Alternatively, parts of the city government might be considered unclaimed nodes for the cult to subvert over time.
    • A God-Machine Facility: The Panopticon has the city under scrutiny, hunting for the fae who sabotaged some of the local Infrastructure. It seeks to catalog the changelings of the city by monitoring communications through various tech companies and leverage/recruit double-agents in the freehold to find the saboteurs. It's meant to be reminiscent of the Gentry manipulating Loyalists, but with a very different entity pulling the strings. Some Conspiracy Actions I've seen look appropriate for this sort of thing.
    I'll be working out the details on those three, today. Feel free to drop suggestions or share your own conspiracies you've made, either for DtR or another game line.

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    So, here's a first draft of my city's conspiracies.

    Buena Vista Municipal Government

    Standing: 3
    Principles: Stick to the city plan, Keep a shiny facade, In with the New.
    Virtue: Friendly
    Vice: Corrupt
    Conspiracy Actions: 2
    Association: 7
    Attributes: Power 3, Finesse 5, Resistance 4
    Hierarchical Node: City Council
    Temporal Nodes: Sorcerer Cabal
    Exploitative Nodes: Corrupt Justice System, Tech Corporation Favors, Media Connections.
    Structural Nodes: Mysterious Patrons, State Subsidies.
    Icons: Gerrymandered to Hell, Sacred Geometry.

    City Council: Ostensibly democratically elected by the citizens, much of the council has been secured by political dynasties who name a successor and maintain power. Lynchpin: Mayor Jay Wright

    Sorcerer Cabal: When subtler manipulation fails, or extraordinary threats come about, the Scorpion Cult calls upon its Sorcerers to deal with matters directly and quietly. They’ve been getting a lot of practice in abjuring and exorcising ephemeral entities.

    Corrupt Justice System: Though largely unwitting, the police and courts protect the powers that be in Buena Vista. Civil Asset Forfeiture and trumped up charges have been reliable tools for collecting additional income for the city and keeping the lower classes in line.

    Tech Corporation Favors: Buena Vista provides a tax haven and permissive regulations for tech companies, attracting white collar jobs and regular income, usually at the workers’ expense.

    Media Connections: Though independent on paper, local news tends to toe the party line and accept and spread the council’s version of reality.

    Mysterious Patrons: Buena Vista’s government has a number of reclusive and wealthy patrons who maintain their connections with other Scorpion Cults across the world and provide emergency funding under the table.

    State Subsidies: Buena Vista has funds from the State of Texas as well as the federal government allocated toward its expansion and ongoing renovation. Much of this money goes towards “urban renewal” in the name of the city’s Sacred Geometry.

    Gerrymandered to Hell (City Council): Campaigning to remove incumbents from the City Council or prevent their successors from taking office suffer a -1 penalty. The cult gains a +2 bonus on the next Conspiracy action to investigate or discredit the opposition.

    Sacred Geometry (Mysterious Patrons):
    Effort spent on Narrative Projects with a local scope always produces a partial effect, even if the Project is incomplete.

    The Silver Spire

    The Spring Court
    Standing: 1
    Principles: Community is power, Life is to be enjoyed, Lead with a carrot.
    Virtue: Cooperative
    Vice: Indulgent
    Conspiracy Actions: 1
    Association: 5
    Attributes: Power 2, Finesse 4, Resistance 2
    Hierarchical Node: Emerald Court
    Temporal Nodes: None.
    Exploitative Node: Tourism Contacts
    Structural Node: Silver Spire Hotel
    Icon: Vernal Revelry

    Emerald Court: Lead by Alexandria Cazalla, Queen of Spring, the Emerald Court refers to the upper echelons of the Spring Court.

    Tourism Contacts: Thanks to Tabitha Goodwin’s influence in the Buena Vista Tourism Board, the city is known for its wild parties, which the Spring Court frequently uses to harvest Glamour and financial income from the wasteful spending of their wealthy targets.

    Silver Spire Hotel: The large hotel is currently controlled by the Spring Court, but serves as a safe meeting place for all members of the freehold. Freehold members and newly escaped changelings are frequently given hospitality and Spring’s protection.

    Vernal Revelry: Once per chapter, the Spring Court may spend 1 Conspiracy Action to downgrade or heal damage to its Association as its members support one another (or go into blissful denial).

    Summer Court
    Standing: 1
    Principles: Action is power, Make them pay for every inch, Protect humanity.
    Virtue: Decisive
    Vice: Vengeful
    Attributes: Power 4, Finesse 1, Resistance 3
    Conspiracy Actions: 1
    Association: 6
    Hierarchical Node: Crimson Court
    Temporal Nodes: The Dogs of War
    Exploitative Nodes: None.
    Structural Nodes: The Armory.
    Icon: Back in Action

    Crimson Court: Led by Queen Isabella Leon, the Summer Court is run like a secret and vigilant military.

    The Dogs of War: The right hand of Summer acts to hunt down the freehold’s enemies. Their mandate emphasizes external enemies, but they’ve quietly increased their influence to function as internal police for the freehold.

    The Armory: Firearms are abundant in Texas, and the Summer Court keeps its members well armed. The Armory also functions as a black market, allegedly showing favoritism to those who have a need for self-defense, but some criminals slip through their vetting process.

    Back in Action: The Summer Court automatically heals 1 point of bashing damage at the beginning of every chapter.

    Autumn Court
    Standing: 1
    Principles: Knowledge is power, Fear is a shield and scalpel, Find every advantage.
    Virtue: Cunning
    Vice: Pride
    Attributes: Power 3, Finesse 3, Resistance 2
    Conspiracy Actions: 1
    Association: 5
    Hierarchical Node: Ashen Court
    Temporal Node: The Arcane Hammer
    Exploitative Node: The Wizard’s Quarter
    Structural Nodes: None.
    Icon: Keep Buena Vista Weird

    Ashen Court: Lead by Queen Casey Dalton, the Autumn Court meets in secret to deal with supernatural threats that aren’t easily dealt with by brute force.

    The Arcane Hammer: Lead by Ziegfried Zapf, the Arcane Hammer is Autumn’s Left hand, putting the Court’s resources toward investigation, protection, and eliminating arcane threats.

    The Wizard’s Quarter: Much of the Autumn Court’s resources flow through this subdivision of the tourism district. They make mundane income through selling overpriced trinkets and barter for supernatural resources.

    Keep Buena Vista Weird: The Autumn Court uses its influence to spread urban legends or shine a spotlight on harmless strange happenings to confuse would-be investigators. Investigations into the Silver Spire suffer a -1 penalty, and the Autumn Court gains a +2 bonus on their next surveillance roll against the investigators.

    Winter Court
    Standing: 1
    Principles: Secrets are power, stick to the shadows, weather the storm.
    Virtue: Cautious
    Vice: Neutral
    Attributes: Power 1, Finesse 4, Resistance 3
    Conspiracy Actions: 1
    Association: 7
    Hierarchical Node: Onyx Court
    Temporal Nodes: None
    Exploitative Node: The Silent Knights
    Structural Node: Safe house network
    Icon: Always Another Knight

    Onyx Court: Lead by Francisco Murillo, King of Winter, the headquarters of the Winter Court has no permanent location. They are largely concerned with maintaining the freehold’s secrecy and detecting threats.

    The Silent Knights: Like the rest of the Winter Court, the Silent Knights act in secret and through indirect methods.

    Safe house network: Changelings are often on the run, and the Winter Court provides shelter to those on the run.

    Always Another Knight: The Silent Knights avoid depending too deeply on their leadership to act. If the Linchpin is killed or incapacitated, another Silent Knight takes up the mantle of leadership at the beginning of the next chapter. The Winter Court still takes lethal damage to its Association as normal.

    The Panopticon

    Standing: 3
    Principles: Maintain the Masquerade, Analyze everything, Data belongs to us.
    Virtue: Diligent
    Vice: Cautious
    Attributes: Power 3, Finesse 7, Resistance 4
    Conspiracy Actions: 2
    Association: 7
    Hierarchical Nodes: The Databank, Q-Tech
    Temporal Nodes: The Legion
    Exploitative Nodes: Social Media Nexus, Cryptobro Appeal
    Structural Nodes: Byrne Towers, Supply Infrastructure
    Icons: Censorship Circuit, Writing on the Wall

    The Databank: The Byrne Towers fold space around a Facility of the God-Machine, hiding it from view. Here, nearly all electronic data in Buena Vista is processed by the Angel Jeremiel to identify esohuman activity in Buena Vista, with a focus on changelings. Jeremiel intends to identify the ones sabotaging the local Infrastructure and eliminate them using any means necessary while maintaining the facade of normality.

    Q-Tech: A technology company that has come to prominence as an innovator in new technologies with particular emphasis on quantum computers. Q-Tech owns the Byrne Towers and has attracted other tech companies with promises of a breakthrough, riding a wave of hype around artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies.

    The Legion: A manufacturing piece of Infrastructure dedicated to minor Angels, including the “Gun Bug” Imperatives used to trigger gun violence in radicalized mortals and generate Essence. The Destroyers known as Legionnaires are produced here in anticipation of kill orders should a saboteur be identified and located.

    Social Media Nexus: A variety of social media companies have latched onto the hype and formed partnerships with Q-Tech to feed their AI a vast amount of user data in hopes of creating a more robust language model. They are unaware of the true purpose of this data collection.

    Cryptobro Appeal: Despite numerous failures, blockchain technology has had a spike of renewed interest through Q-Tech’s machinations. Scams, thefts, and other scandals provide convenient distractions from the more subtle crimes involving data theft.

    Byrne Towers: A trio of connected skyscrapers serves as the campus for numerous tech companies partnered with Q-Tech. Numerous computer parts and cutting edge technologies find their way here and subtly integrated into the data mining network.

    Supply Infrastructure: In addition to mundane needs, the God-Machine sometimes greases its wheels with blood and Essence. The Angel Amariel ensures the transport of Essence from sites of violence to the Databank.

    Censorship Circuit: The God-Machine works through subtle methods and has an interest in maintaining the facade of normality as cover. In the event of exposure, the Panopticon may perform Narrative Projects to rewrite history and cover up the event as if its Standing was 2 points higher.

    Already Here: Agents sent by the Panopticon have one free use of the Surprise Entrance Dread Power (Changeling, page 266).