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Professional training and attribute tasks

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  • Professional training and attribute tasks

    Asset skills are granted 9-agains with prof training. How do you accommodate tasks not under a skill heading? Had one player who was a UPS driver say lifting boxes/stuff (str + stam) was a regular task for his job and did not feel it was unfair he didn't receive the benefits even though he had athletics chosen as a skill. This became an issue for the character who is a pastor/exorcist who wanted abjuration to be effected. So we had each player put under a relative skill heading tasks that were related (feats or strength) for athletics and abjuration under occult and academics so they could gain 9-agains on rolls but still used the attribute task dice pool. Has anyone else had a similar issue with attribute tasks and professional training?

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    Edit: My post is about the second edition blue book rules. I don't know how relevant is to HtV first edition.

    I have not. Attribute tasks are not supposed to be things you can train in the same way you train a Skill (you can always just train the Attributes to improve your dice pool) so I've never had a problem with Professional Training being limited to Skills.
    If you could get better at certain Attribute tasks without increasing those Attributes, it can instead be represented through additional Merits. We already have an example in Trained Observer that adds 9/8 Again on Perception rolls, and Hurt Locker has Strength Style for Feats of Strength.

    Abjuration should not be effected because Abjuration is not based on any knowledge or skill of your character. It's about projecting your soul, and you can't really train that. The best you could do is to make sure you have high Integrity and that your character acts according to their Virtue when Abjuring. Anything else would require having Supernatural Merits.

    Exorcism is already a Skill roll so it's just to make sure you have Occult be the most fitting Skill (which it should be most of the time anyway) to gain the bonuses of PT​.

    For the lifting part you could instead use Str+Athletics as a dice pool if you want to include some technique into the roll. Otherwise it's all about being well trained, as represented through having high Strength and Stamina scores. Or have the above mentioned Strength Style from Hurt Locker.
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      Ignore please, didn’t fully read OP before posting.
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