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An attempt to update Witchfinder Ritual rules [2e]

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  • An attempt to update Witchfinder Ritual rules [2e]

    Witchfinder, Ritual Magic 2e Update
    1. Adjusted required successes
      • Instead of the listed successes found in witchfinder, rituals require the following successes instead:
    (*) 5 (Instead of 10)
    (**) 10 (Instead of 15)
    (***) 15 (Instead of 30)
    (****) 20 (Instead of 50)
    (*****) 25 (Instead of 75)
    • Why? Because 1e did not have the max rolls on extended actions as a base rule so required successes could be much higher.
    1. Additional participants
      • Rather than each individual besides the lead of the ritual adding a +1 bonus to the attempt, only those in excess of the required amount adds a bonus. To a maximum of +5.
      • In a similar way, for each individual missing from the required amount apply a -1 penalty to a max of -5. If there are 6 or more missing the ritual simply cannot be preformed successfully. However, a ritual also requires a minimum of 3 participants.
        • Why? To obey the conventions of max +/- 5 and the bonuses from participants was to help with the required successes in 1e.
    2. Time consuming rituals
      • To achieve the effect of 1e rituals that could take days, let us take a geist ceremonies and have each roll require a greater amount of time for a bonus:
        • 30 minutes +0 (base)
        • 1 hour +1
        • 1 day +2
        • 1 week +3
    3. Spells with variable effects
      • If a spell refers to the gnosis of the caster, treat the ritualist as gnosis 1.
      • If the spell itself requires an extended action, add the required successes to the rituals required total. Adjust these required successes in a similar way as the rituals required successes were adjusted.
      • If a spell refers to a derangement, instead have it cause or be aware of a comparable condition.
    4. Availability of low magic
      • A ritual spell has an availability equal to its dot rating. A one dot spell might be available online while a fourth or fifth dot spell can often only be bargained for from a devil.
      • If an individual wants to instead to research a spell they may in a similar way as one would research an ephemeral being. In this case, treat the dot rating of the spell as comparable to the rank for the purpose of this research.
        • If the researcher suffers a dramatic failure during this process apply the fragile or volatile condition to the ritual as appropriate.

    It is currently a bit rough and not presented as I'd like it to be in the final product but I feel this is the cleanest I can present the idea for these forums. I'm mostly just focused on if these seem like appropriate changes to try to adapt Witchfinder, at least the ritual gutter magic, to 2e as well as any balance or other issues that I may have missed. If you have any other feedback or general comments I'll be happy to hear those as well.

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    I think you should make a great storyteller's vault product.


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      Originally posted by Archivist View Post
      I think you should make a great storyteller's vault product.
      Thanks, I've been meaning to. Mostly it's just doing up the layout, getting more natural language and little things like that, that is currently slowing me down there. I shared this as a way to get the idea out there faster until I get it actually done up.