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[STV] Pretty Guardian Faerie Knights

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  • [STV] Pretty Guardian Faerie Knights

    I've finally gone and published my first Storyteller's Vault product: The Bishoujo Senshi Yosei Kishi, or Pretty Guardian Faerie Knights.

    They're a Changeling focused Conspiracy that actually makes bargains with what they call the Seelie Fae in order to take on the blessings of Pactio and fight monsters.

    They're magical girls in the Chronicles of Darkness and their themes blend the inherent despair of the neverending Vigil with an optimism and hope for the future.

    Check out my first Storyteller's Vault product: Pretty Guardian Faerie Knights
    Currently working on Night Horrors: Pushing Daisies. Sample here.

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    consider me interested!


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      Speaking as someone who has wanted to make this concept for a very long time, good job!

      Kelly R.S. Steele, Freelance Writer(Feel free to call me Kelly, Arcane, or Arc)
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      Feminine pronouns, please.


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        I'm a fan of any project that tries to crowd even more stuff into the WoD's shadows while doing a good job of fitting in.