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    New Trait: Nightmare (O - OOOOO)
    As a Slasher is consumed by their Undertaking fear grows, both in themselves and in others. Nightmare represents this fear, a Ripper has none but a Scourge with dozens of notches in her knife is a foe that even monsters fear. Nightmare has the following effects:
    • Whenever a Slasher injures someone in a manner befitting their Undertaking they do an additional Nightmare points of damage. For a Mask this may be limited to one single chainsaw, but a Maniac might apply the bonus to a wide array of traps and even the guns wielded by honest cops tricked into doing the Slasher’s bloody work.
    • Nightmare is added to all Intimidation rolls.
    • Nightmare is the Potency trait for Scourges, and provides all the relevant bonuses and penalties of Potency.

    Nightmare Aspirations
    Each Slasher may have one Nightmare Aspiration at any given time. A Nightmare Aspiration must always involve murder and fit the themes and modus operandi of their Undertaking.

    A Ripper who fulfills their Nightmare Aspiration may either gain a dot in an Undertaking Skill or become a Scourge, gaining their first dot in Nightmare and the appropriate Talent/Frailty. A Scourge may gain either a dot in their Undertaking Skill or an additional dot in Nightmare. Many Slashers plateau, and no longer gain dots in Nightmare no matter how many Aspirations they fulfill, some even plateau as rippers.

    Talents and Frailties
    Talents are the supernatural and not-so-supernatural abilities known to Slashers. However each Talent also comes with a Drawback, a Frailty. Rippers get one Talent and Frailty which is dictated by their Undertaking. Scourges may have Nightmare + one Talents, but the first two are dictated by their Undertaking.

    Some Talents are limited to certain Undertakings, and an Undertaking’s signature Talents are always forbidden to other Slashers.
    Undertaking Talents Frailties
    Avenger Certain Unto Death Nothing but the Mission
    Legend Certain Unto Death, Just Like the Story Nothing but the Mission, Just a Story
    Brute Unstoppable Blinded by Blood
    Mask Unstoppable, Unstoppable Killing Machine Blinded by Blood, No Mind but for Murder
    Chameleon A Thousand Masks Telltale Sign
    Bogeyman A Thousand Masks, Not Part of Your World Telltale Sign, Fading Away
    Charmer Disarming Thin Veneer
    Psycho Disarming, Deadly Distraction Thin Veneer, Obsessive
    Freak Ley of the Land Deformity
    Mutant Ley of the Land, All in the Clan Deformity, Sensitivity
    Genius Profiling Intolerence for Chaos
    Maniac Profiling, Compelling Madness Intolerence for Chaos, Obvious Lunatic
    The Talents
    Talents not listed here can be found in WoD: Slasher

    A Thousand Masks
    Chameleon Undertaking Talent

    A Chameleon is the ultimate face in the crowd. Very little about them stands out. There is rarely anything notable about their appearance, and beyond that they lack “presence” in the world, vanishing into the grey haze of those outside our circle. As such, with appropriate props, they can simply slip in to any role necessary. This cannot be a specific individual, rather it is a generic “role,” such as policeman, soldier, handyman, etc. No roll is required unless it’s somehow outlandish or they are called on their lack of ability in the role. For example, a Chameleon posing as a janitor need only get a mop, bucket, and something that looks like the right badge. Even if it has someone else’s face on it, no one will inspect the badge unless given good reason. On the other hand, a Chameleon posing as a doctor had better be able to diagnose and treat illness (or at least be able to bluff it well enough) otherwise the disguise could fall apart. A contested Wits+Subterfuge is only required when the disguise is directly threatened, otherwise anyone observing the Chameleon just accepts them....or, rather, doesn’t even think about them.

    Frailty: Telltale Sign

    Chameleons lack personal identity. They have nothing inside them to tell them who they are, so they often latch on to something external. It could be an item, like a smiley face button. It could be a song they constantly whistle to themselves. It could be a phrase they have to drop in conversation. It could even be a color, with them always having to wear red or black as a prominent motif. In any case, this Tell can ruin their attempts at disguise. A Chameleon whose Tell is noticed in two different disguises is immediately threatened, and must make a contested disguise roll with the subject getting a bonus equal to the number of different disguises she has seen (so minimum +2). The disguise can also be threatened if the Tell is wildly incongruous with their current disguise (a soldier wearing a smiley pin would be out of uniform, for example). A Chameleon without his Tell feels his last shred of identity slipping away, and loses one point of Willpower and cannot regain Willpower in each scene he is without it.

    All in the Clan

    Mutant Undertaking Talent

    No one accepts Mutants accept their own kind, and so those deformed Slashers will do anything to stay close and with their kind. When a Mutant acts as a secondary actor in a teamwork roll with other Mutants they add their Nightmare as automatic successes. This may even apply to Tactics.

    Frailty: Sensitivity


    Back for the Sequel

    True monsters don't die easily. Choose one or more triggers, when the Slasher is killed they will return from the dead just as soon as their trigger is pressed. A fixed amount of time is an acceptable trigger.

    Frailty: Wearing out the Franchise

    Even immortal monsters can be put down for good. Choose one weakeness, which may or may not be the same as a Bane from another Frailty. If the Slasher is killed by this weakness they are dead for good. Witchcraft, Endowments, and in some cases exorcism may also prevent a Slasher's return. Temporarily or even permanently.

    Certain Unto Death
    Avenger Undertaking Talent

    The dedication of an Avenger is a terrifying thing to behold, it drives them to the heights of human ability just as it sinks them to the depths of depravity. An Avenger may Risk Willpower a number of times each scene equal to their Resolve + 1. In addition an Avenger gains the Damnable Certainty Merit for free, if they do not meet the perquisites they will gain the merit when they do.

    Frailty: Nothing but the Mission


    Legend Only

    Take three dots of dread powers, split as you like. This Talent may be taken multiple times.

    Frailty: Take one Ban or Bane.

    Ignorance of the Flesh
    Requires: Mask
    With this Talent the Mask isn't just resistant to damage, it is all but immune to it. Nothing matters to it except the kill, especially not that feeble kitchen knife it's latest victim stabbed into his chest.With this The Mask is completely immune to Bashing and Lethal. Knives and bullets certainly have their usual gruesome effects, a slash to the stomach unleashes a torrent of blood and bile, a well aimed shot blow chunks of flesh away, but the Mask keeps going without hindrance. Only Aggravated damage affects the Mask, and this includes any Lethal attack which does enough to wrap around to Aggravated damage in a single hit. As always an attack can only inflict one point of damage to a mask. Attacks can still inflict Tilts like normal, the Mask might not slow down if you cut it's arm off with a chainsaw, but it still can't wield a machete without an arm. If a character tries to inflict a Tilt, reduce their Successes by the Mask's dots in Nightmare.

    Frailty: I Remember That

    There is something that bypasses the Mask's defences, not only do qualifying attacks remove Ignorance of the Flesh but also Unstoppable Killing Machine. The Mask's weakness doesn't actually do any additional damage. Rather, it forces them to pay attention to their attacker and the damage done to their body, bypassing both Ignorance of the Flesh and Unstoppable Killing Machine. Masks are not known for their intelligence and this Frailty is psychosomatic, if they believe they're being attacked by their their bane they take the damage. Example: Jane has severe mummy issues, she would take full damage from any attack by her mother, but also from a male VASCU agent wearing the right dress, necklace and wig. The Storyteller may allow Jane a role to realise this is not actually her mother, but as a Mask Jane will probably have little chance to defeat the agent's subterfuge roll.

    Just Like the Story
    Legend Undertaking Talent

    Every Legend's story starts the same way. How did the victims draw its attention? It may be as vague or almost impossibly specific but every Legend's story starts the same way, and when the story is recreated the Legend knows. It appears from wherever it is between murders, or worse, possesses somebody somewhere nearby; and it knows exactly who called it, and why they have to die.

    Frailty: Just a Story

    A Legend is barely a person, if not less than that. They're closer to a story that re-enacts itself again and again with living people in the star roles. A Legend cannot do anything that is not part of his story, at a stretch he might be able to check on his daughter (or the closet young girl that resembles how the story portrays his daughter) if the tale mentions that she was his motive for murder but if the story didn't mention her brother the legend would barely notice his existence. A Legend does what the story says he does, and nothing else.


    Mutant only

    Take three dots dread powers, split as you like among physical mutations. This Talent may be taken multiple times.

    Frailty: Take one Bane.

    Not Part of Your World
    Bogeyman Undertaking Talent

    Ignored by the world for so long, The Bogeyman is no longer part of it. It is now something between a person and a shadow. It exists in Twilight, unseen and untouched. Yet it is not quite an Ephemeral Being, it has no need of Manifestations. Instead by spending a Dot of Willpower the Bogeyman may become physical for a scene. If it makes a loud statement of it’s existence, which must involve murder, before the scene ends then it regains the spent Dot of Willpower.

    Frailty: Still Attached

    Some people still remember the Bogeyman. Former friends, former family, that detective who’s been tracking him down. Anyone who knows who the Bogeyman is, or the Bogeyman’s Telltale sign, can see and touch the Bogeyman as though they were a regular person. This does mean that they can walk past them on the street without noticing the smiley pin. What’s more, while they can handcuff or shoot at the Bogeyman, it has to spend a Dot of willpower to become physical before it can fight back.

    Profane Prejudice
    The Slasher absolutely hates a certain kind of people. Sluts, gays, successful college boys, members of the Theta Pi sonority. Whenever Nightmare applies as bonus damage or bonus dice against the Slasher’s hated foe treat Nightmare as two dots higher. The Slasher alone decides who is an acceptable target, one with a burning hatred for Muslims could apply the bonus to anyone who looks Middle Eastern but never notice someone from Africa’s large Muslim population.

    Frailty: Those People First

    If given a choice between multiple victims, the Slasher’s must roll Resolve + Composure - Nightmare. On a success they may choose either victim. On a failure they may only choose from among those on their hate list. This applies even in the heat of combat, no matter how tactically unwise it may be.

    Right Behind You
    You all heard the story. She stabbed the killer, ran for her car and drove forty miles to the nearest motel. The killer was waiting behind the door, knife drawn. A Slasher with this Talent seems to be everywhere, impossible to outrun and impossible to hide from. At any time the Slasher can spend 1 Willpower to vanish and reappear somewhere close to it's intended victim. It cannot do this if anyone is observing it or if there is no suitable unobserved spot near it's victim.

    Frailty: Slow and Steady Persuit

    Slashers with this Talent seem to have difficulty moving fast when they're being observed, as though they can't quite remember how to move the normal way. They may run for at most Stamina turns before returning to a walk, at which point they cannot run again until the end of the scene or until they use this Talent. Don't think you've escaped though, as soon as you get out of sight you'll discover that the Slasher is Right Behind You.

    You Complete Me

    A lot of Slashers tend to have an obsession on the detective who first caught them, the perfect victim they’re saving for last, or on the “one that got away”. A Slasher with this power can always find where their target lies.

    Frailty: But they can only get so close then no closer. If they want to actually have a shot at killing (or something else with) their favourite target they must first reveal their presence in some loud and dramatic fashion. This doesn't have to be a murder, but it usually is. The rule is that the target must know the Slasher is in town before they can meet.

    This Frailty does not give the Slasher one free murder until their archenemy catches the scent. If the detective knows the Slasher has escaped prison but doesn’t know he’s in town, she can still try to track him down. If the Slasher is found before he’s paid off this frailty the storyteller should inflict a modest situational disadvantage
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    Normally I use the second post for commentary, but there's not much to say. The development thread was over at, in fact the majority of the ideas here probably weren't mine; but it needed a proper write up. Never underestimate the importance of elbow grease in home-brew

    Avengers, Legends and Mutants had, if I may indulge in bluntness, pretty stupid special powers.

    Avengers only got to apply their Talent when in close combat against multiple foes. That doesn't help in a gunfight, or against opponents who are a threat in single combat, or provide any benefit to murdering a defenceless victim - which at the Ripper level probably accounts for the majority of violence.

    Thus I replaced it with something based on Risking Willpower. This gives them a fealing of going more all-out, and taking more balls to the walls risks than Hunters. They'll push themselves beyond any limit and do anything to get revenge. As Avengers are basically the default Hunter-turned-Slasher this strikes me as appropriate, and also feeds into the tireless unstoppable pursuit you typically get with Legends.

    The Legend Talent completely fails to hit the most basic aspect of the archetype. You "summon" legends by breaking a rule and doing something stupid like saying Bloody Mary in front of a mirror. I chose to keep their core Talent narrow and focused to avoid locking in choices for a very diverse undertaking; I imagine a typical legend will be customised with additional Talents.

    Finally Mutants. A Scourge Talent that can be replaced with a weapon. Why bother? It's not like they give any benefits to concealing the weapon do they? I kept the ability to give them physical Mutations but I went for a more interesting, I hope, core power.

    I particularly like that this system actually can model Freddy Kruger this time around. Hit Dream Catchers for Hunterised rules for fighting in dreams, and use Dread to give him the relevant powers.

    Finally this isn't complete. The list of Talents could be expanded. *whisper* I don't actually watch Slasher films.

    I guess there was a bit to say after all
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    “There are no rules. Only Principles and natural laws.” - Promethius
    My Homebrew no longer fits in a signature, you can find an index of it here.
    Full length fan-books I contributed too: Princess: the Hopeful, Leviathan: the Tempest, Dream Catchers