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From Imbuing Items to create Artifact

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  • From Imbuing Items to create Artifact

    The stars have alighned and I decided to play an (DnD inspired) Artificer themed Obrimos; Mage that mostly uses triggered Magic Items to solve his problems and expand his adaptability. As an Obsession he wants to find ways to create Artifacts (instead of Imbued/Enhanced Items), as a proccess of becoming perfect himself (Ascension, modesty above all).Thus, he wants to create an Imbued Item/Grimoire as close to an Artifact as an Imbued Item can be.

    There are several problems with this though, the most importand being "Imbued Items can hold ONLY one spell". So,
    a) Can one mage bypass this limitation by "gluing"/"ducktaping" different imbued items together? (Like creating single book out different multiple pages)

    b) If the (primary) imbuing mage does not have the necessery arcana himself (say Spirit), can other secondary mages (that do not have Prime but have Spirit) "donate" the Arcana/knowledge/spell required to be placed into the primary mage's Imbued Item? (perhaps as co-op extended actions)

    c) What are other alternatives to create such an item?

    d) What can a mage use to boost his Imbuing Proccess? Any tools, methods, spells? How could cabalmates assist?

    e) Also, how can one simplyfy this as to not keeping track of each part's mana seperately without it making it OP?

    Basicaly what I'm trying to create is a spellcasting (or more properly "Influence-casting") version of Doctor Strange's Cape (in the form of a friendly levitating book). I thing it would be fun as a proccess, creating a semi-Artifact, one piece at a time

    Codex Perfectum
    Tome out of Perfected Metals (even the Pages)
    Total Tome Size 2, Durability 5, Structure 7, Matter 4, Spirit 4, Forces 4, Prime 4
    (The tome is Huge and out of Metal)

    Tome's Spine of Sophis (Sophis as the "Battery Charger of the Item") (Actually, more like "Economy Mode")
    Imbued Effect: Channel Mana to Charge the other Imbued Items

    Hard Cover of Thaumium (Thaumium as Item/User Protection)(Front & Back are imbued as seperate sheets of metal)
    Imbued Effect: Placing Pages Inside Makes them part of the Item.
    Imbued Effect: Pages placed inside are transmuted into bas-relief sheets of Lunargent and Silver

    Emerald on Front Cover.
    Imbued Effect: Allows the main spirit to better possess AND use the Item (Intend to put familiar there)

    Ruby on Spine.
    Imbued Effect: Allows the main spirit to move the book as per Levitation

    Shaphire on Back Cover:
    Imbued Effect: Traps nearby hybernating spirits into the item's pages creating Fetishes

    Table of Contents (besides MAGIC POWAH it still is a book) Page I-IX: Table of Contents, Author’s notes, How to use the book
    Page 1-25: Intro on Imbuing Items, perfected materials, spirit fetishes.
    Page 25-50: Advanced on Perfected Materials. Rote of Hone the Perfect Form (Matter 3)
    Page 51-75: Adept Matter techniques. Rote of Transubstantiation (Matter 4)
    Page 75-100: Advanced on Spirit fetishes. Rote of Create Fetish (Spirit 4)
    Each page has a sidebar with info on the spirit it possesses

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    All the effects relating to the spirit manipulating the item could be substituted with a Spirit spell to create the Open Condition and then having the spirit posses the book.

    Is the saphire supposed to do that on it's own? Because I don't think that would be possible without some kind of Archmastery. If not, then you can do it yourself.


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      I was aiming for an equivalent of a Soul Jar spell, but for spirits, so that it wouldn't be easily forced out in times of importance
      All items have triggers (just not 100% finalized),
      for Page Placing/Transmutation is the action of placing a page in the book and speaking/writing/signaling in High Speech "Merge!"
      for Sophis' Recharge is when a part of the tome expends mana
      for Secured Place of Possessing Spirit is always active
      for spirit binding is when the owner/holder commands it in High Speech

      My point is, is this possible? Do you find it too much? How would you procceed with it? Is it actually possible to cramm all these Magic & Spirits in one place without side effects? What would it look like in Supernal/Spirit Vision? And last but not least.... does it qualify as an Artifact?


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        It would definitely not be an Artifact. Artifacts are beyond the ken of mere Mages, they are crystalized Supernal Truth. Trying to create one is very fitting Obsession, but it's not something you can realistically acomplish unless you plan on going for Archmastery.

        I really don't see the point of having an Imbued Item for Create Fetish. And when you remove all the Spirit stuff that doesn't really need to be imbued spells, then the battery is also unnecessary. The only remaining imbued spell is the transmutation thing, and that would be perfectly ok.


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          The only way to "create" an Artifact is just to keep summoning Supernal Entities until you get lucky and one's carrying an Artifact, then face it's test to prove your worthiness to keep it.