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  • [Crowd-sourcing] Proximus Houses

    So, I'm trying to create 5-6 Proximus Dynasties for a potential setting/game, and I haven't yet been able to find the time. It's based around a central school/academy that teaches the Proximus scions of these families/Dynasties. Very Harry Potter feel (though the Houses in this case are more inherent than determined by any Sorting Hat).

    Ideas for the families/Houses? Even variant takes upon the Potterverse ones would be appreciated, though more original concepts would be better. At least 1 per Path is the goal.

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    In my Australia game - which has been on hiatus for personal reasons, apologies to my players - had Proximus Houses as a local Ladder Obsession. The only one I detailed heavily were the Lighthouse Keepers.

    The Lighthouse Keepers were an Acanthus-descended House, with Space as its third Arcanum. All family members had vision problems, but those manifesting true Proximus abilities developed misty cataracts over their eyes. Normally, these cataracts were thin enough to see through, at least a little - inflicting a -2 penalty to Wits+Comp rolls based on sight, but still allowing enough vision to navigate - but deepening to the Blinded Tilt when the curse grew worse.

    The Lighthouse Keepers got their name because of the House's natural attraction to the oceans, and the strong presence of mist and water in their visions. Their heraldry often includes lighthouses, which have obvious symbolic connection to the watchtowers... And, yes, they're usually rich enough to have heraldry. Lighthouse Keepers can predict the future and muck with Fate; their business investments tend to be quite successful.


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      I did this in 1e for my site, so you might need to convert it since the blessings are based upon 1e powers - but the source material should work for you. I can try to update it for you if you like it.

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      Mystery Dynasty
      Parent Path: Obrimos
      Nickname: Scribes

      The Scribes of Enoch trace their lineage back to the man of the same name. They claim that their Ancestor, Enoch, walked the steps of the Awakened path before the Fall of Atlantis, when magic was at it's greatest and the Awakens were gods. They cite that upon the age of 365, he Ascended to the Supernal, leaving his children to maintain his works and to keep and preserve his secrets for those worthy of claiming them.

      To ensure they were capable of this, he created an Artifact, known as the Enochian Manuscript, and left it in the care of his son, Methuselah. The book bestowed upon Methuselah and his children the power to maintain and keep safe it's progenitors power, and they recreated it, time and time again, maintaining it throughout the Lines Libraries, with Methuselah himself holding the original. It's said that the book maintained Methusaleh's age, throughout all his years. When the Exarches besieged Atlantis, it is said that it effected the whole of the world, swallowing the world with a great and terrible catastrophe.

      During this time, Noah, the shepherd protecting the world from the torrents of the book, a descendant of the line who'd awakened and predicted the impending doom, stole the book from Methuselah, and hid it outside the main source of the impending doom: Away from Atlantis, away from the Ground Zero as it would be, along with a source of several grimoires that many claim hold the secrets needed to protect magic, to remake the ladder, and to create Atlantis anew, in the event of the Fall.

      Whether or not this legendry is true or not is up for debate, but its what the lineage believe. Awakened challenge it, however, siting that if such was the case, things would have already been fixed, the Abyss closed, the Ladder restored. The elusive Noah's Ark, which contained all of the most essential pieces of magic, -must- have been found if this was the case: Otherwise, how is it that the Enochian Manuscripts found their way into the halls of the Mysterium, kept by the Censors in a Consilium in Jerusalem?

      Regardless of whether this legend is true or not, the fact remains that the Mysterium has it. More importantly, the fact remains that the Mysterium refuses to give it -back- to their rightful owners, providing no end of tension between the Scribes and the Mystagogues. Still, they allow for the old practice Methuselah is said to permit: The replication of the original manuscript, to be passed through the line. The Mysterium uses this to build a relationship of Guanxi between the line and themselves, citing that they maintain the book for its protection, and that by protecting it they are protecting the line.

      Blessings : Prime -- Copy Grimoire (•), Supernal Vision (•), Calling the Messenger (••), Supernal Script (••), Girding the Champion's Faith (•••), Celestial Fire (•••), Forces -- Living Library (••••), Containment (••••), Time -- Library of Time (••), Mind -- Gain Skill (••), Perfect Mnemonic (••), Matter -- Duplication (••••)

      Note that the dot ratings are for the original rotes. Add 1 dot to determine the Merit rating of each Blessing.

      Curse: As the Keeper's of the Manuscript, the Scribes of Enoch find that without it, they are little more than mere mortals. In order to actually benefit from a Scribe's Blessings, the Scribes need to be able to read the rote from a Grimoire that uses the exact same Imago that is known to the Scribe.

      Oblations: Reading a book, acting as a Scribe for a grimoire or another individual, Studying the Enochian Manuscripts

      Concepts: Arrogant Librarian, Fantasy Writer, Artifact Loan Shark, Voicemouth of God
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        please feel free to use a proximus dynasty I posted on this thread

        First crack at Proximi write up, wanted more Myrddin/Walkers in the Mist related shenanigans for my chronicle. I need to write more in the way of background fluff but I'm coming down with monitor induced weariness and wanted to post something before turning in. Comments and Criticisms gratefully revived. Proximi Dynasty: The Mist Blinded You know he was one of us right? The big guy with the pointy hat, capital M? Yeah of course he was a real Awakened. The Deacon supposedly even has a Grimoire he wrote. Arthur and all that other stuff? That stuff is kinda is up for debate, it sorta did happen

        Also there is this topic here full of other homebrew proximi

        I was revisiting my ideas for a lineage of Proximi, and I decided to put up this thread to not only share it and ask for critique, but also give a place for people to pitch their own ideas about these magically endowed families. I'll probably be doing some conversions for the Proximi in the Silver Ladder blue book once I've ironed out the Quartermaines. Fire away :D


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          Axelgear - thanks, those might be a good fit.
          Jakondite - hmm. Doesn't look like it will work here, being 1E. Basic concept might fit, though...
          WelshBoi - Bit of overlap above with the Lighthouse Keepers. I checked through the homebrew thread and some might fit with adaptation, but nothing outright.
          This issue is, these basically need to have their own niche, and be somewhat reliant upon each other (at least in modern times). They have petty feuds, but honestly work better together. Like a microcosm of the Pentacle, really.

          I have a few ideas that I'll post later.

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          Yossarian: "And lo, it was optimal."