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    Due to being awake at an ungodly early time since I worked through the night, I felt like it was time for this. Sorry Korogra and Nyrufa, I just couldn't wait ^^"

    For the other Threads, see

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    As the tradition goes: If you were a Mage, what sort of Awakened would you be? What Path would you be part of (and why?), what Order would you join? Your Arcana? Would you want to join a Legacy? What would you typically be doing?
    And what would you be as an Archmage?

    I'll start us off.

    Path: Obrimos
    Reason: I belief in will. Not just will as the product of happenstances, but the reflective, aware decision that is to know oneself, and to change oneself. Control over oneself has always been fascinating to me, and the mind is probably one of the most intriguing constructs that exist. All of these come together in the Mastigos. While I can respect certain taboos, I am a at odds with the concept in and off itself - something I belief an Awakening to the Path of the Iron Gauntlet would only enhance. I can traverse social bodies and not end up adrift on the fringes, but I find myself often annoyed by certain structures that have become accepted as necessities: the small talk when both have better things to do, the false friendliness, the hipocrisy.
    I am probably one of those who would rather not deal with goetia, and instead focus on other uses of Mind. I could definitly see me try for the Eleventh Question Legacy after some time and preperation.
    However, my given, not chosen Path would be Obrimos. Because if I am honest with myself, what draws me, intrigues me and pulls at my heartstrings is power, and the knowledge of and for power, and direction for using that power. I am convinced of the existence of reality-governing laws, as well as their necessity.
    As an active believer, an Awakening would most likely integrate that faith, and if not that, I am rooted in science and a fundamental conviction that everything and anything has rules, laws that govern it - even if I may not be privy to them. I have no problem with holding up two seemingly contradicting concepts at the same time, seeing both as equally valuable and correct - I didn't go Elodoth without a reason in You as a Werewolf.

    Order: Mysterium
    Reason: I went Bone Shadow, I went Ordo Dracul, and I went Makara (well, 1/2 times) - the pursuit of knowledge is a thing with me, has always and will probably stay with me for a long time. I am a curious guy, and the more reasons there are for me NOT to know something, because it is dangerous, forbidden or the like, the curioser I am about it. I like the feeling of exploration, of discovering, and who did not want to emulate Indiana Jones at least once? And now, the ancient past (a thing I already adore) has the benefit of holding mythical knowledge - how could I ever say no? Traveling the world would be absolutely a thing for me, and I would not be particularly bothered by withdrawing from Sleepers other than my family (who I could still write/phone with). As a prospective teacher, I am a proponent of first-hand experience, and

    Legacy: Despite going Mysterium, I could see myself join the Perfected Adepts. Martial Arts have always been a fascination and hobby of mine, and to combine the useful with the pleasent only makes sense to me. I would have to whip myself back into shape, but with such a goal, that should provide plenty incentive to grit my teeth and pull through.

    Arcana: Forces 2, Prime 2. Some Life and Matter. Finally, sometime later, a bit of either Space or Time. Forces and later Matter especially could build on my current knowledge/understanding of Science, specifically Chemistry (which is something I'd dare say I have as a Speciality).

    Daily Business:
    I would probably be a comparatively chill Obrimos, due to the aforementioned "looking at the word through different lenses" thing. Chances are I'd be quite obsessed with accumulating knowledge, and would (sadly) certainly have my share of stupid decisions that would be born of Hubris. I would certainly fall prey at some point to overvaluing Arcane Insights in comparison to lifes, although I wouldn't steep so low as to become violent (I think. Hope). Nonetheless, I think I'd be a valuable addition to the Mysterium. I would definitly travel around, and Forces, Life and Matter should make that a bit easier. My own social skills should also help here.

    Archmage: Wow. Should I life long enough and be lucky enough to get there... well, the possiblities are pretty much endless. If I reached that, why stop there? Work towards Ascension! =D But seriously, just enjoy the awesome that is the supernal every once in a while. Take strolls in the Fallen world, albeit strolls with a purpose. "I take walks. Very enthusiastic walks." If possible without directly or grossly violating the Pax Arcana, I'd actively leave breadcrumbs, or even attempt to groom mages to become masters. And try to stay alive, of course =P Only a paranoid Mage makes it this far, and if it served well until then, why stop`? =D

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    I want with every fiber of my being to be an Obrimos, but I think at the day I'm more likely to wind up a Mastios or Moros; lots of hard introspection and painful exploration of personal identity is the Path I seem to be walking, whichever of that two fits it better. As for Order, I'm a Guardian through-and-through; I have a lot of reservations about Sleepers and their role in the world, and I would gladly waste away Obsessing over reincarnation and past lives forever. Lots of Astral exploration, especially inside my own Oneiroi, and maybe some ill-advised requests for other Awakened to peek around inside my soul to see what they can dig up.

    Remi. she/her. game designer.


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      Originally posted by atamajakki View Post
      I want with every fiber of my being to be an Obrimos, but I think at the day I'm more likely to wind up a Mastios or Moros; lots of hard introspection and painful exploration of personal identity is the Path I seem to be walking, whichever of that two fits it better. As for Order, I'm a Guardian through-and-through; I have a lot of reservations about Sleepers and their role in the world, and I would gladly waste away Obsessing over reincarnation and past lives forever. Lots of Astral exploration, especially inside my own Oneiroi, and maybe some ill-advised requests for other Awakened to peek around inside my soul to see what they can dig up.
      Being able to be honest with yourself like that is good! (I'd really, really like to be Moros.)

      Regarding your path: Exploration of personal identity, especially when it is painful and hard, feels more Mastigos to me - Transition and transformation is more of a thing for Moros, but there is a minute, but important difference between the two, especially since Mastigos focus more on the will and reconstruction, and Moros more on the soul and Perfection. In addition, Moros are more likely to be lonely or reserved, holding to decorum
      and embrace their imperfections — their personal, rotting nigredo — as the morass from which creative power emerges.
      How about this: how do you feel about Death, the Dead, and working with tools and machines? Those are the domain of Moros.

      Mastigos, well, there is no clear endgoal, it is a constant flux:
      The Path’s chief concern is the problem of the self. Mastigos cast off the illusion that they’re nothing but urges and emotions. After sifting them out, what remains? Psychonauts breathe and chant mantras to banish lingering biases or rebuild themselves anew


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        The ones with time arcane because im chll and I've always wanted to stop time
        Mystery the one about freedom can't remember the name for both sorry because i believe in equity for everyone
        The whiping boys or something about awakening everyone because there's more then 1 that dos that or something about freedom or truth
        If i had to say I'd try to awake everyone and try to ascend if whiping boy i would do the most perverted things every hour to ascent but sence i have a limit to that i would probably just try to awake everyone until i ascended
        As archmage I'd just keep awakening forever making lots of people awake all the time i would use time arcana to make little time pass while doing it and give up sleep and other things I'd travel around the world to awake as many people as possible even if the sheirs are on to me ok because i can't stand the enarchs
        If i ascended I'd try to kill or trap all the enarchs and I'd also try to get rid of the abess


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          Path: I like Moros/Mastigos/Obrimos more conceptually - but I think I'd end up a Thyrsus or Acanthus. I think those two paths reflect the truth about me, where the first three represent ideals. Thyrsus seems like the most sensible choice. It seems like I would be more comfortable. Acanthus is more in line with how I think things ultimately play out, for better or worse.

          I think I choose Acanthus because I often examine the past to derive meaning or messages - things to learn or improve upon. I also believe in a somewhat invisible hand of fate working in the lives of everyone, so Fate seems pretty intuitive to me/

          Order: This one is much more difficult because - if I went from my real life profession and aspirations - I'd be a Guardian (law enforcement or investigations.)

          Close contenders would include the Free Council (somewhat more in line with my political philosophy) and Adamantine Arrow (I'm a boxing and muay thai practitioner.) I'd probably reject the Adamantine Arrow, though. I don't find challenges particularly enticing as much as what the end goal is.

          As for Arcana? I'd limit it to my top 5 - Fate/Time and then Prime (to understand magic)/Life (to "perfect" myself)/ and ... this is kind of tough but either Mind (know stuff about people who might want to hurt/trick me) or Space (be able to come and go as I please.)

          Legacies? I haven't really given them much thought.

          Daily dealings? Investigating violations of Lex Arcana. I think I'd want to stick to mages because I'd be too anxious to pursue extremely novel entities. I don't want to become the guy who gets killed in the story before the heroes figure out how to beat the monster of the week. Pursuing mages would be familiar. Perhaps the most severe instances would be encountering Scelesti or Lich. Also anyone that works with non-mage supernaturals. I'unno. It all seems pretty horrifying when you're talking about the world of darkness.

          As an Archmage? Probably push the limits of my curiosity with Time and Fate while striving to remain undetected. I'd stick around to partake in the Pax Arcana.



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            I could hardly wait, too. I wanted to pre-type this analysis, but it was 3 in the morning at the time.


            Path: Mastigos

            Reason: While not being a 100% match, I believe that I resonate more strongly with the warlocks than with any other path. I have strong reservations about using the Mind arcana, as I believe in the sanctity of one's own mind. However, I also acknowledge that confronting one's inner demons and learning how to control them (as opposed to the other way around) would be an invaluable asset, and one in which I would very much like to make use of.

            Like the Mastigos, I acknowledge no master other than myself and I do not respond well to threats, blackmail or corporal punishment. In fact, I see it as a point of pride to strengthen my resistance against such obstacles. In other words, the more you try to control me, the more I'm going to lash out against that control. I also know how to bide my time and wait for an opportunity to strike back. I have been known to harbor grudges for years at a time, waiting for an opportunity to get revenge upon those who have wronged me in the past.

            As for Mastigos being antagonistic, that's actually something I could see myself doing. Whenever I have the option to choose my path in games or stories, then 9 times out of 10, the first option I will go with is the evil route. I save the good guy path for my second play through. There's quite enough stories out there told from the hero's perspective, and I like to see the villains get a win every now and then. And hey, if I can help my fellow mages develop themselves along the way, then bonus points for me, right?


            Arcana: I'm not one for subtle nuances, which is why most of my magic would be derived from the gross Arcana of M:tA

            Space - There are so many entertaining possibilities to be had with this; clown cars, flying sword slashes, giving idiots on the other side of the planet a good smack to the head. Yeah, I think I'd have a lot of fun developing Space.

            Mind - I want to say that my study of Mind would cap out at the disciple level of skill, as that is as far in its development that the current version of me is interested in studying. Levels 4 and 5 touch upon powers that go against my personal code of ethics. However, I won't rule out the possibility that my time as a mage could instill me with a motivation to study them, depending on what the future holds.

            Life - I am a man of hedonistic pleasure and I make no attempts to deny this. But everybody knows what a life of over indulgence tends to lead to. Fortunately, that's where this Arcana comes into play, allowing me to counteract the negative effects that threaten so many others. Also, it offers the power of shape shifting, which is something that I (as a supporter of transhumanism) am always fascinated with.


            Order:Silver Ladder

            Reason: In addition to dreaming of being able to wield magic personally, I also desired a world where magic was allowed to thrive publicly, instead of being forced to hide from humanity's collective notice. The Silver Ladder's ideals of guiding humanity towards a mass awakening would be a cause I could support. Especially if I get to help kick in the teeth of those ass hole Exarchs who decided we weren't special enough to join their club!

            Plus, I am strangely fond of teaching the knowledge I've obtained throughout the years to others. I say that it's 'strangely' because I haven't exactly been the most respectful towards other teaching figures during my youth.


            Legacy: Unknown

            Reason: At this moment, I don't see myself finding any particular legacy among the Mastigos compelling enough to join. Maybe the Clavicularius, for their ability to confront their (and others) personal demons and subjugate them. However, this is just a rough guess and not a final answer.


            Daily Business: Like many other warlocks before me, I would revel in my newfound power. Wielding magic has always been my fondest dream since elementary school and despite the 'unpleasant' experience that Mastigos go through in order to obtain their power, I would be ecstatic to learn that it was all real and at my finger tips.

            Learning how to confront and (more importantly) control Goetia would be a priority for me. I have struggled with several mental conditions my whole life and I also have a lot of repressed memories that I know for a fact screwed me up as a kid. As a Mastigos, I could deal with these problems head on and finally heal from my traumatic experiences when medication and therapy failed to achieve the desired result.

            Once that was taken care of and my nihilism was cleared up, I would probably devote my attentions towards pursuing the Silver Ladder's goals in earnest. That is to say, working to help enlighten the rest of the world to the existence of the supernal.


            Archmage: "I reject your reality and substitute my own!" No, seriously, fuck the Fallen world. If I ever actually managed to reach this level of mastery, you would never see me in this plane of existence again. I'd be roaming the supernal, in search of fun and excitement. Maybe I'd even create my own universes that cater more towards my whimsical desires. Because if I worked my ass off to obtain the powers of a god, then I'm going to use them!
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              I'd see myself as an Acanthus, personally. I'm fascinated by narratives and the stories we build for ourselves, as well as others. However, I'd see myself becoming someone who also develops a knowledge of the other Paths' perspectives, even if only casually. Akin to an Interloper. For Legacy, the Sphinxes. A Legacy that matches my personal belief in a mixed design universe, that also capitalizes on my inherent traits of being a spooky know it all who's also deeply charming? Sign me the hell up there.
              Finally, I'd go Mysterium, with a dot in Silver Ladder. A Senior Dudaichos who also knows to invoke the Lex when needed for our most closest partners? Very practical.


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                I feel most in tune with the Moros outlook personally. Not because I have some extra experience with death, but because I am such a grounded, here and now person. I work with what is, not what might be. And while I do look to the future, I am mired in here and now.

                As I have mentioned in other threads, I see myself as a Soldier, and Awakening would not change that. The Arrow fits me best.

                Legacy wise, I really would hope for something like Celestial Masters, but I am really not sure where my soul would go.

                My arcana would be Matter>Death>forces>Space. probably in that order for the most part. Maybe life down the road, purely for the transmutational aspects.

                As an archmage, I'd probably spend some time exploring the underworld. I want to Know more about what happens there and beyond.


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                  Path: I could honestly see myself walking any path apart from possibly Moros, but I would probably suit best as either an Acanthus or a Mastigos. Most likely the latter.
                  The Mastigos Awakening would suit me because it often comes to the psychologically troubled, and also because my worldview fits into Pandemonium perfectly. The Acanthus Awakening might also fit me, because I experience a lot of Deja Vu and struggle against the inexplicable feeling that everything I do is predestined, which fits with the sort of feeling that could compel someone to seek the freedom offered by the Watchtower of the Lunargent Thorn.

                  Order: My general philosophy fits perfectly with the Silver Ladder. I believe in the common good and think that power should be used to uplift Humanity. I believe that we can build a better world, but that to do that you need proper leadership and organisation. Hell, even my spiritual beliefs kind of fit with the Thearch idea of the Avatar.
                  I could also see myself joining the Mysterium, but I would likely end up frustrated by that order's lack of vision. I'd love to focus on mystical academic issues and the general experience of the Mysteries, but there are still so many prisoners in the cave to free.

                  Legacy: I could see myself joining any number of Legacies, which certainly makes it difficult to choose. I'd probably settle on either the Pygmalian Society or the Clavicularius.

                  Arcana: If I were a Mastigos, I'd probably be very focused on Mind rather than Space, likely with a bit of an investment in Time and another depending on which Legacy I would join. If I were an Acanthus, I'd probably favour Time over Fate and would likely invest in Space.

                  Daily Business: I would likely spend a lot of time just figuring out the workings of magic and examining things under Mage Sight, but that's not really 'business'. As a Mastigos I'd likely spend a lot of time working in the Astral Realms, in order to bring about desired changes in both myself and the psychological landscape of Humanity. I don't know what I'd do as an Acanthus.

                  Archmage: As an Archmage, I'd probably be more of an Exemplar than a Boddhisattva. I'd work on improving Humanity's mindscape and generally bringing people closer to mass Awakening. My Noumenon would be a vision of Humanity that is smarter, more compassionate and much harder to fool.

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                    Path: I think I would probably be an Acanthus, Mastigos, or Thrysus. For Acanthus there's the fact that the Fool Tarot has had a quite personal resonance to my personality, because I like to throw myself to the winds, and just follow along with the flow of what happens. There's the fact that I've had experiences with temporal acceleration, where I personally just seemed to not be able to keep up, and that my mind seems to leap from moment to moment (either because of my memory issues or causing them). Then there's how much I'm attracted to a good narrative, and how I'm compelled toward all things Fae. There's also the fact that my mental age doesn't correspond to my chronological age, my body left my mind behind long, long ago...

                    For Mastigos there's the fact that I am, as Kleptomania put it mentally troubled, I tend to get lost in my mind more often than not, I'm extremely introspective, often emotionally tumultuous, tend towards psychologically tormenting myself in a nigh never-ending obsession with trying to put myself into a psychosis just to see how it feels, and the fact that I appreciate the Mental World over the Physical Realm (thank you Digital Age). Then there's the fact that I have compartmentalized my mind to the point that I have started to anthropomorphize parts of my personality (kinda mentioned that in a post following up my "You as a Beast" write up), and No I do Not have Split Personalities... Just... ya... Again, I'm weird.

                    My Prime reason for saying Thrysus would have to be my strong feral side and a penchant for putting myself in an animalistic mindset, been doing it since I was a kid and that kinda headspace is rather fun to interact with. This is more than likely the case because I've always been much closer to animals than I have been to people, didn't have friends growing up. But, that's not the only reason, there's the fact that on a day to day basis I more often than not follow my instincts and indulge my emotions, the fact that I believe in Animism, and that I have a tendency for overindulgence. Heh... I remember before I met people I care about online, I wanted to go out to the middle of the wilderness and just live off the land, truly go back to nature...

                    Order: I would have to say that Mysterium would more than likely be the Order I'd choose, and if not them the Free Council, cuz Science, Exploration, Learning those are things I would More than HAPPILY go after.

                    Arcana: If I were an Acanthus I'd more than likely go with Fate over Time, and learn Life, Space, and Mind. If I were a Mastigos I'd probably go Mind over Space and take up Fate, Spirit, & Time. And If I were a Thrysus I'd honestly say I'd probably go for Life and Spirit, though I'd go for Life more, I'd also pick up learn Fate and Space, and then I'd want to pick up Mind in the future as well...

                    Daily Business: Depending on which of the three I become, I'd probably want to do tons of exploring in their other spacial realms. While Yes I understand that the Hedge is Quite dangerous even to a mage, I would More than Happily explore it. If I were going to the Astral I'd be looking for realms that piqued my interest within the Temenos and later the Anima Mundi, and if I were a Thrysus, well, in all honesty instead of wanting to go into the Deeper shadow I'd more likely want to explore Life, biomes across the world and learn more about it, create life and protect it. I truly want to Learn...

                    Archmage: I kinda agree with Nyrufa on this one, SCREW the Material..... I want to go to Elsweyr... Then Again, I have loved ones, now, I wouldn't want to leave behind, so eh... I dunno, I guess I would probably become an Exemplar after realizing what I was leaving behind...

                    Edit: After another good year of experience and introspection... I think I can narrow my choice down to Acanthus or Thrysus... Because I've thought about it and I'm pretty sure I could never conquer my thoughts in the way that a Mastigos does. The demons of my mind are very real and I work hard at them every day, but control them? I don't think I could ever truly do that. Thrysus having Mind as an Inferior Arcanum seems pretty resonant with that... I'd want to pick up Mind, but I couldn't right away, leaving me with time to contemplate it, but then again Thrysus aren't known for contemplation, its the very reason that Mind is their Inferior Arcanum in the first place. This then leads me back to the Acanthus the one who's tarot represents me the best, and with how I've been observing the eddies of fate in my and my friends' lives the last couple years... Yeah, I think I can say I feel an even stronger pull towards the Path of Fate.
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                      Path : That ones tricky the best path that i found for me was with Dataweaver's The Other Five Paths ( ) with the Kleos path of Time and Mind. This path follows the supernal symbols of memory and myth which are both incredibly important for me as i am following advance studies in history with the end goal of becoming a teacher. But if i'm to take one the path of the core book. At first glance, i would take mastigos as i am an incredibly introspective person. But with further thoughts into it i find that the Acanthus would be a good fit as well (tho a less obvious one). Whenever i am confronted with a problem i have a tendency to try to sidestep or change everything around in order to make said problem irrelevant, instead of confronting or solving it.

                      Order : No difficulty making a choice here, i would be silver ladder through and through (in good relation with mysterium and guardians of the veil). Although i dont think i am conventionnal leader material, i strongly believe that education is the path to enlightenment and that it is the enlightened who should make the decision. It doesnt matter how many people who agree on something it is those that know the right answers that are right.

                      Arcana : Time (mainly to see the past) and Mind would be important to me for sure. But if i have to be honest, i would probably be that weird mage that has 1 dot in every arcana then start earning my second dot in all of them.

                      Daily Business: Apart for continuing in my efforts to become a teacher, i would probably try to devise a way to combine all the mage sights together. I would have like a second or two of complete understanding in what surrounds me then my eyes would melt or my head would explode, and that's if everything goes according to plan.

                      Archmage: Not interested. Like Socrates i would rather go back in the cave to teach others and help them awaken.

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                        Orderwise, I'd probably end up either in the Mysterium or the Free Council. I am definitely a fan of the knowledge-seeking of the Mysterium, but the Free Council's openness to new ideas and incorporating the evolving world into extant magic is highly appealing as well.

                        Path is tricky. I am attracted to a lot of Paths... If I had to guess, I suspect I'd awaken as a Mastigos or a Moros. The former is reflective of my more cerebral nature; the latter, though, has a lot of iconic similarity/alignment to certain mystic signs (I am heavily an Earth-aligned person, in both my Eastern and Western Zodiac, for instance). Then again, any of them could surprise me and find a hold in me (for reasons I will soon explain, I wouldn't mind Thyrsus finding a place for me).

                        Obviously my Arcana would depend on my Paths. However, I would definitely try to study as many as I could. My preferences would be to study Mind, Spirit, Life, and Fate primarily. I would favor subtle Arcana over the gross ones - I don't want to risk Paradox through the use of more obvious spells, and find the subtle to be more suited to my personality (but Life is also a favorite because of desires to change things about myself).

                        I don't know which Legacy I'd follow. There are a lot I like for what they can do; there are others I like for their philosophy. It would likely depend on my Path and Order and what is available as a result. If I ended up a Moros in the Free Council, I'd likely pursue the Celestial Masters; if I was in the Mysterium, I'd be attracted to the Reality Stalkers or the Daksha; if I was focused on being a Mastigos, the Clavicularius or Bene Ashmedai would also interest me.

                        My daily business would be focused on exploring the magic in the world (and the world as a whole). Depending on my Path, how I explore it would vary, but I'd definitely spend as much time as I could trying to explore everything at my disposal. I'd also be working on subtly improving my life - use Life to help lose weight and get in shape, or Mind to make my mindset such that I could bring myself to achieve those goals, etc.

                        As for archmastery... possibly. But only when I have explored this world to the fullest.


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                          Path: Mastigos. I am an apostate from every group I join or find myself in. I'm not sure if that makes me an Oathbreaker, but I relate to the idea of magic as a struggle with the self.

                          Arcana: I would only study Mind in order to look inward and conjure the demons I find there. I'd study just enough Space to learn to smear locations together. I would dedicate the rest of my time to mastering Life, because I fear death and physical decay - I'd never internalize the lessons of the Moros.

                          Order: I could never join the Guardians - magic cop is still a fucking cop. I would probably steer clear of the Adamantine Arrow - I've never had interest in militarism. I love the idea of the Mysterium, but I'd probably balk at joining a cultish mystery religion and hang around the lower levels of initiation. I could end up a Ladder heretic and try my best to boost competent leaders and eschew ambition. To be honest, I'm concerned that I'd be tempted to join Panopticon - selling out has some incredible perks (like never having to pay rent again.)

                          Legacy: Hard to really beat out the Orphans of Proteus.

                          Daily Business: I'd want to explore as much as possible. I'd use my knowledge of Space to get in with a cabal that goes on excursions to distant places in the fallen world - both ephemeral and material.

                          Archmastery: There's no way I make it that far. I'd fall to some sort of Lichedom pretty fast, tbh. If I did, you bet I'd race toward practice of excision to remove my mortality. Once done with that, I'd probably end up in the Siddha and protect reality from the Aswadim. I would not be keen on seeking Ascension through Imperium. I don't want to lose myself to the ineffable.

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                            Path: Bassarid

                            This homebrewed path is probably the one that resonates the most with what I would like to be. If I Awakened, I think that could be it. Specifically, this quote:

                            They are rarely peaceful, submissive, humble, passive, depressed, or apathetic, and their calm has a deceptive quality; perceptive observers can still notice the strength hidden in their depths. They may be expected to pour their inner energy in eager pursuit of whatever they care about with frightening intensity, be it an obsessive lifelong goal, a few cherished interests, or the fleeting passion of the moment. It might be companionship, happiness, sensual pleasure, service, knowledge, power, personal excellence, novelty, or an ideal. Being Awakened, they usually focus a large portion of their vitality on pursuit of Obsessions, Mysteries, mystical knowledge, and magical power. They may or may not be spiritual individuals, but usually not of the kind that praises self-denial, a focus on the afterlife, or submission to an higher power. They tend to be among the mages most interested in the quest for immortality. Even those that do not seek it usually live their lives to the fullest, pursue self-realization, and strive to create some kind of lasting achievement or legacy.

                            I really enjoy the very positive outlook the path seems to have, about valuing the present, and life in general. It's certainly not how am I now (I'm both peaceful, humble and pretty passive) but it's more like, something I'd strive to me. So I could see myself Awakening to this Path. Incidentally, Life and Forces are my two favourite arcana.

                            From the 5 standard ones, I'd probably be either a Mastigos or an Obrimos. I don't really like the Mind arcanum (mostly for ethical reasons) so I wouldn't really want to be a Mastigos :P Even though I could see myself awakening as one. I wonder how quickly I'd succumb to the temptation of using Mind on Sleepers, though. Probably faster than I'd like to believe.

                            Order: The Free Council. Possibly the Mysterium, but probably Free Council. The whole idea of the young rebelling against old ideas, democracy, freedom ... it feels like a pretty perfect fit.

                            Legacy: What I'm most interested in is how magic interacts with modern technology and life in general. So I could see myself either joining the Transhuman Engineers, or some sort of technomancy legacy (like this) that focuses on manipulating technology and software.

                            Arcana: Forces and Life would be my two major ones. After that, some Space, Fate and Matter. I'm really not that interested in Time or Spirit at all, so those I might not grab at all.

                            Daily Business: I'd probably use my Forces to explore everything tech-related. I'd experiment, see what can and cannot be done. I'd probably do lot of illegal hacking, especially against corporations, governments and such. Just to see how far it goes.

                            Archmage: Probably something like, find the secrets for humanity's future as transcendant beings? Or something along those lines. Really, I've no idea what Archmages usually do!


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                              One more thing that might be worth thinking about since they inform a lot of the Mage's new life: Obsessions!
                              What obsession would you likely have?
                              For me, it would probably be something like uncovering old (or entirely new) knowledge, Awakenings (as in, collect information about it, recollection of others via interviews, about attempts to force one, ideally be present for one - might even fall to hubris and try to make someone a Mage myself), The Supernal Realms (which would be probably how/why I'd end up an Archmage) and Patterns of People (as in, how they can be affected, what they represent, etc)