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Sisterhood of the Blessed - a Time/Prime take on the 1e Legacy

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  • Sisterhood of the Blessed - a Time/Prime take on the 1e Legacy

    This variation on the legacy is created for a specific PC of mine - as are all my legacies. Eutalia - or Nicia Andretta when she's not using her Shadow Name - is daughter of a poor Italian immigrant family in New York. She's heavily involved with the Mafia, which is how she ended up as a Seer of the Iron Throne. One is simply the mundane arm of the other, making it a very easy transition. It's all in the family.

    My previous legacies are both Obrimos - Broken Bonds, a weird Lower Depths focused legacy, and House of Fire and Stone, which revolves around Occultation and crafting.

    Anyway, here's Eutalia's take on the Sisterhood of the Blessed. She's going to be initiated by another member, but I'm designing this to fit her already-existing arcana, rather than force her into the 1e mold.

    The skill prerequisites for each attainment are high. You don't progress as a Blessed Sister without being *good* at what you do. Before we get into the legacy, here's a new Merit based on Shifting Past, Eutalia's signature spell. Our group tends to balance homebrew merits (especially ones with Arcana prerequisites) against the possibility that the XP could be spent buying Gnosis or Arcana dots instead, meaning they end up pretty potent.

    Shifting Past (1-3 dots)
    Prerequisites: Time 3

    Lose one dot of skill or merit every time you gain a dot in Shifting Past. Twice per chapter, before making a roll or checking a background, you may add +(Shifting Dots) to the relevant value for the rest of the chapter (respecting the normal maximum).

    Sisterhood of the Blessed
    For more details about the Sisterhood of the Blessed in general, see "The Silver Ladder", pg. 174, or this wiki link.
    Parentage: Acanthus, offshoot of existing legacy

    Background: This offshoot of the Sisterhood of the Blessed began in Seattle, when a particularly amoral Sister met a Seer attempting to reestablish the Iron Throne's presence in the city. Given the insanity engulfing the consilium at the time, an alliance was struck, and the Sister began teaching Eutalia some of her secrets, bringing her into the local chapter of the Sisterhood. Eutalia found that that despite lacking Fate and Mind, she already used her magic in much the same way.

    Appearance: Like all Sisters, Eutalia usually presents a high-society appearance, though her own take on the legacy focuses more on authority and power than social class. She's as often seen wearing a police uniform as a cocktail dress - whatever the trappings of power are, she has them in her hands.
    Prerequisites: Time 2, Resources 2, and two of the following skills at 2 dots or higher: Empathy, Intimidation, Persuasion, Politics or Socialize.

    Initiation: The prospective Sister must be welcomed into the mundane sorority that shares the Legacy's name - the Sisterhood of the Blessed.

    Theory: Like all Sisters, this offshoot-initiation is dedicated to political manipulation. Unlike the main line however, it places less - indeed, very little - emphasis on remaining hidden. They remain subtle, however - few ever know exactly what they're after, or even who they really are, behind the too-perfect public persona they present to the world. To catch one in an unguarded moment is a sure sign that she's playing you.
    Ruling Arcanum: Time, Prime

    Yantras: Being dressed for a role the spell reinforces (+1); Hiding her real identity behind a role (+1); Succeeding at an Intimidation or Politics roll related to the spell (+2); Giving people exactly what they want (+1, or +2 if it was already enough to leave a Condition);

    Oblations: Careful grooming or preparation for a social event; Opulent gifts and magnanimous gestures; Getting her way without conflict;

    All the right friends
    Prerequisites: Initiation

    The Sister knows that all doors are open to the right person - her. As an Instant action, she spends a moment appraising the situation, and gains a +(Time) Equipment bonus to any social roll, or to any other roll that money, connections, and powerful friends could benefit.

    If she has Prime 1, after she makes a social roll against someone, she automatically knows if they're not who they appear to be, and gains a symbolic vision of what aspect of their appearance they're attempting to deceive her with. This information comes too late to change her initial approach, but requires no active suspicion on her part.

    (Perfect Timing + Pierce Deception. Reach for Instant and symbolic representation of truth, extra reach justified by the fact that it happens after she's already engaged with the target of her social roll)
    All the right places
    Prerequisites: Time 2, Resources 3 or Shifting Past 1

    While spending a scene preparing for an encounter by picking out clothes, taking extra care to groom herself and otherwise readying to present the perfect demeanor, the Blessed Sister casts a spell. This spell is captured into a hairpin, a credit card, a clipboard or whatever other accessory is appropriate, caught in the moment of casting and held, as Hung Spell.

    If the Mage also has Prime 2, then the spell does not trigger Peripheral Mage Sight, even when released, and active attempts to detect it - or notice it came from her, if such wasn't obvious - require a Clash of Wills against her Prime (with a bonus for Duration equal to her Time - 1).

    (Hung Spell + Supernal Veil. Reach for Advanced Duration)
    All the right moves
    Prerequisites: Time 3, two initiation skills at 3+ and another at 2+

    Power is not something one has, it is something others give you. A scene spent dealing with a group from a position of authority - social, economic, political or other - counts as the ritual time for casting a non-instant spell that matches the semiotics of her interaction. The Blessed Sister rolls twice to cast it and picks the better roll.

    If she has Prime 3, she also gains 8-again on the spellcasting roll.

    (Choose the Thread + As Above So Below. Reach to affect spellcasting and grant 8-again, justified by the fact that it requires a specific form of temporal power to wield)
    All the right faces
    Prerequisites: Time 4, Resources 4 or Shifting Past 2

    Watching the Blessed Sister work, one would think perfection came easily to her. That's not the case. An air of effortless ease always conceals behind it countless hours of practice. Regardless of the true cost, the effect is obvious - everyone she meets seems willing to bend over backwards to be in her good graces, and she hardly needs to lift a finger to get what she wants. Anyone she uses Social Manoeuvring against starts with (Time) fewer doors against her, which in most cases, means they immediately do what she wants.

    If she has Prime 4 and she's honest in her approach (though honesty doesn't necessarily mean *nice*), anyone she interacts with improves their impression level of her after the scene ends. This is in addition to any other improvements, such as by succeeding on a social roll, but only works once on any given character.

    (Prophecy + Words of Truth. Reach for Instant and Doors, justified by being useful only in this fashion instead of Prophecy's useful general effect)
    Bright enough to shine
    Prerequisites: Time 5, two initiation skills at 3+ and another at 5+

    Any character the Mage interacts with recognizes her as having 5 dots in whatever Status is appropriate to make them respect and pay attention to her. Soldiers will recognize her as their superior in the chain of command, politicians might will know she's a visiting head of state, and Mages will recognize her as a powerful representative of some faction that they need to pay attention to. This doesn't demand any particular reaction (many mages have innate distrust for authority figures), but it does mean that when she walks into a room, everyone takes her seriously.

    If she has Prime 5, anyone who lies to her or hides the truth gains the Guilty condition.

    (Shifting Past + Words of Truth, with reach for Instant, assigning Merit dots, and Advanced Duration)
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    I think you nailed the feel, especially given Eutalia's mafia background. The 1ed Sisters focused on two things: luck and discretion. A key characteristic was their ability to quickly assume a position of command and fade into the background if things derailed. Small coincidences and lucky breaks meant they could nudge things towards their favor once they were there without revealing their hand.

    Eutalia's approach is more direct. She forces away the poker faces and works with brutal objectivity. She comes prepared for talks, she thrives from asserting her command. Those that lie to her feel disincentivized to do so: "Why bother ? She will figure it out and I feel bad about it each time"

    And that is uniquely interesting, she doesn't need to hide as much as the Sisters or spin a honeyed web of lies like the Bearers. It might take longer, but when she earns a target's respect, even begrudgingly, it leaves a deep impression. If thing derail and she is forced into a retreat, she has a more flexible contingency that the original Legacy, albeit one that relies on her foresight to choose the right one.

    So yeah, fascinating approach. The only other feedback I have is that a symbol of the authority she is impersonating/representing could be a cool yantra.
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    The Agathos Kai Sophos, an Acanthus Legacy of strategists (Mind/Time)
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      Originally posted by KaiserAfini View Post
      So yeah, fascinating approach. The only other feedback I have is that a symbol of the authority she is impersonating/representing could be a cool yantra.
      Ooh, that is a super good idea, I'll see about putting it in. Thanks for the thought.


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        On a first look, it means that it rewards her going the extra mile to be believable. But it becomes more interesting once you realize mafia members tend to have a tradition of using a signet ring in their left pinky to mark their allegiance. Which means its convenient to have it on her at all times, because that symbolism can be handy in an emergency. But it also means carrying very damning evidence. I just think its a fun dilemma for her to work with.
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        New experiences are the font of creativity, when seeking inspiration, break your routine.

        The Agathos Kai Sophos, an Acanthus Legacy of strategists (Mind/Time)
        The Szary Strażnik, an Obrimos Legacy whose invisible hands guide through the Glyphs of Fate (Fate/Prime)