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House Du Salomon; A Proximus Dynasty

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  • House Du Salomon; A Proximus Dynasty

    I've been trying to learn Mage 2E, and in the process, made a Proximus house for the game I'm going to be joining soon. And since this is the first homebrew I've done this edition, I thought that I should share.

    And so, hoping for supernal mercy, I place the following on the stage...

    House Du Salomon
    Well known to be one of the less tightly-knit Proximi Dynasties, the House of Salomon are traditionally split, with the ‘main’ family line traditionally associated with the Mysterium, while outlying bloodlines are instead supported by the Guardians of the Veil, who find them useful in Labyrinth cults.

    According to the notoriously dubious official record of their history, the house itself was founded during the Renaissance, and involved an attempted infernal pact which instead called down a being of Pandemonium, the pact with the Supernal entity being passed down through the bloodline.

    Appearance: Physically, members of the house of Salomon have mahogany or auburn hair, with green or hazel eyes, and are typically rather pale compared to others who get the same amount of sun exposure. When viewed through senses capable of perceiving Twilight, each Salomon’s vice visibly manifests as an ephemeral marking or item on their person, such as a greedy member of the house being adorned with golden shackles, or a violent one being perpetually bloodstained.

    Nicknames: Faustians, Constantines
    Parent Path: Mastigos Blessings (Space, Mind, Spirit);
    Space -- Correspondence (•), Lying Maps (••), Scrying (••), Ban (•••)
    Mind-- Know Nature (•), One Mind, Two Thoughts (•), Mental Shield (••), Psychic Domination (••), Enhance Skill (•••)
    Spirit -- Coaxing the Spirits (•) Exorcist's Eye (•), Know Spirit (•), Gremlins (•), Gossamer Touch (••), Command Spirit (••), Opener of the Way (••), Spirit Summons (•••) Curse: The house of Salomon are not infallible gatekeepers of flesh and shadow, just the opposite, each of them is vulnerable to temptation, and the creatures of shadow are well aware of it.

    Persistent: Members of the house of Salomon are considered to be Resonant for all spirits, and when viewed in Twilight, bear a marking or accessory that symbolically represents their Vice. Spirits instinctively understand this marking, and will attempt to tempt or bargain with the Proximus, arranging a situation in which they can use the Proximus’ Vice as leverage. These petitioners are usually Squires and Knights, although greater spirits are not unheard of, should the proximus do something to draw their attention.

    Regardless of a spirit’s rank or methods, should the Proximus surrender to temptation, they find themselves indebted to the spirit. This debt takes the form of a single task or service owed, and generally is something that could be accomplished within a single scene devoted to the task.

    Beat: It is all too easy for the Salomon to catch the wrong end of a bargain with the inhabitants of the shadow. When the Proximus suffers unintended consequences as a direct result of their efforts to pay off his debt to a spirit, take a Beat.

    Severe: When a Salomon succumbs to Paradox, or remains indebted to a spirit for a full week without paying the service owed, the temptations from beyond the veil wear away at their will all the faster. The Proximus now loses a Point of Temporary Willpower each time they reject further temptation, until one full week has passed or they make amends for the initial debt.

    Oblations: Preparation or upkeep of a ritual circle or altar, Researching demonology, Making a spectacle of indulging in Vice, Non-magical efforts to pay off debt owed to a particular spirit, Elaborately tempting another to indulge in vice.
    Example Concepts: Armchair demonologist, Heartless party-boy, Exorcist for hire, Enabler who actually cares, Alcoholic preacher.

    Currently Playing: A large, mixed splat game of CofD. As: Seraph du Salomon, Voice on the concordance. Unsubtle man reluctantly participating in the business of Magi. Awakening 2E homebrew