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[2e Legacy Homebrew] The Unique Collector, an Abyssal Legacy

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  • [2e Legacy Homebrew] The Unique Collector, an Abyssal Legacy

    Another request, this time an Abyssal Legacy. This Legacy is more powerful than most of the others I've made, but if you're going to treat with the Abyss, you should get more than just a normal Legacy out of it. I feel like the Attainments are in line with the theme and scope of Abyssal Legacies, still, but I'm interested to hear everyone's thoughts and opinions.

    I found this one pretty difficult, conceptually, I'd just done a Death/Prime Legacy (with an entirely different focus) and the request was very specific in what was being sought. I tried to play up a bit of an Abyssal Alchemist vibe, even though it doesn't use Matter.


    Unique Collector
    (Abyssal, Death)

    The One That Devours Not-Ones So That One Is Perfect is an Annunaki Whose strength comes from reinforcing Its own symbols by breaking down and consuming the symbols of others, making It hostile not just to the Supernal, but to other Annunaki as well. In the Phenomenal Its goal is to consume or control everything, and destroy copies and even similar things so that It achieves perfect Uniqueness. To this end It makes contact with a single Mage and begins the process of merging, the chosen Mage has always been a Hungry Banisher, as those align most closely with The One That Devours No-Ones So That One Is Perfect’s aims.

    Parentage: The One That Devours Not-Ones So That One Is Perfect is the sole source of this Abyssal Legacy and only one member can exist at a time.
    Background: The one unifying trait of the line of Unique Collectors is that all were Hungry Banishers before being tempted to join this Legacy.

    Prerequisites: Death 2, Prime 1, Joining 2, Brawl 2.
    Initiation: Become the vessel for The Absolute All That Is.
    Theory: Uniqueness is perfection, the mere existence of copies or facsimiles diminishes the inherent value and power of the version you hold.

    Ruling Arcanum: Death
    Yantras: Symbols of uniqueness, such as a one of a kind collector’s item or an autographed painting (+1); destroying other items in a limited set, such as tearing up rare collector’s cards or breaking limited edition figures (+1, +2 if the item is Availability 3+); crippling or killing a the creator of a unique item you own so that it can’t be replicated (+3).
    Oblations: The Unique Collector gains twice the Mana from a ritual human sacrifice as they would normally, this destruction of another human reaffirms their uniqueness and therefore their power.

    All of this Legacy’s Attainments are Befouled Attainments.

    First: Acquire Targets
    Prerequisite: Initiation
    The Unique Collector knows how many of an object they see exists in the world and what it would take to end the current owner’s possession of the object. The object doesn’t need to be a physical object: pets, people, corporations, emotional connections, and other such concepts are all valid subjects of this Attainment; the only requirement is that it be identifiable and can be ended.

    Second: One of a Kind
    Prerequisite: Joining 4
    The mere touch of the Unique Collector causes objects that aren’t one of a kind to begin to rot and decay, losing Durability or Armor Rating (ballistic first) equal to the Unique Collector’s dots in Death. The Unique Collector can also spend two Paradox from their pool to directly deal Structure damage instead of causing Durability loss. This ability is always active (and thus would take effect on a successful Brawl attack), but does not affect the Unique Collector’s own possessions. Items whose Durability is reduced to zero with this attainment and then destroyed (or are destroyed outright via reducing Structure to zero) leave behind an ectoplasm-like substance the Unique Collector can store for up to a week.
    Optional: Prime 2
    A Unique Collector can use the ectoplasm-like substance from the main Attainment to enhance an item they own in the same category so that when used as a Yantra it provides 9-again on spellcasting rolls, if the Unique Collector expends two Paradox from their pool the bonus is instead 8-again. Applying the ectoplasm-like substance takes a scene of work and the enhancement lasts for a length of time equal to the Unique Collector’s Prime dots on the Advanced Duration chart.

    Third: There Can Be Only Me
    Prerequisite: Death 3, Joining 5, Brawl 3
    Not only objects, but other people begin to rot at the Unique Collector’s touch: any living person with whom the Unique Collector comes in direct physical contact takes bashing damage equal to the Unique Collector’s dots in Death. If the Unique Collector owns pets or slaves the pets or slaves are immune to this effect, and if the victim has either the Fame or Occultation Merits then the victim reduces damage taken by their dots in the merit. The Unique Collector can spend Paradox from their stored Paradox pool to increase the damage dealt by this Attainment on a 1-for-1 basis. Living creatures killed with this Attainment leave behind an ectoplasm-like substance as with the previous Attainment. This Attainment acts as a Death Perfecting spell with Potency equal to dots in Death.
    Optional: Prime 3
    The Unique Collector can further enhance their possessions with the ectoplasm-like substance left behind by their destructive touch. By spending a scene infusing one of their possessions (object, animal, or person) with ectoplasm-like substance that matches their type, the possession gains a +1 bonus for a number of uses equal to the Unique Collector’s Prime dots. Equipment and weapons can be enhanced to up to a +5 bonus this way, animals and people can have their Retainer or Staff rating increased to up to 5 dots; if the Unique Collector expends a Paradox from their pool for each bonus or rating above 5, then the bonus or rating can be increased to a maximum of 10 (for 5 Paradox). Yantras can also be enhanced this way, but never past +3.

    Fourth: Hoard the Intangible
    Prerequisite: Death 4, Joining 7, Brawl 4
    To the Unique Collector everything is a zero-sum game, every gesture of affection directed at someone else is a gesture not directed at them, if someone else is happy then the Unique Collector is less happy than they could be. With this Attainment the Unique Collector can attack an esoteric or ephemeral concept through a physical representation or possessor of that concept. To do so the Unique Collector touches the representation or possessor of their target, but instead of the normal effects of their second or third Attainment, the Unique Collector destroys the target not the representation. The potency of this assault is equal to the Unique Collector’s dots in Death and can be augmented by spending Paradox from their pool on a 1-for-1 basis, and is Withstood based on what’s being attacked: Sympathetic Connection for relationships; Merit rating for Allies, Status, and similar; and Resolve for emotions or other esotery unique to an individual. Large organizations cannot be destroyed just by removing the Merit from a single person, instead Doors should be assigned based on the size of the organization, destroying linchpins (removing the merit from key board members, destroying the original documents of incorporation) opens a Door, once all Doors are open the organization begins to fail. Esoteric and ephemeral concepts destroyed this way leave behind the ectoplasm-like substance.
    Optional: Prime 4
    As the third optional Attainment, but now organizations, emotions, and other esotery can be enhanced by the ectoplasm-like substance; Sympathetic connections raised to Connected in this manner can be made permanent with the investiture of five Paradox from the Unique Collector’s Paradox pool.

    Fifth: Death 5, Joining 9, Brawl 5
    The One That Devours Not-Ones So That One Is Perfect is almost manifest, filling Their meat-suit with Their presence. The Unique Collector can channel this to devastating effect, with a scene long ritual the Unique Collector allows The One That Devours Not-Ones So that One Is Perfect to partially manifest, this causes everyone and everything not owned by the Unique Collector within a radius of their Death dots in miles to suffer the effects of the second through fourth Primary Attainments.
    Optional: Prime 5
    For a point of Mana the Unique Collector can add the following effect to the 5th Primary Attainment: all Nodes and Leylines, and all Hallows whose rating is lower than the Unique Collector’s Prime dots, dry up or fall dormant (as appropriate to their type), and a Hallow equal to the total rating of all Hallows made dormant this way is formed where the Unique Collector is standing. This newly formed Hallow has the resonance of The One That Devours Not-Ones So That One Is Perfect. This effect lasts for 1 + the Unique Collector’s Prime dots/2 on the Advanced Duration chart, for 2 points of Paradox from their pool this effect is Lasting.
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    Do they have any interaction with the category of Artifacts that became Artifacts via uniqueness (whose name I forgot)?

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      Originally posted by 21C Hermit View Post
      Do they have any interaction with the category of Artifacts that became Artifacts via uniqueness (whose name I forgot)?
      Eidoforms? I would consider all Artifacts to be sufficiently unique to be immune to the Unique Collector's touch, but all are certainly objects of their desire.

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        What does "Befouled Attainments" mean?

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          Originally posted by Tessie View Post
          What does "Befouled Attainments" mean?
          They're described in Nameless & Accursed, they're Legacy Attainments based on Befouled Rotes and they risk Paradox as if they were Befouled Spells.

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            Originally posted by Tessie View Post
            What does "Befouled Attainments" mean?
            The term "Befouled Attainment" is only used once in a Legacy sidebar, but the thing it's describing can be found in the last paragraph of the "Autarchs and Shedim" section, straddling pages 96 and 97.

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