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Yet again with another Lower Depths help request

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  • Yet again with another Lower Depths help request

    So I am running a changeling game and the plotline of the game involves the abyss weakening the boundaries of reality around the hedge which causes scars into the lower depths to appear in this local area of the hedge. I had an idea just now while reading Mummy, as Duat is a lower depth that essentially lacks Sekhem...I wondered what a Lower Depth that lacks Glamour would look like and what it's denizens would be like. So rather than doing work I thought why not crowd source for them good ideaz ....So, does anyone have thoughts?

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    hmm, maybe something without any wonder or emotion. a world full of life, but no one is truely living. a monotonous realm whose demons steal wonder from others. i see it as a massive city, without any color or vibrancy, everything grey and boring. its denizens are essentally broken bussinessmen, going to work and back with a defeated air (maybe grey and blobby, maybe not). no one smiles, no one cries, there is no emotion, just a palpable air of defeatism. there is no plantlife, nothing tree like or anything.


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      Spiders and miscellaneous arachnid monsters flock from a giant hunting ground of webs and trap-holes, where even a tinge of any notable emotion that can potentially provide Glamour rings out to the arachnid acathartoi within, like how a captured butterfly’s flaps shake the web and alert the spider.

      The spiders may or may not be related to the Azlu (the Spider Hosts from Werewolf) whose schemes stiffen the Gauntlet into dissonant Barrens. Someone who I can’t remember made an observation some time ago that spiders seem to be threshold-guardians of a sort in the CofD world, so there’s that to ponder about too.
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        I think it would look like the game The Void by Ice Pick Lodge. Emotions manifesting as a rare, tangible, limited and potent resource that brings color and change to the world. The ever encroaching threat of oblivion lurking as the Scar hungers for Glamour and the desperate escape to the surface, much akin to returning from a Durance. Perhaps those consumed become Changelings of this new Seeming and meeting said characters becomes the gateway to this Mystery.
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          To define a realm which hungers for Glamour, it's first prudent to define Glamour. 2e core is both forthcoming and vague: It's supernatural energy created from strong emotions (from non-fae beings).
          A lack of Glamour could then be explored in three different ways:
          • A realm whose inhabitants lacks emotions and thus a source of Glamour.
          • A realm whose inhabitants have emotions that can't be used to generate Glamour.
          • A realm whose inhabitants are simply unable to generate Glamour themselves.

          In the first example I'd envision emotionless parasites who latch onto humans and drain their emotions until they too become emotionless husks.
          In the second example I'd envision a warped version of the Hedge. Maybe barren and unable to bear Goblin Fruits, or with Thorns which are much more aggressive and actively draining, whose inhabitants are slightly off in a way that prohibits their emotions from generating Glamour. One way to portray them would be to always have them react with a slightly wrong emotion; a joke might be calming instead of uplifting, great heights makes them angry instead of fearful, and being shown affection makes them laugh.
          The third example might have the most "normal" inhabitants in that they have emotions like regular humans, but with a universal Glamour addiction/abstinence that they have no natural way of alleviating. These beings might hunt down fae to steal their Glamour, or even try to bring changelings back to their homes to force them to harvest Glamour and then share it.

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            The thing about the Lower Depths is that what they look like literally does not matter.

            Duat as it's experienced in Mummy is a psychoactive hellscape for the Arisen to go through the Trials before a Memory reset, the Dark Places accessible to powerful Strix are impossibly dark and might not even be connected to each other, the insufficiency of the human mind to perceive the Inferno is remarked upon, Annwn only "exists" by bringing bits of reality into itself, and so on. 2e Core spells out pretty plainly that Scars are one-way doors for the overwhelming majority of observers, not least because they're missing fundamental things that people need to live.

            Their denizens have less demanding physiologies (or what passes for them), and it's always possible that their interaction with the world is primarily to corrupt the residents of the local space to suit their needs a la Diaboli or vampires. This raises the question of how you differentiate Glamour-eaters from conventional fae ecologies, but Changeling has systems for Ravaging mortals and there's already a published fetch power that drains the Glamour from everything around it.

            The bigger problem is that the Hedge is already a place where reality is out to lunch and highly resonant with the Abyss, so putting a door to a Lower Depth in there because of vague Abyssal action there (instead of, say, having that gate arise in the mortal world from a Hedgeway gone wrong somehow, a la Werewolf facilitating entry to the Gauntlet through a rite that defiles a locus) is going to be a little ookie.

            Like, if this is for a Changeling game you don't have to invoke the Hells of the standard cosmological model to bring in lethal monsters who devour Glamour and inhabit an especially hostile dimension, because that describes a lot of fae-adjacent stuff that already exists and is a broad umbrella to fit stuff under even if it didn't. What's the actual goal for this series of portals, in terms of theme and motif? What are the player characters going to bring into contact with these things by their history and miens?

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