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  • [Homebrew] Extraterrestrial Seekers Legacy

    Needs a better name. Suggestions appreciated.

    Extraterrestrial Seekers
    Spiritual successors to a deep-sea exploration Legacy, specializing in space exploration

    Nicknames: Seekers, Bubbles, Astronauts, Void Divers, Space Cadets (Derogatory)
    Organization: The Legacy tends to congregate into groups referred to as “Away Teams”. Away Teams focus on exploring a specific locale - a planet, section of space, emanation realm, or the like. Within these pseudo-Cabals, there tend to be one or two designated explorers, while the rest act as a supporting “mission control”. Away Teams welcome other Legacies in support roles, seeing the most cross-pollination with Tanshuman Engineers.
    Theory: Seek the Supernal in the unknown
    Background: The first Extraterrestrial Seekers were students of a mage from the nearly extinct Benthic Walkers Legacy. Upon witnessing the moon landing, these students took the principles of their teacher’s Legacy and forged their own. Inspired by the first manned mission to another world, the Seekers set out to become the secret vanguard of humanty’s expansion beyond the atmosphere. Quite a few are also involved in Sleeper space programs, hoping to use their magic-enhanced abilities to find Sleeper-safe solutions to FTL and the like.

    Oddly, the Astronauts have a deep fascination with High Speech. Quite a few work to maintain relations with the Mysterium because of this, and often cooperate with Legacies such as the Cryptologues to broaden the common lexicon. The reason for this fascination is simple - the Extraterrestrial Seekers are convinced that as the language of Truth, mathematics expressed through High Speech should be incredibly accurate. While the flaws of this belief have been pointed out on occasion, most mages don’t consider arguing to be worth the effort.

    Parentage: Free Council, Mastigos
    Ruling Arcanum: Forces
    Yantras: Star charts relevant to the spell (+1); EVA gear (+1); Extrasolar items (+2); Astronomy calculations expressed through written High Speech (+2)
    Oblations: Compiling star charts; Astronomical observations; Spending time in sensory deprivation

    Prerequisites: Forces 2, Space 2, Science 2, Professional Training (Scientist) 2
    Initiation: Solve a mathematical proof provided by your mentor. The proof is usually related to the given Away Team’s focus, and includes basic High Speech mathematics.

    Sensors Online
    (Forces ●, Space ●) Initiation
    Out in the void, more powerful magic can be used without fear of Dissonance. As such, the original Away Team focused on incorporating sensory spells into their souls, freeing up their Spell Control. Spending time in some form of sensory deprivation, the Astronaut’s perception alters to better accommodate exploration
    NOTE: Both spells are activated simultaneously

    Tune In
    Duration = Forces (Reach to Advanced Duration)
    Potency = N/A (1, 2 at Forces 2, 3 at Forces 4)
    Range = Self
    Casting Time = Scene

    Outward and Inward Eye
    Duration = Space (Reach to Advanced Duration)
    Potency = N/A (1, 2 at Space 2, 3 at Space 4)
    Range = Self
    Casting Time = Scene

    COMMENTARY: Debated using Nightvision, but Tune In works better with later Attainments

    Mission Log
    (Forces ●●) Hidden High Speech
    Expanding on the Astronaut’s ability to tap into signals, they are now able to alter and manipulate data. While the primary use is for communication, some Away Teams also use the Attainment to pilot drones with their mind.
    Duration = Forces
    Potency = N/A (2, 3 at Forces 4)
    Range = Self
    Casting Time = Instant (Reach to Instant Casting)

    COMMENTARY: Originally had Nightvision here, but Transmission works better. A space explorer should be able to communicate with Home Base.

    (Mind ●●)
    To ensure that their observations can be properly recorded and preserved for study by the folks back home, the Astronaut augments their ability to transmit data. They can now copy their thoughts and perceptions into other recepricales - other beings with a touch, or digital mediums by wirelessly downloading the data using the Forces portion of this Attainment.
    “Info Dump” *Custom Spell*
    Potency = Mind
    Duration = Two Turns, Three at Mind 4
    Range = Touch
    Casting Time = Instant (Reach to Instant Casting)
    NOTE: Deposits (Potency) items of data per turn into a designated medium. Base spell only works mind-to-mind, however Forces 2 allows for downloading onto digital mediums. ST is the final arbiter on how much information is contained in each item - this can be complicated when transcribing Outward and Inward Eye-enhanced perception. This ability by default does not transcribe Supernal information, such as Mage Sight.

    COMMENTARY: Can be useful even outside of space exploration, especially if Camera Obscura with the Lasting Reach is cast on the Astronaut. Spell itself is a variation of Telepathy

    Encounter Suit
    (Forces ●●●, Space ●●●) Science 3, Professional Training (Scientist) 3
    Earth, for all her dangers, is a gentle cradle for humanity. Outer space is much less forgiving. The Astronaut meditates at a location, synchronizing themselves with that “anchor point”. So long as this Attainment remains active, the Astronaut is surrounded by a zone of atmosphere identical to the anchor point. This bubble remains atmospherically distinct from the area around it - the Astronaut could walk amidst a volcanic eruption without issue, but would still burn if lava were to enter the radius of their bubble. However, changes to the anchor point such as flooding can cause significant issues for the bubble. As a final note, if transmission signals are present at the anchor point, they are also present within the bubble. This can avoid the time-delay of sending reports via Transmission
    Co-Location + Ban (Forces)
    Duration = One Week (Reach to Advanced Duration)
    Potency = N/A
    Scale = Up To “Large Room”.
    Range = Self
    Casting Time = Scene
    NOTE: The Astronaut can shrink the radius of the bubbled down to “skin-tight”, or up to “large room” sized. The duration can be refreshed by spending a point of Mana when it would normally lapse. If allowed to lapse, the anchor point must be manually set up again. If multiple anchor points have been set up, the Astronaut can switch between those atmospheric pockets as a reflexive action.

    COMMENTARY: The ability that sparked the whole Legacy. The use of Ban (Forces) makes it hard to justify this as a Forces-primary legacy, but Environmental Shield wasn’t quite right.

    (Forces ●●●●) Science 4, Professional Training (Scientist) 4
    Space is vast, and the Astronaut has much to do. This Attainment bends the laws of physics to accelerate their movement - low-rank Astronauts use it on their vehicles, while Masters use it on themselves.
    Velocity Control
    Potency = Forces
    Duration = One Week (Reach to Advanced Duration)
    Range = Self/Touch
    Casting Time = Instant (Reach to Instant Casting)

    COMMENTARY: The Adept and Master Attainments feel a lot more like being a superhero than I intended…

    (Space ●●●●)
    Transmissions are useful, but distance can cripple that utility. Using the backdoor of Space magic, the Astronaut opens views to distant vistas. These two-way visual windows are often used to communicate with mission control, or to scout a distant destination.
    Duration = Space (Reach to Advanced Duration)
    Potency = N/A (2, 3 at Space 4)
    Range = Sympathetic Range (Reach to Sympathetic Range)
    Casting Time = Instant (Reach to Instant Casting)
    NOTE: Anchor points are always treated as having Sympathy, for the purposes of this Attainment.

    COMMENTARY: Straightforward attainment. Possibly a little weak for an Adept Attainment, but I like the visual of an Astronaut flying through space with Mission Control talking to them

    Warp Drive
    (Forces ●●●●●) Science 5, Professional Training (Scientist) 5, Fluent High Speech
    Further bending physics, the Astronaut frees themself from gravity’s grasp. This takes time, reciting a complex mathematical proof that incorporates several obscure elements of High Speech.
    Duration = Forces (Reach to Advanced Duration)
    Potency = 3
    Range = Self
    Casting Time = Scene
    NOTE: Reach to “Fluid Movement” Reach effect. As long as Encounter Suit is active, the Astronaut is considered to have the basic obligatory secondary powers to, say, not be mushed by their own velocity or ripped apart by natural micro-meteors.

    COMMENTARY: SUPERMAN! But seriously, you can fly, and ignore most of the mundane concerns for space travel.

    (Space ●●●●●)
    Twisting the principles that facilitate their scrying and anchor points, the Astronaut shunts targets across space. Perfect for sending samples home, or exploring the final frontier!
    Potency = Space
    Duration = 1 Turn
    Scale = all extra factors to Scale (Mana to Advanced Scale)
    Range = Sympathetic Range (Reach to Sympathetic Range)
    Casting Time = Instant (Reach to Instant Casting)
    NOTE: "Everywhere" Attainment

    COMMENTARY: Pairs well with Scrying to teleport across the universe.

    Secrets and Story Hooks
    A wide selection of extrasolar objects have vanished from museums and labs across the country, and the local Astronauts seem to be preparing for a long term mission. Unfortunately, one of said samples belonged to the Mysterium, and they are NOT happy.

    An Astronaut Away Team has gone dark, their final transmission being a garbled mess of data. Attempts to scry on them or divine their location have failed. The Free Council is scrambling to decode the resultant files, and the Consilium as a whole is bracing for the worst.

    An Away Team has been building a moon base on the dark side of the moon. Unfortunately, so have a group of the Seers, and both cabals have just noticed each other

    An Away Team has been building an extrasolar base, and included a Co-Location portal. Unfortunately, extrasolar spirits are now using it to avoid the bulwark of Luna and Helios, and the local Werewolves are catching on.

    An emanation realm has been discovered, and the Mysterium has determined that an Astronaut is best suited to explore it.

    A Time-Master Astronaut claims to have achieved sufficient sympathy to teleport a team of volunteers to the center of the galaxy.
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