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How do you use Mysteries and Focused Mage Sight in your game?

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    Potentially you could have a set of focused mage sight questions, like 'is it supernal?' 'which arcanum/Arcana is it most associated with?' and some more... Hmm all the surface and deep infoisted seems a bit anemic to me.

    Power level of the creator?
    Spell factors used?
    Signature nimbus of the creator?
    What practice created the effect?
    How old the mystery was...

    Any of those would be valid question, but half the time you don't care about most of them.

    Like sure, sometimes you want to know the Nimbus of the creator, because you know it was anawakened spell and what it did... So the only question you really want to know is who did it.

    Other times you are investigating a mystery - you could want to understand what a changeling is doing when they harvest glamour (and potentially don't have long to catch them in the act to study it) - this is what i think makes a good mystery, Mages shouldn't by default know what the frak is going on

    But they do have the potential - if the ask the right questions, in my system, or if they roll well in the standard system - to figure out how to replicate a mysterious thing (with the right Arcana). Which is potentially very rewarding - and not just in fulfilling Obsessions.

    I think it is hard to write a prescriptive set of questions for those kinds of mysteries. But a few basics like 'which arcanum and/or practice does this most closely resemble?' does look like a good place to start for most mysteries.


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      I for one would love to read an example from Arcane if she has time.


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        Originally posted by MorganG View Post
        I for one would love to read an example from Arcane if she has time.
        It has turned into a whole ass project, complete with top down examination, tools to have on hand, and three examples, including a new setting Mystery drawing from the Gernsback Continuum and set in Kansas City. It'll take a bit (particularly since I'm trying to finish another monster project in the form of a combat discussion), but hopefully it'll handily clarify how it goes.
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