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Fallen World Book still happening?

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  • Fallen World Book still happening?

    As the Book of the Pentacle inches toward release, I am wondering about the next book that was supposed to have been approved: Fallen World.

    I’ve been looking forward to this book because I feel it will give us a general view of some areas of the CofD setting that we haven’t gotten a look at in the 2e era.

    Is this still a thing or has plans changed?

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    It isn't on the Current Projects page anymore, so I don't think so. If anything offical as been said either way, I haven't heard it.

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      It's really disappointing as the book concept seemed really interesting.

      Not returning to the forums, just stopping in for a moment. CofD not getting books so we can get fed WoD5e is an insult.


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        Hope they do release it. Was looking forward to see the Shadow (and other realms) from the Mage perspective. It would also help in writing them for my stories.


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          Going to be optimistic and say that it is probably delayed and reprioritized - rather than outright cancelled - for the time being, could be that Fallen Worlds remains approved but remains on the production backburner until Tome of the Pentacle is finished and released