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  • History of Awakened - Mage Timeline

    After reading Dark Eras I finally get what I missed in Mage - a general time line of the game to use for weird Time magic “important” events to observe or play role in for players. Mage is game of Mysteries, yes, but 2E mark that Awakened have history, and Orders come from somewhere. Pentacle is built on alliance that was strained in half of XX century. Seers of Throne reinvented themselves in Renaissance era. Things like this, that help catalogue and order ( pun not intended ) the setting.

    I want this project to be as close to the source books as possible, but like with everlasting question of moment for the creation of Orders - some fan stuff will need to be added. When writing about each event put in braces after it the book where event is described in more detail. Fan stuff end with just simple “Fan”. I will edit this first post when new event will be pointed in this topic. I hope you will appreciate this and find useful. So let’s begin!

    History of Awakened

    Prehistoric Era

    Circa 5500-5000 BCE: Mages are totally different from what we know them now. In Vinca culture, Awakened do not have ideas of Supernal or Times Before, they only know about Paths, even when they are based on Elements, rather on gnostic concepts of latter eras, with no visible Watchtowers. Sorcerers are practicing their magics for their communities, but on outskirts of them, in lone huts. They communicate on Astral networks with few of their kind and use sacred Omphalos Stones as later mages creates Demesnes. First of beings later called Exarchs are showing in Fallen World – for examples, General. ( Sundered World - Dark Eras )

    Ancient Era

    Till 336 BCE: Awakened are scattered on outskirts of their communities. They practice they Art alone, or in small groups, connected by larger nations mythos calling themselves Great Cults. They do not see this yet, but they are following basic principles of Magic and they groups have common themes across the globe – later called Darshanas, that will lay foundations for Orders we know. But for now they are on they own. ( To The Strongest - Dark Eras )

    Circa 1500 BCE: The Minoan ‘Atlantis’ - In the island of Thera (current Santorini), local Awakened from Arcadian Mysteries tradition cults, that later will be called Omphalos and Phulakeion Darshanas, wanted to create Perfect Society. Unfortunately, inconsistency of views between them lead to mass disaster that sunken island. The precise fall of civilizations is unknown, historians and archeologists of Sleeprs don’t agree about the exact date (between 1627 and 1500 BCE). It’s from this event later Guardians of Veil and Seers of Throne Orders will assess that any ‘Atlantis’ project bring only calamity. ( Guardians of Veil and Seers of Throne )

    Circa 800 BCE: The Hyperborean ‘Atlantis’ - In a North Sea island, so called Five Princes, leaders from Omphalos Darshanas cults, assembled several dozen followers and attempted to transform this bleak and remote island into a new Awakened City that they referred to as Hyperborea. Hubris filled mages tried to change icy climate of North, but Fallen World don’t let them. Was it massive Dissonance of reality or involvement from Phulakeion Darshanas cults is debated to this day. End result was that Five Princes’ spells become unstable in a particularly violent and uncontrolled fashion. These efforts created a devastating feedback effect that caused preternaturally terrible storms to sweep down over this island. The resulting whirlwinds and waterspouts killed almost a fifth of the assembled mages and injured almost half the rest. ( Silver Ladder and Seers of Throne )

    522 BCE: Magi ( as Sleepers priest caste ) rebellion in Persian Empire under Achaemenid Dynasty. Bloody suppression of revolt by Darius I "the Great" and killing of Gaumata - Magi usurper to throne - started persecution of cast in country. Year later next attempt of coup only forced trend. Few shunted Awakened Zoroastrian priests mix with previous group of Kaprani poets and cantors. New created Gnostikon Darshana cult believed Sleepers actively damaged the world by existing – like Zoroaster tried to divide mages with condemning Kaprani in his followers or like Darius ‘betrayed’ Magi caste. They sought to either remove themselves from the world and society or build bulwarks where the Abyss had less sway. They built demesnes, summoned supernal entities, studied the Abyss, explored Emanations and sought a way *out* of what latter be called Fallen World. By later, they would be called Pancryptiates, based on Greek translation of their main idea that magic will hidden from Sleepers – Panscryptia. They believe magi should use what they find to defeat ignorance and malefic sorcery. This Karpani-dominated group believes it incautious to harness Artifacts, texts, and wondrous places immediately, and concentrates on archiving, guarding, and carefully studying them. ( Fan, based on Mage 2E and To The Strongest - Dark Eras )

    522 – 336 BCE: Called by later as Pancryptiates, Persian cult live on outskirts of Sleepers and Awakened societies, as shunted by both groups for mingling Kaprani with Zoroastrian traditions. However, with each passing decade of Greek-Persian Wars, cult get more and more listeners and converts. It’s also start to develop what will be called Egregore by their descendants. Till Alexander The Great time it’s still relative small group in Awakened circles, but spread all over Persian Empire. When Hellens armies are attacking country, Panscryptias paints Alexander as incarnation of Saurva (oppression), Wordly Power that serves Angra Mainyu (spiritual corruption ) and figure of Abzu ( Abyss ). This rhetoric is giving them rising sway in local occult circles. ( Fan, based on Mage 2E and To The Strongest - Dark Eras )

    336-323 BCE: Alexander the Great conquest build Empire of never heard before proportions, stretching from Greece to India. His interest in philosophy and magic passed by his teacher Aristotle make Awakened interest to join his army on journey. Sorcerers from West go to the lands of East. And those from East set foot on the West. Finally meeting in longer period of time, they found that they Art and cults are following the basic principles - called Darshanas - that will become Orders as we know it. For now, influx of mixed cultures and ideas let to build first lasting relation between sorcerers. Persian word 'magi' start to become popular term on Awakened. ( To The Strongest - Dark Eras )

    334 BCE: Aristotle founds Peripatetic school in the Lyceum of Athens. Some of his students are Awakened. They make a cult dedicated to uncovering the Mysteries of the world. Sorcerers under it are starting to using term ‘Atlantis’ for probable ideal society from Time Before they want to reflect. ( To The Strongest - Dark Eras )

    330 BCE: By the start of year, Alexander army had besieged Persopolis. Legend says that his men burned royal library in that time. Pancryptiates cultists pointed this as greatest proof that Sleepers destroy knowledge and magic. This event will be main point of conflict between near future Greeks based Keepers of Word and Persian cult for next centuries. Groups member need to save themselves before the Alexanders butchering of clergy and destroying of temples. Many of them run to India and mix with similar groups in Mantra Sadhaki and a like traditions, all afraid of Alexander’s influences on their homeland society. It’s a start of Pancryptiates as small, but truly global Order. ( Fan, based on Mage 2E and To The Strongest - Dark Eras )

    323 BCE: Aristotle must run with his family from Athens, because his critique of government. His Awakened students spread on Mediterranean Sea area. ‘Atlantis’ term on Ruins from Time Before start to circle en masse in occult groups on West. ( Fan, based on To The Strongest - Dark Eras )

    323-321 BCE: With death of Alexander, the Empire is in flux. Tyrannoi - self-interested splint of Darshanas that want to rule the Sleepers - start to make moves to size the control of it. The war oriented ones called themselves Diadochi, after their Sleepers counterparts that rage war for succession of Empire. Those mages are fueling the everlasting conflict, under General patronage. ( To The Strongest - Dark Eras )

    321- Onward BCE: Empire is split under the four kingdoms - the Ptolemaic Kingdom in Egypt, the Seleucid Empire in the east, the Kingdom of Pergamon in Asia Minor, and Macedon - that rage by 40 years war of succession. Rome use opportunity to slowly take a more prominent stance on the area. ( To The Strongest - Dark Eras )

    Circa 300 BCE: Tremere are small cult ( later Nameless Order ) that wander Europe beyond the Alexander Empire, keeping to themselves unless they need supplies or to replenish their numbers. They study the Subtle Arcana in search of the secrets of the soul, but they aren’t Reapers — not yet. They keep customs they believe date from before the Fall, and are most notable in this period for possessing a full command of High Speech. They can speak and write about any subject in that language or at least rumors says so. ( To The Strongest - Dark Eras, Nagaraja Legacy write-up )

    Circa 300 BCE: Phoenix Brethren, Gnostikon Darshana coalition from across once Alexander Empire, emerges The Adytum of Mystery, wanting to create New Atlantis in the Shadow Realm. It was a united effort of Greece, Egypt, Persia and the rest of the Hellenistic mages from various Gnostikon cults. In a frighteningly short period of time, they succeeded in laying the groundwork for this vast and noble metropolis. Some of records indicate that these initial efforts took less than a week. In response to the construction of the Adytum, Tyrannoi from all across the Hellenistic World began working on a plan to take over it by making deals with exceptionally powerful spirits. However, well before any of these plans came to fruition, the Adytum vanished and the few of its builders who returned to the Fallen world were broken in mind and body. What’s more, anyone looking for city would be touched the same mysterious illness. Searching for Cursed Metropolis was banned in decade after it, and in half of century all concrete traces of it were forgotten, even when modern Mysterium cultivate rumors on higher levels of it of Orders hierarchy. ( Mysterium and Seers of Throne )

    297- 283 BCE: Demetrius of Phalerum, Athenian orator, student of Theophrastus and Aristotel, is banished from his homeland after ten years of governing Athens and living Thebes behind him, comes to the court of Alexandria. Under the rule of Ptolemy I Soter he creates Library of Alexandria. Even if he probably were not the sorcerer, his students and colleges were - and they all created Gnostikon Darshana cult of preserving and trading all knowledge. Even after the exile of Demetrius by the Ptolemy II, cult inside the Library thrive. This group would call itself Keepers of the Word and created first known Atheneum in Great Library of Alexandria. In years to come, Keepers would spread on all former Alexandrian Empire, by the trade of books it copied and preserved. ( Fan, based on Mysterium )

    264-241 BCE: First Punic War. When Rome and Carthage were fighting on supremacy on Mediterranean Sea, mages joined on both sides of conflict. Members of Adamantine Arrow Darshana fought side by side with Sleepers and against one another. Roman Awakened, as part of Legions, formed tight cult, spreading in all Republic Army. They were one voice, one body and one mind inside Sleepers conflict. And they won with their decentralized half-brothers in Carthage military. ( Fan )

    241 BCE: On the final return to the Italy, first European Caucus of Adamantine Arrow has gathered, from the veterans of this long lasting war. In the shadows of Rome, Arrows sworn to defend the Republic, both Sleepers and Awakened. Keepers of the Word and Pancryptiates already took first steps in the city.( Fan )

    241-218 BCE: Seeing how effective and dangerous newly created Adamantine Arrow Order has become, the local Omphalos Darshana’s cults - worshipping Great Ladder of hierarchy - started to be afraid on their position. For years they infiltrated Roman Senate and elite - so they know vampires had secret nation under the proper Rome. It took almost a decade of debate on what to do with this situation. And then they find out that Phulakeion Darshana - the Guardians called New Constructionist - had infiltrate the Rome and it’s heart - Sanate – also steering it in to souls prison they though it should be. Finally, Omphalos cult leaders see past their difference and organized a meeting on which they understand they need a strong opposition to both Guardians and Arrows threat. Going after popular Atlantis tale in occult circles, they used Silver Ladder to Heavens as their symbol. From Mantra Sadhaki they taken idea of Supernal Beings – Dragons – that teach humanity their true capabilities and role in greater hierarchy of cosmos. First European Silver Ladder Caucus have gathered. After the Kindred they wanted they own, secret nation - but not under the Rome, but inside it. First European Cryptopoly have started. Both Atlantis and Dragon become symbol of Silver Ladder unifying Orders under their Diamond dogma and leading them to recreate utopia in Rome – even when opposed by both Guardians and vampires in it. ( Guardains of Veil and Fan )

    218-201 BCE: Second Punic War. When Hannibal challenged Rome, almost all of Adamantine Arrow joined Legions in defend of Republic, before his army would crash the Italy. With enemies at their doorstep, occult conflicts were paused. The more armies gone to South, the more inside the Sanate itself the other war was done - free of Arrows watchful eyes, young Silver Ladder were fighting with Guardians over the vision for the Republic. This secret conflict quickly changed idealized forefathers of Tearchs in to power hungry stereotype of Lions that need to much. But the occult war made Guardians into caucus itself, going for every help they could grasp for - using the tools of their brothers in other countries, they started first Roman Labyrinth to gain support. Both new Orders gathered people, influence and backing by proxy of their cults inside Rome’s elite. Keepers of the Word and Pancryptiates do not take active role in this occult conflict, they were strengthening their positions in Rome. ( Fan )

    201-145 BCE: After winning second time with Carthage, and being distracted by other conflict with post-Alexandrian powers, Roman Adamantine Arrow understand it cannot all the time be on war, leaving Rome to other four Orders. They set a part of war veterans as peace keeping guard in the Rome itself, to watch over rest of Awakened and train new recruits. From those the stable Rome’s Arrows caucus have flourished. Rest of the Arrows started to convert they brothers from their own Darshana cults everywhere the Legion went, to fill their ranks on long war campaigns. Other Orders followed this tactics and by the end of Third Punic War all five Orders would become semi-consolidated organizations across whole Empire. Silver Ladder used it’s Atlantis oratory as means to validate it’s rule in governing the unstable alliance to be formed. Roman Republic entered it’s Golden Age with five Diamond Orders the modern mages would easily recognized. ( Fan )

    145 BCE: Ptolemy VIII expelled all foreign scholars from Alexandria, leading to diaspora of Keepers of the Word cult on the Mediterranean Sea area, and becoming of it the proper global Order. ( Fan )

    145-121 BCE: Relative peaceful time bring back much of Adamantine Arrow legionists, with new recruits from conquered region, in flux shaping Awakened community. With growth in all local Orders numbers, mages started power struggles, that also coincidence with start of Sleepers general populace unrests in Rome. ( Fan )

    121-59 BCE: As Rome have new threats of Celts and Germans, Adamantine Arrow started it’s next campaigns and, as a result, introduced next foreign mages to it’s forming ethos. Without Arrows hard supervision, other Diamond Orders start a series of infightings, squabbling over the lead in Roman society. Connected with Sleepers rising problems, Awakened become more ruthless in their study of Mysteries. To end the rising disputes, there is selected first Ruling Council and it’s Hierarch, based on Arcadian Mysteries traditions. First Consilium is officially created. ( Fan, based on the Adamantine Arrow and To The Strongest - Dark Eras)

    59-44 BCE: Gaius Julius Caesar, young military commander from Iberian Penisula ( modern Portugal and Spain ), raise in Roman army, showing himself as brilliant strategist. With each won battle, his fame is rising, and so his social status. In less than 15 year he become de facto leader of the Republic. And Adamantine Arrow loves his authoritarian rule. ( Adamantine Arrow )

    50 BCE: Rumors of vampires draw Tremere to Egypt, where an ancient vampire enslaves them and sends them in search of occult resources. During one such journey they encounter the Bound that initiates them into the contemporary Legacy. One of theories says this being is or is related to Strix. From there on Tremere consume and destroy other Reapers – in secret, for now. ( To The Strongest - Dark Eras, Nagaraja Legacy write-up )

    48 BCE: Caesar’s burning and sacking Alexandria. Great Library is largely damaged. Many of precious Artifacts in it’s Atheneum is stolen. Keepers of Word and Panscryptiates are accusing Arrows of this “barbarianism”, even if they know that Caesar was not Order’s member. ( Fan )

    44 BCE: When the Arrows almost felt second opening for they Order, senators seeing Caesar as megalomaniac, murderous him when he want to proclaim Empire on the steps of Senate in the Ides of March of 44 BCE. Awakened community is shattered and divided on future of Rome. ( Adamantine Arrow )

    44-27 BCE: Infighting and civil war of Rome after murder of Caesar make Awakened to rethink they position in the Republic. Many fled Consilium, to go on the skirts of Empire, free of political fights. Other stays in Rome. Legions are also divided between pretenders “to Throne” and travel across the Empire. With the influx of fully educated and organized mages from Rome to rest of provinces, the Consilium and Orders systems are spreading. ( Fan )

    27-14 BCE: On 16 January 27 BCE Augustus Caesar has finally become first Rome Emperor. His ruling, after bloody era of civil war, was relatively peaceful for the Empire. In a few years Roman Consilium returned to almost normal functioning. Guardians caucus made firm investigation in to still expanding city of Rome’s hierarchy of power. They soon found out Awakened sect that was very close to the Augustus circles. They called themselves Seers of Throne and probably were descendent from the Tyrannoi of Alexanders era. Rest of Diamond Orders found out their new enemy couple weeks later, when the Caucus of Guardians left the Rome to spread itself on the whole Empire and prepare to shadow war with new, organized enemy. ( Guardians of Veil )

    2nd century AD: Tremere claim the Nagaraja Indian Legacy first and absorb them as a “House” within the greater Legacy. They still not meet society of Diamond at large. ( To The Strongest - Dark Eras, Nagaraja Legacy write-up )

    2nd century AD: False Hieromagus Abraxus reformed a heretical Gnostic cult, the Basilideans, into a secretive group that continues to bedevil Guardians of Veil to this day. ( Mage 2E )

    Middle Ages

    8th century AD: Tremere join Diamond - In Eastern Europe, one or two Tremere demanded hospitality at Diamond wizards’ towers. Quickly follow them whole cabals, showing carcasses of monsters they fought to assure good intentions. Tremere were warrior-sorcerers and students of the soul who promised to lead the Awakened to a new age of splendor, built on the ashes of burning enemies. They hunted Seers and Scelesti, but demand selected Reapers and vampires as tribute for the balance of their wrath. They preached that Atlantis’s faithful willworkers were the natural lords of souls. Anyone who challenged their crowns deserved to burn. Tremere were even more fixated on Dragons Symbology of Diamond Orders, quickly proclaiming themselves as Blood of Dragon. ( Left-Hand Path with Fan part on Dragon’s Blood )

    11th century AD: Magister Larva plans to build new Celestial Ladder under auspice of Oracles. It is revealed he was Seers of Throne traitor. ( Silver Ladder )

    1099: Banishment of Tremere - Silver Ladder lictor Caterine Bedlam told the Convocation of Antioch what many now suspected: the Tremere was a Legacy of Reapers who hunted their own kind. It labeled them as Nefandi by Convocation, with banishment and ‘forgetting’ of Tremere Order members – their magical tools were destroyed, as any grimoires, soul stones, or imbued items they created. Their Shadow Name becomes illegal to utter and were replaced in all Consilium records by “Nefandi:” the name that is not a name and cannot be spoken. As other Convocations followed move that of Antioch done, within few decades Tremere were officially excommunicated from Diamond be every European Convocations, becoming target for Reaper hunters they ones been. ( Left-Hand Path) /Possible that Tremere Order can still be not banned in Britain till end of Anarchy War of 1135 – 1153 CE in Isles /

    1099: First Crusade’s Siege of Jerusalem - Silver Ladder join forces with Seers of Throne to preserve their power over the Sleepers of the Holy Land and stave off mutual annihilation by the soul-stealing demon Desiderus. ( Mage 2E )

    12th century AD: Pancryptiates and Keepers of the World Orders merged into one Mysterium in Byzantine Empire under Corpus Author that made hers Ascension from this event. Fall of Empire and Silk Road to Asia propagated unified Order. ( Mysterium )

    12th – 14th century AD: Catharism movement active in Southern Europe. Religion is rumored to be started by remnants of Pancryptiates rebelling against merging with Keepers of Word into Mysterium Order. Harsh answer of Catholic Church is said to hail from Seers of Throne cults of Father controlling Vatican. ( Fan )


    15th century AD: Divided Exarchs cult, hailing from Rome or earlier, join in Italy under it's city-states. First Hegemons centralize their powers in their homelands. ( Seers of Throne ) Code Duello and Italian mercenary companies remake and split Arrows philosophy. ( Mage 2E )

    1500: Hegemons meet from all Western Europe and L’Hegemonie Secrète is formed, becoming first official Seers Ministry. ( Seers of Throne )​

    1501: Mutapa Empire exploration - The Portuguese comes to Sofala, the chief seaport of Mutapa Empire in Souther Africa. Europeans scouted the city by sea in 1501 and entered the harbor in 1502. Diamond mages in the exploration party find out local mages – calling themselves Svikiro, royal mediums, under guidance of Mhondoro, supratribal spirits from mythic history, that Europeans maps to Paths. African mages are under Joka Mutupos, local Darshana cults variants of Diamond Orders forefathers, even when they do not recognize Diamond as it is alliance now. What’s most disturbing, Seers of Throne do not show up with Europeans or in locals Awakened population. Diamond mages finds couple of Artifacts and look for mythical Mines of King Salomon in kingdom. ( Princes of the Conquered Land – Dark Eras Companion )

    1568: Accidental Crusade – After conversion of Mutapa Empire king to the Christanity, Jesuit missionary Gonçalo da Silveira is murdered by the Muslim traders fearing to lose domination over Empire’s commerce. Portugees answer with calling army of 1000 soldiers and priests to the heart of Africa. Diamond mages see opportunity to send more of their members and spread Orders influences in local territory in powerful move. ( Princes of the Conquered Land – Dark Eras Companion )

    1706 - 1718: Silver Ladder and Seers of Throne alliance to defeat democracy-devoted Nameless Order that entrenched Pirate Republic of Nassau. ( Mage 2E )

    Modern Era

    1789–99: French Revolution - Hegemony Ministry asks Nameless Orders to join them with reinventing Sleeper government. Started by this Nameless War lasts over century, remaking Awakened society to the core. ( Mage 2E and Seers of Throne )​

    19th century AD – Nameless War: Series of Sleepers revolutionary conflicts around the world is a cover for massive movement of Nameless mages fighting with Global Order for domination and democracy. Nameless War in it’s full blossom is taking hard loses on both Diamonds and Seers sorcerers.
    • USA – Civil War of 1861–1865 is treated as main theater of Nameless vs Orders fights, changing into more cold war-like conflict in Reconstruction period after end of Sleepers war. Diamond and Seers conflict in halls of power over newly created American Medical Association in 1847 and American Bar Association in 1878. ( Fearful Lesson – Dark Eras Companion )
    19th century AD: British global empire is backbone of world’s large Labyrinth of cults from Guardians of Veil. ( Mage 2E ) Silver Ladder are favoring British Empire as possible incarnation of Hieraconis. ( Silver Ladder )

    1899, New Years Eve: Great Refusal - Nameless of both ancient heritage and embracing modern culture joined in common attack at the Seers worldwide, officially declaring creation of Council of Free Assemblies – commonly known as Free Council Order. ( Mage 2E )

    1900: The Last Great Convocation - The European Great Convocation in Paris might not have met if it weren’t for the Free Council, its great war against the Seers of the Throne and the epochal shift in Awakened politics. It would surprise the average, modern Libertine that the Silver Ladder played an important part in this order’s rise to power, over one century in the same place Nameless War started. Many Consilia wanted to treat the Free Council the way they’d always treated its members: as a rabble made of idealistic communards, rogue scientists and errant cultists. The Great Magisterium of Europe encouraged European mages to recognize the new order. The rest of the world followed its lead. ( Silver Ladder, pointed in Paris based on DaveB Soul Cage chronicle )

    1945: After bloody World War 2, Arrows reform their Order in Tibet on Great Caucus. They forsworn Sleepers conflicts and wars between themselves and focus on Awakened centered enemies like Banishers, Mad, Scelesti or Seers of Throne. ( Mage 2E )

    1945-60s: Operation Oracle - American Free Council and Silver Ladder cabals where smuggling ex-Nazis members of Pentacle Orders from Germany and giving them new Shadow Names in Americas. Whole thing made Libertines and Tearchs relations estranged to the end of 20th century, when it was proved by Guardians of Veil that Free Council was transporting previous Seers of Throne, in reality.( Mage Noir )
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    I had the Cult of ATEN as a proto-Seer Ministry dedicated to the Father. No prizes for guessing who the 'Minister' was. Of
    course this was pre-Mummy the Curse but it still works.

    This was based on vague references in Tome of the Watchtowers, Seers of the Throne and the Sliver Ladder books. Based on To the Strongest, it would be a kind of state sponsored Diadochi.
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      Originally posted by FallenEco View Post
      prizes for guessing who the 'Minister' was
      Oh, oh, I got this, I got this; Akhenaten!

      ...Wait a moment...

      Originally posted by FallenEco View Post
      No prizes for guessing who the 'Minister' was

      I'm So Meta Even This Acronym


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        It'd be Nephetiti obviously.


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          Since I have soothed my guilt, I feel I can now ask if you are familiar with the CWoD Order of Hermes/Ars Magica (the game the order is originally from)?

          While details on the formation of the Order were scarce in 3rd end Ars Magica (when WW had the license), there was a fair amount of speculation on how it happened. I think one of the fan sites (duremar.due, since taken done but downloadable from their fan wiki, project redcap) had a great one not too different to your design. Or was that Hermes Portal? Regardless it may have mineable ideas.
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            Added Mysterium and first Ministry creations to timeline.

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              The two Orders merged in the wake of the Corpus’ publication, the new Mysterium taking equally from both traditions. With the collapse of the Byzantine Empire, the unified Order spread throughout the world along the old Silk Roads and through the magic of powerful Space Legacies.
              I think this passage might be meant to imply that the Corpus Author was from the Byzantine Empire (it would certainly be a good fit for the Mysterium). I can't really see any other reason why it would be mentioned otherwise.


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                There can be something there as Mysterium has most Greek terms, where rest of Diamond has mostly Latin ones. So Western Empire vs Roman Empire of origin can be possible theory.

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                  I'm surprised you don't mention the sundered world from Dark Eras since paths had changed between that era and too the strongest to the extent that awakenings were very different journeys and their path tools were completely different. Also the Dark Era has the first appearance of an Exarch in the world.

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                    Originally posted by milo v3 View Post
                    Also the Dark Era has the first appearance of an Exarch in the world.
                    You mean the General?

                    I'm So Meta Even This Acronym


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                      Originally posted by Thorbes View Post

                      You mean the General?
                      I think so.

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                        I added proposed changes and informations from Mage 2E corebook. It really looks more round and rounded setting now.

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                          It's explicitly mentioned in IM that the Corpus Author was a woman.


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                            Stay tuned for the Beast Dark Era.



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                              Originally posted by hm8453a View Post
                              Stay tuned for the Beast Dark Era.

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