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Creative Thaumaturgy: Fallen World Edition

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  • Creative Thaumaturgy: Fallen World Edition

    With the advent of Awakening's Second Edition. I want to once again create a new thread in which to create, discuss, and critique new spells. Let this be that thread. I think the previous incarnations of this thread were pretty useful, and I hope it will be so again.

    The purpose of this thread is to serve as a repository for your ideas for new spells using the Creative Thaumaturgy system in Mage the Awakening 2nd Edition, as well as a place to workshop ideas that you don't quite know how to represent mechanically. Together we can harness the gestalt of our collective minds to hammer out issues of balance, theme, and overall coolness. Post here is you want to share your cool ideas or to get, and give, critiques. I will do my best to organize and use this first post to collate our finished products, so that other fourmites and new players can reference your ideas in their own games.

    Please be civil.

    Let's make some magic, folks!
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    I also have high expectatives in this thread. 2nd Edition has the cleanest rules of all Mage editions, so I expect a lot of productive discussion without too much "I would add Spirit 2 to that spell" that plagued Ascension and Awakening 1st Edition.


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      You might be jumping the gun, given that it's still five days away.


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        Indeed but my Fate Arcanum can foretells a blooming future for these kind of issues


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          Originally posted by Axelgear View Post
          You might be jumping the gun, given that it's still five days away.
          I know, I just wanted to reserve the thread. So yeah, wait til it comes out, give the new material some thought, and then start posting here for ideas, critiques, and such. Until then, just wait. In fact those of you who've posted already, maybe edit your first posts instead of making new posts?
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            Originally posted by JPS View Post
            Indeed but my Fate Arcanum can foretells a blooming future for these kind of issues
            Isn't that Time?

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              Time cannot defeat the shade of things to come ^^


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                It may be still too early to speculate on this, but.. based on the spoilers, could a Matter mage craft a spell that repells breathable air from a given target, either with Lodestone, or a Ruling spell? It wouldn't even need to be a long duration. Five minutes would be plenty harsh.
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                  Yes, though I don't think Lodestone would work since moving gases like that would, I think, create an unnatural pressure differential. Ruling though could do it.


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                    Glad to see you Ophid.


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                      Originally posted by Mrmdubois View Post
                      Yes, though I don't think Lodestone would work since moving gases like that would, I think, create an unnatural pressure differential. Ruling though could do it.
                      Might work depending on location though.


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                        Stickied with the release of 2e.

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                          Oh great I will make tons of these. I could probably write a full supplement (*wink* *wink*) myself...

                          Lying Clocks (Time 2)

                          Practice: Veiling
                          Primary Factor: Potency
                          Withstand: Composure
                          Suggested Rote Skills: Expression, Larceny, Science

                          This spell twists the subject's sense of time. For the duration, the subject is unable to notice the passage of time except as intended by the mage and even looking at clocks or other methods to know the time is uneffective. When casting this spell the mage can decide if the subject thinks they have "a lot of free time", "really late" or "just in time" for an event or just as a general feeling.

                          Hiding Ban and Bane (Spirit 2)

                          Practice: Veiling
                          Primary Factor: Potency
                          Withstand: Rank
                          Suggested Rote Skills: Subterfuge, Occult, Survival

                          Another tool that a Mage can use when negotiating with Spirits is to offer protecting their secrets from their enemies. The mage hides the mystical ban, banes, influences or Numina of the subject amongst other information. The spell obscures up to one piece of information per Potency. This doesn't actually do anything to remove or mitigate their effects. Any attempt to discern those qualities either through mundane research is reduced to a chance die. Supernatural powers that may uncover the information cause a clash of wills.

                          +1 Reach: The mage can provide false results for each piece of information hidden by the spell. If the mage wins the clash of wills or the mundane research rolls fail, the false information is provided instead of the truth.


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                            Here's one I just thought up. I'll probably come up with more over time.

                            Peripheral Enhancement (Prime 1)
                            Primary Factor: Duration
                            Suggested Rote Skills: Occult, Subterfuge, Investigation
                            Peripheral Mage Sight can help tell a Mage that something nearby might be a Mystery worth studying, but often times utilizing Active Mage Sight or Unveiling Magic can be a bit distracting. When this spell is cast on a Mage, however, it provides a bit more information to the subject. Whenever their Peripheral Sight is activated, they may immediately use an instant action, representing a few seconds 'attuning' to the sensation, to get a flash of insight that reveals the anything to them that a turn of watching the offending supernal power or phenomenon with Active Mage Sight might provide, as if only the character's Ruling Arcana were used.
                            For instance, if a ghost in twilight utilized a Numina, a Moros benefiting from this spell would get a flash of insight telling them a Numina was used and approximately where (though without the Death 2 attainment, they wouldn't get a sense of the ghost responsible if not already visible). A Thyrsus might get a flash of insight if a Werewolf nearby spent Essence to speed their regeneration, showing them the individual and letting them know spiritual energy was used to reduce their injuries.
                            Note that by default, this does not allow a Mage to use their 1 dot Counterspell attainment, as the information is still only learned when Peripheral Sight is triggered.
                            When used on an unAwakened character, the target benefits from typical Peripheral Mage Sight for the duration, but gains no further benefit.
                            Add Any Arcanum •: By spending 1 Mana and utilizing another Arcana, information can be provided from that Arcanum in addition to the target's Ruling Arcana.
                            +1 Reach: The information provided by the spell is reflexive and can provide an Awakened character with enough notice of a spell to use Counterspell even without Active Mage Sight active. They gain knowledge of the Arcana used and a sort of sixth sense of the character's Nimbus, rather than seeing it directly.
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                              Pretty much just Command spirit -> Command ghost, not the most creative but I feel it should at least be mentioned.

                              Command Ghost (Death 2)
                              Practice: Ruling
                              Primary factor: Potency
                              Withstand: Rank
                              Suggested rote skills: Persuasion, Occult, Intimidation

                              The text of the spell would remain relatively unchanged from the command spirit spell except for the changes of spirit to ghost.