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Question About the Dedicated Tool

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  • Question About the Dedicated Tool

    When it says "Using a Dedicated tool as a Yantra penalizes any Paradox dice pool by –2", does it mean that the tool must be semiotically linked to your spell in order to benefit from the -2 Paradox dice, or does that simply mean that you need to attach it to one of your Yantra slots to benefit from it, regardless of whether or not you can use it as a Path/Order tool in that specific spell?

    We don't allow mages to cast spells, since this is the most unbalancing rule of all.

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    ".... and he uses it even for spells that do not benefit from its symbolism...." from the dedicated tool entry.

    So it can be used for the -2 paradox dice pool and +1 yantra bonus. Think of it as a tool that resonates with the mage themself but not necessarily the spell. That is why it takes as much effort as it does to replace if one were to lose their's or have it destroyed.
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      If it's inappropriate for the spell, it takes up the yantra slot but provides no bonus. It does still give you the penalty to Paradox.

      Dave Brookshaw


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        Dave Brookshaw so it can only provide the bonus of paradox mitigation / reduction if the tool is not appropriate for the spell? Even though as a tool a dedicated tool should give a +1 yantra bonus and the dedicated tool seems to be more about resonating with a mage's nimbus and easing their use of magic?

        Genuinely curious because it seems odd to me that you could use 'half' of a yantra. I say half since all tools grant the +1 yantra bonus and if that part of the yantra couldn't be used shouldn't the whole yantra be inapplicable?


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          No, if it is appropriate you get the paradox reduction AND a yantra bonus.

          Dave Brookshaw