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[2E Legacy update] Choir of Hashmallim (with bonus content about summoning)

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  • [2E Legacy update] Choir of Hashmallim (with bonus content about summoning)

    I'm still in a Legacy-conversion mood, so here's another one of my faves, the Choir of Hashmallim. They originally appeared in Summoners, where you can read their background information if you like. There are a handful of culturally Christian Legacies written up, but this is one of the best realizations of that theme IMO. Their main trick is that they temporarily summon a Prime/Forces avenging Angel to help them fight the Abyss, which is awfully specific, but you have to admit it's cool and tightly focused. The idea of interacting directly with Supernal beings blew my mind when I first read Summoners, and the Choir even moreso because they're so casual about it. I thought it would be fun to write them up in 2E now that we have clear core rules for statting out Supernal beings and summoning/bolstering ephemeral entities. They're going to have some of those Strange Attainments that the Legacy section promises, but I tried to model them on existing spells where possible.


    Choir of Hashmallim

    Parentage: Obrimos only
    Prerequisites: Gnosis 2, Prime 3, Occult 2 with a Specialty in the Abyss
    Initiation: The prospective Dominion must manually summon and commune with her future Aetherial Avatar, a Rank 1 Cherubim with Forces. This may take several tries if the summoner lacks Forces 3.
    Ruling Arcanum: Prime
    Yantras: Loudly calling an Abyssal entity by name in its presence (+1), quoting a key passage from a religious text (+1), recording one's own recent sins and failures honestly (+1, +2 if it applies the Guilty Condition), preparing a ritual space as if for an Aether summoning (+2)
    Oblations: Assisting local charitable organizations, cleansing Abyssal taint, meditation upon the nature of the Supernal Realms, leading a prayer group, teaching others the hazards of the Abyss

    First: Eyes to See, Ears to Hear
    Prerequisites: Initiation
    The Dominion perceives Abyssal entities (such as Acamoth, Gulmoth, and other spirits) in her Prime Sight, as well as their Numina and Influences, and may Scrutinize them using Prime.

    In addition, she gains the ability to know Abyssal phenomena on sight. This Attainment emulates "Supernal Vision," but uses an alternative set of questions. She may ask one question for each turn she spends studying the entity. The mage must have Prime dots greater than the entity's Rank to study them in this way. For every Prime dot by which she exceeds this requirement, she may ask an additional question per turn.
    • What is the entity's name?
    • What is its Rank?
    • What Manifestations does it possess?
    • What Numina does it possess?
    • What are its Influences, and roughly how strong are they?
    • What is its Ban?
    • What is its Bane?

    Second: Aetherial Cleansing
    Prerequisites: Prime 2, Interdisciplinary Specialty 1 (the Abyss)
    By spending a point of Mana, the Dominion may use her Universal Counterspell Attainment on Abyssal Influences and Numina, rolling Gnosis+Prime.

    Optional: Forces 2
    In addition, by spending an hour in prayer and communion in the affected area, the mage may cleanse an Abyssal Environmental Tilt caused by a Paradox or Abyssal Influence or Numina. This emulates "Control Weather" with a Prime 2 requisite and Reach applied to advanced Duration.

    Third: Aetherial Avatar
    Prerequisites: Prime 3, Forces 3, Summoner's Soul 2 (the Aether)
    Calling down the very fire of magic from the Aether, the Dominion gives it shape within his soul and channels it, outward, into the Fallen World, in the form of an avenging angel. This Aetherial avatar is formed of Supernal Mana and adorned with fire; beautiful and terrifying, all at once.

    By spending a point of Mana, the Dominion summons her Aetherial Avatar into her presence. The Avatar acts in the mage’s best interests (according to the unyielding standards of the Golden Key) to oppose the Void, but it is not under her direct control, unless she uses other magic to compel its obedience. Others attempting to control the Avatar with magic are Withstood by the lower of the Dominion's Prime or Forces dots. While the Avatar is present, the mage may reflexively shunt any damage she suffers from an Acamoth, Gulmoth, or other Abyssal spirit onto the Avatar instead. The Avatar may only be summoned once per scene.

    The Avatar is a Rank 1 Supernal being with all associated rules, but with some slight changes. It is Size 5 with a species factor of 10. Its Power is equal to the lowest of the Dominion's Intelligence, Strength, or Presence. Finesse and Resistance are determined likewise based on the relevant Attributes. It is treated as having Prime 3, but can only cast two spells: "Aetheric Winds" and the "Universal Counterspell" Attainment as enhanced by Aetherial Cleansing. It has no Mana of its own, but it may cast its spells by spending the Dominion's Mana, which does not count toward her Mana per turn limit. Player and Storyteller should work together to determine the Avatar's Virtue, Vice, Ban, and Bane, keeping in mind that it is a warrior Angel filtered through the mage's own soul and self-perception.

    The Avatar remains in the Fallen World for a time based on the lower of the mage's Prime or Forces dots on the standard Duration chart. The Avatar vanishes back into the Aether when it is reduced to zero Corpus, but it will return with all traits fully restored if summoned in another scene.

    Fourth: Anointed Avatar
    Prerequisites: Prime 4, Forces 4, Occult 3
    The Aetherial Avatar is further empowered, growing with the summoner. When summoning the Avatar, the Dominion may invoke a number of the following effects equal to the lower of her Prime or Forces dots.
    • One of the Avatar's Attributes is now based on the highest of the mage's relevant Attributes, rather than the lowest. This may be chosen multiple times.
    • The Avatar gains additional Corpus equal to the lower of the mage's Prime or Forces dots.
    • The Avatar gains general Armor against all attacks by Abyssal spirits equal to the lower of the mage's Prime or Forces dots.
    • Replace the "Aetheric Winds" spell with "Celestial Fire"
    • Double the mage's Prime or Forces dots for purposes of the Duration chart.

    Fifth: Aetherial Exaltation
    Prerequisites: Prime 5, Forces 5, Occult 4
    Enhanced by even greater boons of the Golden Key, the Aetherial Avatar becomes a genuine terror to the creatures of the Void. By spending a point of Mana when she summons the Avatar, the Dominion makes it Rank 2 and grants it additional Attribute dots equal to the lower of her Prime or Forces dots. It still calculates Defense based on the higher of its Power or Finesse. The Avatar also gains the additional spell "Supernal Dispellation," and is treated as having Prime 4.


    Bonus Summoning Content

    The following rules are adapted from the 1E book Summoners, and give some extra detail to Supernal summoning as presented in 2E.

    Affecting Supernal Beings with Magic

    All Supernal beings, including the Aetherial Avatar, can be affected in unique ways by the Ruling and Inferior Arcana of their realm.

    The Ruling Arcanum used to summon the being (Gross for manifest, Subtle for recondite) can be used to heal or enhance it. This is a Perfecting spell that emulates "Bolster Spirit," without the +2 Reach effect. Casting this spell (with Prime) to enhance the Aetherial Avatar works, but causes Transient Stacking.

    The Ruling Arcanum other than the one used to summon the being (Subtle for manifest, Gross for recondite) can be used to command or scrutinize it. Use the relevant Arcanum for Scrutiny and Revelation. Commanding a being is a Weaving spell that emulates "Spirit Summons," without the Reach effects related to the Shadow and the Open Condition.

    The Inferior Arcanum for the being's home realm can be used to weaken it. This is a Fraying spell that emulates "Befuddle" or "Degrading the Form."

    [[originally the Inferior Arcanum did bashing damage to the being, but spells to do that directly already exist in all 2E Inferiors]]

    Merit: Summoner's Soul (••)
    Prerequisite: Awakened
    On a level far below conscious thought, the mage has an instinct for the rules that govern other realities. Awakened scholars refer to this gift (or curse, if you like) as a Summoner’s Soul. Every mage with a Summoner’s Soul is mystically inclined towards one realm over the others.

    A player should choose the realm to which her character is linked when selecting this Merit. The Merit need not be chosen only at character creation, but the character may only take the Merit once. A mage tied to a Supernal Realm in this manner must select his Path Realm; this inborn connection is probably what drew him to his particular Watchtower in the first place. When spending Willpower on a summoning attuned to entities from his character’s favored realm, the player of a mage with a Summoner’s Soul receives +5 rather than +3 dice. When dealing with entities from his favored realm, all of the mage's Social Skill rolls receive +2 dice as a result of this special bond.

    [[along with the Supernal Realms, this spell can also be taken in respect to the Shadow, the Astral, the Underworld, and the Abyss(!), and perhaps stranger places such as the Hedge or Duat if the Storyteller is so inclined]]
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    Quick comments: Eyes to See, Ears to Hear is Supernal Vision and Know Spirit mashed together. I honestly don't know whether any particular Arcana is supposed to cover Scrutinizing Abyssals in Mage Sight, so I threw that one in there to be safe.

    Aetherial Cleansing's optional Forces effect I just kinda threw together. The Legacy is specifically focused on Gulmoth and Acamoth themselves rather than the effects of Scelesti mages, but the Oblations do mention cleaning Abyssal taint.

    Aetherial Avatar is based on a Prime 3+Forces 3 version of Spirit Summons combined with the original criteria given by the 1E Attainment.

    Anointed Avatar is loosely based on a Prime 4+Forces 4 version of Shape Spirit, also informed by the effects of a 1E Attainment.

    Aetherial Exaltation is based on a Prime 3+Forces 3 version of Bolster Spirit that doesn't heal damage and has Attribute boosting as its core effect, similar to Augment Mind or Honing the Form, with a +2 Reach effect to increase Rank by 1 and grant a new Numen. I feel like this last Attainment is a little underwhelming, so I threw in the Defense boost too.

    2E Legacy Updates
    Brotherhood of the Demon Wind
    Choir of Hashmallim (plus extra Summoning content)
    Storm Keepers


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      For inspirational reasons:

      [2E] Moinen's Homebrew Hub


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        Man, beaten to the punch. I probably should have searched this forum first. Thanks for the link!
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        2E Legacy Updates
        Brotherhood of the Demon Wind
        Choir of Hashmallim (plus extra Summoning content)
        Storm Keepers