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    27. Some fool has finally done it; the Heart of Re has been claimed and actually used. Hundreds of Arisen and thousands of Shuankhsen simultaneously rise and join those who few who were already awake- now empowered by the Cosmic Seba. The world is plunged into a period of chaos for several years, the elongated Descents and the nearly god-like hordes of Bane Mummies scouring the earth like ravenous locusts change the supernatural landscape of the world forever.. nearly exposing the entirety of the World of Darkness to humanity.

    And while this madness reigns, the Deceived quietly, tirelessly search for and bring many hundreds of confused, panicked immortals into the fold; for the Heart of Re has also brought many of their lost brothers and sisters back from their seemingly eternal slumber.. massively increasing their ranks.


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      28. A mummy has awakened with a terrifying recollection. One of his Descents in the far future reveals that there is indeed other intelligent life in the cosmos, and one of these alien civilizations bears heraldry that is identical to the iconography utilized by the Nameless Empire.

      A few days after this chilling revelation was shared throughout the Nome, said Arisen, his cult, and the entire warehouse that hid the entrance to his Tomb have all vanished, the only thing left behind being a huge scorch mark upon the earth- when viewed from above it is revealed to be in the shape of a gigantic scorpion...


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        29. People all over the county are falling deathly ill seemingly overnight, and already several have been claimed by this mystery sickness, their bodies consumed by bizarrely rapid cancerous growths: their final moments filled with agony and hysteria. What’s even more disquieting is the sensation of corrupt Sekhem thrumming within the bodies of these victims, powerful enough to be detected through Khepher... and once that’s determined it then becomes horrifyingly apparent that this pervasive wrongness can be felt flowing through water pipes all over the city.

        This toxic metaphysical effluence seems to originating somewhere up north, but the only thing of note in that direction is an artificial reservoir that provides water to all the surrounding towns...
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          30. Out of the blue one night, an ally of the meret's tomb gets attacked by a mysterious Amkhat, utterly ravaging the mummy's place of rest and trashing several vessels before bizarrely absconding with the heavily wounded mummy and leaving only one survivor- the mummy's Sadikh. This begins a city wide chase to find and rescue the kidnapped Arisen, leading to several brutal running battles with the lesser Amkhata that the kidnapping beast has taken as its pack before finally cornering and confronting the abomination.

          But just before the final showdown can begin, the Sphinx-headed monster reveals that it is a creation of one of the meret's members, born several decades ago in order to follow their ally and discover proof of the man's intentions of treachery- this attack was due to it finally witnessing the meret's friend finalizing their plans of betrayal. The supposed creator currently lacks the Memory to recall if they indeed are responsible for creating the beast..leading to a highly uncomfortable dilemma on the groups hands, not knowing who-or what to trust.
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            31)The ruins of Troy have recently become of interest to the Arisen, as recently found during a dig was a small chamber filled with relics and vestiges of Iremite origin! Unfortunately, a unit of Ancient Greek ghosts who claim to be made from dragon’s teeth scattered on the bare earth protect these items from any and all supernatural interlopers. Showing signs of having mutated after being near so much Sekhem for so long, these strange ghosts are only moderately human-looking, now.

            32)A mummified dog, found in the collection of a reclusive Texas billionaire, has been discovered by the mummy’s cult to be a relic! An uter of great power, this ancient corpse is wrapped in bandages on which Egyptian hieroglyphs honor the dog as an incarnation of Anubis (not Anpu, but the Egyptian version of the god). What does the relic do? Too bad the Texas billionaire is a major customer of Last Dynasty International...


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              I like this one. It has a very “comedy of errors” feel to it!
              Originally posted by 21C Hermit View Post
              24. You awaken after centuries since your last wake… or you think you did. Looks like you just lost your memory of what you did in the last century, because your High Priest (who’s also your Sadikh), who can’t be that old since she’s your previous High Priest’s granddaughter, claims to be your lover. She doesn’t seem to be lying, too.
              While still trying to grasp at why in Duat were you dating your own cultist, a fair lady with pure skin that yet reeks with the smell of blood barges in, claiming that she’s your lover.
              A few hours later you meet a ‘man’ whose body is not her own. Again, she claims to be your lover.
              A day or two later, a high-society gentlewoman contacts you, whose life is stored in a ring. She says it’s her and your engagement ring.
              In the name of the Judges, just what was happening with your romantic life, with all these endless appearances of Endless lovers?


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                33)A cadre of Stone Guardians has been found—-by mortals! Merets around the world scramble to grab these ancient Deathless servants...and so, too, do the Shuankhsen, who seek to turn a member of this minor Guild into a loyal slave of Ammut.

                34)A major Hollywood actor has joined a cult of the meret’s. They use their influence quite smoothly on the meret’s behalf.

                Then, the actor’s connection to the Cult is exposed by paparazzi! They even publish photos of a (thankfully non-magical!) ceremony being performed!

                Now, the meret’s cult is being bombarded with phone calls, emails and even visits in person to answer questions about the cult, it’s beliefs, it’s goals...and it’s leadership.

                Wat do?

                35)[Deceived, only]A NASA space satellite falls to earth, and washes ashore somewhere in the Third World, where a Deceived’s cultists piles it into their pickup truck and bring it back with them to town.

      ’s a pair of relics: a piece of Neithian architecture, as well as a seba recorded in the satellite’s memory banks. The seba, radio-static insanity sent from the star Vega, contains a strange power: by unleashing it, a dying human being can be transformed into a shapeshifting avian horror!

                The PCs find out about this seba. They want it. Time for a cult war!

                [Yet again, thanksbto Mr. Chris Allen for his Lyrebirds!]

                36)[Deceived, only]A Storm Lords-only werewolf pack has decided the Deceived are simply a more powerful version of a Claimed. It’s pack vs cult!
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                  37)A Slaughterer has escaped from Duat, and has Claimed a young woman who works at some low-paying job. The demon inside her motives her to become a serial killer. She then goes on, still Claimed by the Slaughterer, to become a prolific serial killer. As she can manifest her possessor’s physical traits and the Slaughterer is male, the police have no idea who to look for, wasti g their time on male suspects.

                  Due to Sybaritic Omens, a PC discovers the Slaughterer hitched a ride out of Duat with them. Will they fix this grave even, or turn away in indolent absence of empathy?


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                    38)In the rural fields of Wyoming, a horror stalks the farmlands: an undead bear, this monstrosity feeds on farm animals, not to sustain itself, but simply because that is its nature.

                    Unfortunately, it’s also a five-dot Uter relic. The PCs’ meret’s becomes aware of this unusual vessel. Wat do?

                    39)The meret finds itself jumping together through time, specifically going from the 21st Century CE to the first Sothic Turn. Sybaritic Omens slowly point the location of a scroll Text relic that, when properly deciphered, reveals the location of six dormant sha, each sha with an Utterance never before seen.

                    This a treasure beyond reckoning, and it appears the Judges are pointing the meret at it, directly.

                    40)A mummy jumps farther into the future than any Arisen thought possible, and discovers millions of years from now the Karkinos still have merets—-albeit highly alien . How does the PC react to this insanely strange world?

                    Many thanks to Professor Phobos for this insanely wonderful creature concept. While the adventure idea in my creation, the Karkinos are purely the doing of Professor Phobos!
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                      41)A mummy meret becomes convinced a sarira is a relic. The mages guarding the Artifact are not happy having godlike necromancer-immortals breathing down their necks. Meanwhile, a Tremere infiltrator to the consilium has decided to see what a Deathless soul tastes like...

                      42)Somehow, the wine of Shezmu has appeared in extremely specific locations. Madmen claim delirium fever guided them in the brewing and are terrified of gnashing teeth and crushing feet. But wine meant for gods is not meant for lessers, and those who drink the brew descend into absolute madness.

                      43)[Deceived, only]The Star Pharaoh, a Deceived who worships entities from a realm no other Arisen has even heard of, is on the prowl. He seeks a seba that will allow him to visit this strange alien realm of blackness and freezing night, but the temakh of the other Deceived send howling screams into the ears of the Deceived, raving of Ki-En-Gir magics and how this must not come to pass.

                      44)Nothing burns as brightly as eternal love, and nothing hurts as much as love betrayed. You were in love with another Arisen, but one of you—-you’re not sure WHO—-betrayed the other. With every Descent you find each other, and, as Memory increases, it all comes apart. Can this loop of love-become-hate ever be ended?
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                        45: [Mesen-Nebu focused] Vestiges, while vessels that must be collected, are generally of lesser interest and importance than Relics to the Arisen. However several such Vestiges have arrived lately, with minor odd abilities in addition to those infused with Sekhem. It stirs the memories of the Mesen-Nebu who recall old alchemical secrets. Worse upon further inspection, these Vestiges are the work of a single sorcerer. Are they on the verge of rediscovering alchemical Relic creation, and if so how will the Judges react?
                        (Inspired by Signs of Sorcery M:tAw and how there is no need to be a willworker to create "Perfected" materials)

                        Thoughts ripple out, birthing others


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                          46) Your entire meret is summoned by a bunch of visibly embarrassed looking cultists of all-ages... and the ectoplasmic figures of two slightly-post-Iremite sorcerers throwing dagger-eyes at each other. Turns out these two ancestors have sworn their descendants would carry on their eternal enmity, for all eternity ... but the grudge dates from several centuries now: nobody wants neighborly curses in this economy, there's been plenty of dating and family mixing between the two branches, and the annual day of "summital battle of guile, gore and maddening geometries" stipulated by the two original nemesis has become nothing more than a quiet picnic day between the once rival families.

                          At least, that's how it was... before the two ghosts came back, more potent and pissed than ever. And since none of the living had the courage to admit that they dropped the feud (dead wizards ghosts can still pack a mean curse), the specters pretty much bullied them into throwing their biggest assets in the fight: the Deathless guardians of their respective lines... a.k.a, y'all.

                          Good luck convincing the angry ghostly patriarchs that the giggling, super-soaker wielding 6-years old are actually engaged in a cutthroat battle, or that the baking contest is actually a thinly veiled clash of sorcerous recipes. Unless you actually decide to unleash your wildest abilities to force the two family to fight together: maybe that would convince the two stooges...
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                            47. To Arisen eyes civilization often seems little more than stalks of grain awaiting the harvest, springing forth with each inundation of the Nile only to wither away as the river ebbs, only for the seeds of the fallen society to give birth to a new crop when the cycle repeats. But great empires still earn the respect and attention of the Deathless. The Merovingians and the Carolingian Empire that followed them are one such example, their reputations somewhat bolstered by the number of Arisen active in Europe during their rise and golden age thanks to the Third Sothic Turn. One myth among many born from the Germanic and Norse societies from which they came concerns the hero Sigurd (or Siegfried), a folk hero slayed a dragon and laid claim to an empire only to be betrayed and murdered in a tragic epics that has many variations and inspired many modern works. Some speculate this legendary figure was inspired by Sigebert the first of the Merovingians, although many elements of the story are clearly embellished and mythologized with fantastical elements. Certainly there is no way that Sigebert might have fought a dragon, in the process soaking in the creature's blood, and from this earning an invulnerability similar to the tale of Achilles (and later, like the greek hero, meeting his death from an enemy who exploited a weak spot in that invincibility).

                            Or perhaps not. The mummies are awakened to deal with a dire threat. A particularly large and deadly Amkhata has been threatening the region. Yet to their astonishment, the beast is killed before they can arrive. Making inquiries will lead the Deathless to an obscure, ancient sanctuary within the heart of Europe and to a clan of blood bathers who claim to be descended from a line of kings over a thousand years old. According to their own account the bloodbathers were those blessed by members of the family and taught a sacred right of bathing in the fluids of ravening monsters as well as mortal members of their line. So they have survived, immortal and impervious, having had the foresight to devote their familial riches in ancient times to building secluded sanctuaries for themselves against the day their lineages would fall. A grandiose pedigree, assuming it is the truth. In any case, the mummies will have to decide what to do with a group of inbred, highly decadent and certifiably insane immortals who defy the straight forward methods of physical destruction both mundane and supernatural. And if there is one isolated group that survives by invoking this highly potent form of the bathing ritual, there could be others scattered across Europe or beyond.


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                              48)Two high-ranking members of the meret’s cults get caught up in gambling debts, and owe a LOT of money. The mob sends people to collect; it gets ugly; both cultists get shot to death. But no money. So, the mob starts looking into the cultists’ associates and, though they know it not, they discover many members of the cult. The mob begins to terrorize the cults.

                              They call up the meret, these cults, and now it’s some unfortunate capo going up against a meret fresh on its Descent!

                              49)After defeating another Arisen and claiming the cultists for themselves, they discover the rather strange beliefs this other cult held. Sun worshippers, they identified their mummy as a “Bak-Ra”, who in turn took the title from some unworthy demon that sought to slander the sun’s name.

                              But the original Bak-Ra has somehow returned. Weakened after millennia bound beneath the earth, this demon shared some similarities with vampires, but doesn’t burn in the sunlight. The original Bak-Ra wants its cult back!
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                                50)A meret awakens to a Descent where the Vietnam War spilled out of all control, and a non-nuclear WWIII resulting thereby. Supernaturals have been forced out into the open, and thus everything has changed! Asia is engulfed in constant, open conflict and the Arisen are publically known.

                                What will the meret do while it’s here? Will they return to the ‘normal’ timeline upon their next Descent? Or are they stuck here?