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Second Sight Tradition: Disciples of Duat

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  • Second Sight Tradition: Disciples of Duat

    This is a repost from the old White Wolf forums.
    Disciples of Duat

    The Disciples of Duat formed when the Cult of the Sightless Eye lost contact with its Arisen and then lost all its relics and soul-jars to a punitive Maa-Kep raid. No one knew what their patron Arisen had done to merit such retaliation, but the cult lost none of its fervor. Cut off from the rest of the Arisen Cults and Guildhalls, they had no way to find their Arisen and no way to divine the will of their patron Judge.

    They began to delve deep into the occult underground researching other traditions of mortals who contacted powerful spirits and trafficked with immortal beings. Eventually, they uncovered evidence of a cult called the "Apostles of the Dark One." Some of the Arisen loremasters theorize that this "Dark One" was a powerful spirit of the Shadow, while others theorize that it was a Purified Immortal imitating the traditions of Irem, and still others opine that the apostles worshiped an incarnation of vice from the lower depths.

    Whatever the apostles worshiped, it did not protect them from the fanatical Cultists of the Sightless Eye. Their followers were sacrificed to Duat and their vile rituals of communion were translated into Iremite Egyptian and repurposed to contact the Judge Artem-Khet. The first attempts were miserable failures, resulting in the death of the high priest of the cult. The cult’s scholars worked tirelessly, combining the blasphemous ritual with the rites used to summon the Arisen from Duat, and eventually the new high priest succeeded in opening a channel to the Underworld. Her mind became filled with images of the hiding place of their Arisen's soul jars, which they successfully located and used to restore their Arisen patron, Isetnofret. Prior the 2012 Sothic Turn, the Cult of the Sightless Eye quietly disseminated their rituals to anyone who had been the subject of a Maa-Kep raid.

    For information on the merits listed below, see Second Sight.
    Defining Merit: Communion (••••)
    Path Merits: Countermagic, Curse of Ill Fortune, Divination, Dream, Evocation (Ghosts only) (•• or ••••), Familiar, Library, Luck Magic, Magical Nexus, Sacrifice (Ghosts only), Scrying, Second Sight, Visionary Trances, Geomancy, Warding.
    Strengths: All Disciples of Duat who possess the Library Merit or who borrow another character’s Library gain an additional +1 bonus in researching rituals.
    Weaknesses: All Disciples of Duat suffer an additional –1 penalty for using improvised ritual tools or inadequately prepared ritual spaces.

    Mage: the Ascension - Redesigned Prime Sphere; Streamlined Wonder Creation
    Mummy: the Curse - Lightweight 2E Conversion; Disciples of Duat

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    Im using Second Sight in my current Mummy game. This write up is perfect for it. Thanks Octavo!

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      No problem!

      Mage: the Ascension - Redesigned Prime Sphere; Streamlined Wonder Creation
      Mummy: the Curse - Lightweight 2E Conversion; Disciples of Duat