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What is your favourite Refinement, and which Refinement would you like to go on ?

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  • What is your favourite Refinement, and which Refinement would you like to go on ?

    The Refinements make up approaches to the human condition, exploring what it means to be (non-)human and advancing on the path to understanding and becoming human.
    So, which Refinement holds a special place in your heart, and why?

    For me, it is Ferrum. Sure, the snazzy Alembics are cool and all, but really, it's because of the challenge-seeking, adversity-overcoming philosophy, that to me is part of the best that humanity has to offer: the ability to hold on, to fight through, even thrive in a unwelcoming environment. This is what helped humanity survive in the first place, and to this day, the ability to weather tough times gets respected as an admirable quality.
    Seeking out these challenges is what makes sportsmen and -women so great: best case scenario, seeing what CAN be done inspires us to become a better self, to push against our own bounderies. At the very least, they demonstrate discipline and skill that in and off it self are worthy of respect.
    Simply doing sports is a fun activity, because it strengthens the body and lets us experience our body in diffferent way. It helps us understand how our most valuable tool functions, and possibly in what ways this comes to pass.
    To go through Iron means, among many other things, to recognize this spark of determinism, to realize in one's own character the capacity to face extreme discomfort to face a goal, and to find out why people to to such extreme lengths when it comes to strengthening their body.
    However, if I could go on any Refinement and enjoy the Benefits, I would probably chose Gold: it would simply help a lot as a teacher. Albeit the most fun to traverse would be probably Argentum for me.

    So, hit me up: what is your favourite Refinement and for what reason?
    If you had the chance to go on a Refinement (for a while), which would you chose, and why?

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    I want to say Aurum because of the simple tragedy of it, but I think Cobalus can reach some very poignant, very dark places. But for me, personally? I think I could learn a lot on the path of Aes.

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      As an introverted, mostly functional autistic person, I feel like I'm on Aurum every day, trying to mimic people I don't fully understand But if I could, I'd probably prefer Mercurius (SCIENCE!) or Cuprum to access Metamorphosis, something which has always fascinated me.


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        Argentum, hands down. Still, you need to start from something, which would probably be Cuprum.

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          Aurum and Plumbum, I think - what you are, and what you want to be.


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            Things going well, i'd say plumbum for the start but mercurius is where i'd want to be. Although i'm not a good fit for it, i also like aes.

            But realistically, things don't tend to go according to plan so what would happen is that someone that i care about would die in a vile, unjust or unfair manner, and I'd turn to the refinement of flux and go full centimani.

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              I'd probably start out at Ferrum, just to help build myself up for the difficult life ahead of me.

              Then my next choice would be mercurius to master pyros to it's fullest extent.

              I'm sure I'd be moving through most of the refinements in some measure just to try to cover all the bases, but those first two would be a definite must for me.


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                My longest running Promethean was very into Mercurius, and its a Refinement I retain a lot of love for. I'll admit it took me a long time to really "get" Stannum, but once I did it became one of my favorites. The two I've always wanted to do more with but have never really gotten the chance to are Argentum and Cobalus.


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                  If I had to guess, I'd say I've completed a role for Ferrum, Mercurius, and two for Aurum. I'd say I'll be going for another Aurum role currently.

                  Edit: To expand upon this, I'd say I've done Soldier, Craftsman and Follower roles specifically, with Leadership on the horizon. In life, I have been, literally, a soldier. I have stepped up to serve, willingly knowing that I could be the one called upon to die, and that my service was to not one person as a bodyguard may, not even necessarily for our nation, as we are part of something larger than that. We are the face that is there to force Tyranny and Fear to back down. To become a soldier, I had to be a Follower. I had to follow my leaders, and trust them, and my fellows. These two roles are part and parcel to me.

                  I have also been a companion. I've been married for nearly a decade now, and a father for half of that time. If that doesn't qualify me for the companion role, I don't know what else will. :-)

                  Craftsman is my current profession. I make things. Mostly I just fix things, but I make things too. I have repaired things that people at my level should never be asked to do. Why? Because that's what we do in my profession, and I like it. I work with my hands, and I make things that, 50 years ago, were barely off the drawing board. As I move forward, I am attempting to garner a leadership role. I'm trying to better myself, but also to lead my peers. I wish to be a leader. I hope I will be a good one.
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                    Playing a Social Primary Muse, I can say with great confidence that Aurum is absurdly fun. Being able to get E.S. on 3 for Persuasion from Eros when your dice pool for Persuasion is a minimum of 6 before applying Specialties, Merits, Distillations, and Willpower is delightful. I haven't gotten a chance to play with Deception yet, but my Chronicle will probably put me in a good place to try it soon.

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                      Another vote for Aurum its almost Mandatory almost any promethean pursue it on some point, as it lets them get a job, negotiate coerce, and slip my unnoticed.