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Alternate names for clans (those taken from masquerade specifically)

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    Originally posted by Live Bait View Post

    Thanks both, anything else I should know?
    Well I alluded to some points in my earlier post here, however the key thing to pass on to a Masquerade player is "this is your vampire, reimagined."

    And... it's kinda a big deal. I ignored VtR for 10 years+ because I didn't need an "edgy remix" and some of the assumptions->mechanics in 1e were unhelpful; but really I didn't pay close enough attention to understand the game. The use of terms common in Masquerade for things that are different or different in application creates a learning hurdle that has literally produced this thread.

    So in addition to the clan differences, Masquerade players are going to trip over the Disciplines being limited to 5 dots, the Blood Potency mechanics (no Generation!), and a few other finer points. Then there are systems such as Conditions/Beats that they can pick up more easily. The may wonder about Covenants and the Camarilla--you can tell them that Covenants play a kind of role to clans in Masquerade (political status clubs) plus factions. The biggest change there, however, is that the modeling of globe-spanning cold-war blocks is gone, so all conflict between Covenants is local.

    Just like the politics.



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      Thanks, so less clan culture than they'll be use to, more leeway for fringe consents.


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        This might be relevant, it's about how player characters may or may not perceive labels.

        Originally posted by Rose Bailey View Post
        ​A typical young vampire knows his clan by his family. To use the terms the Daeva prefer, he has a father and probably a grandmother, possibly some brothers and sisters, and cousins of varying distances. How that family views itself is dealt with in the clanbooks.

        Clan is most likely to manifest for a young vampire in his earliest friends and contacts. Not just people who he can turn to for help, but who feel, because of some level of trust or obligation, that they can turn to him. Covenant plays more of a role in the politics of the Damned, but clan is something you can always fall back on... or fall back into. To oversimplify, if clan is family, covenant is like church or political party. Also, keep in mind that there's not a solid boundary between the two for the Kindred the way there is for us. Being raised Lancea et Sanctum can seem like as much of a familial obligation as hustling for grandmother's "organization."
        The origin thread is basically about the same topic as well.
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          Originally posted by nofather View Post
          This might be relevant, it's about how player characters may or may not perceive labels.

          The origin thread is basically about the same topic as well.
          Thanks for showing me this thread. I had not seen it and it is nice to see that it was not just in my mind.

          As for the player. We had a game session Friday and i was all set up to present him with as much information as i could only for him to tell he didn't want any of it. He just wants to play a gangrel and isnt interested in ventrue (masquerade, requiem or otherwise).
          And it's just fine really. People play what they think they'll have the most fun playing and it is possible that although i see a stereotypical ventrue in nearly everything the character does, the player may have something in mind that i am simply not seeing.

          I don't like that it keeps bothering me a bit (like an itch that i cannot scratch). But thats on me, not on the player and i am not letting that affect the game he's playing. He already said that he is having a lot of fun so far.

          As for the changed clan names. I used the new one in the game and i used the terms curse and damnations instead of the word clan. It worked quite well and they had a nice flow i think. i especially like going with 'the curse of the Lares' instead of saying 'clan Lares'.

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            This outcome amused me slightly, enjoy the game.