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Ceceya and Shadows of Mexico

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    Originally posted by Khanwulf View Post
    By the way there is some mythical reason to suppose that a vampire could merge with a pool of water as a long-term resting place. For example, the Morrigan supposedly turned a girl into a pool of water in, IIRC, the Cave of the Cats in Ireland. This real legend of course doesn't have to relate to vampires, but the "person becoming pool of water" thing is there to make use of.

    Well, doing it as an alternate medium for Melding with Earth seems simple enough. but yeah, some mythic traction to boot is pretty nice too.


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      As an aside, i also have this interest in exploring the subject of the Cihuateteo, that have been referenced as (possiibly extinct) kindred and wicked dead groups both in the books, what provides interesting parallels of sorts.
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