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[Actual play] Vtr Gotham

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  • [Actual play] Vtr Gotham

    Hello there ! i've recently joined a gaming group for a vampire the requiem game and since we are being recorded i tought it would be nice to share the whole thing with you !

    All credits on the layout goes to Viktor's player.

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    Hope you will like it !


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    If you dislike the layout on the first episode... I promise you that it gets better on episode two and beyond.
    We also stream live on Sunday mornings at 10am EST at:
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      Now, when you say Gotham... Is Batman gonna be in this?


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        No, it's just an alternate New York setting, as I understand it.


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          Still ongoing btw!


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            How much xp did they start with? Victor 3 attributes at 5 although he's a Deava so Vigor might come in to it.


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              With the extra Clan dot and up to three Attribute raising Discipline dots it's technically possible for a starting character to have four Attributes at five at the cost of the rest being at one.

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                Right, it's the vigor dot just being put into the attribute field plus the Deava bonus.
                Also, the layout is improved yet again for episodes 10 and onwards! ^_^


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                  I am definitely looking forward to listening to this while I work.


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                    I joined this group starting week 13. \o/

                    I'm playing the Carthian Nosferatu named Guntram Goodweather. He's a rich blue blood who would probably rather have been a Ventrue, but alas, fate is rarely kind and he got turned by a dickish Nosferatu from the Lancea et Sanctum instead.

                    After having a difficult and unpleasant relationship with his Sire for 5 years, Guntram decided to join the Carthian Movement. He made a name for himself among the Kindred of Gotham as a Machiavellian politician and a loan shark, and now he's helping out this coterie to find out what is going on with these mysterious syringes.